Thursday, March 10, 2011

Miss Happyness

It's time to do my most important and vital job as a grandmother and show you some pictures of my granddaughter. I have not seen her in person since the week she was born but her mother regularly emails me pictures, video and makes Skype calls. Isn't she adorable? She smiled and smiled in the birthing room and has been smiling ever since. Quite unusual, I think.

These shots were taken this week. She will be two months old on Saturday. She had her check up yesterday and got immunizations. She is big, tall, still very strong, and still very smiley. Her mother is incredibly lucky to have recieved such a happy child. We will see each other in the spring but not until then unless one of wins a lottery.

Until then I listen to her nursing and chatting with her mother while my daughter and I talk on the phone every day. She gurgles, talks and tells stories, an early talker like two of my kids and my other grandchildren. Most of all I love all these smiling shots that my daughter sends every day.

Thank you, my Darling for sending the beautiful smiles that brighten each day. You are doing an awesome job with the sweet, wee one. This one's for you. Share some with my granddaughter too: