Saturday, June 30, 2007


A repeat. I've been passing by beds of them and wanted to see a red poppy close up so that's the reason last years's photo is up today. Better and safer than stopping at stranger's gardens. They're beautiful, both close up and far away.

My car saga continues. I managed to pick up my car on time after leaving work early yesterday. I was about two kilometers from home and it stalled. It had threatened to a couple of times. I walked home at a monster pace, adrenalin rushing and my favorite ex (sisiter-in-law) Toyota is closed till Tuesday. My car will start but it won't go far, I don't expect, but got me back and forth to work today. I'm pissed. I've paid for two repairs, neither of which fixed my problem. It's a long weekend and I can't go anywhere safely. I was planning to go to an awesome sounding party tonight and I'm going to stay home. Bummer!

I had a couple of songs by Loudon Wainwright a week or so ago. It's time for Rufus this week. I love all those Wainwrights, as is noticable if you've paid attention to the music featured here every day. First up is a song he and Dido performed for the soundtrack of Bridgit Jones - The Edge of Reason - I Eat dinner (when the hunger strikes) ......This while I smell my delicious dinner cooking. I'll have to check that his original, solo version isn't already up. What I'm not doing tonight is Going To a Town. That's sad, I'd have thought but not if you listen to Rufus. Why bother going to town? The second is from his newest album, Release The Stars.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Small Peek

My niece at prom. Credit to Cody Caissie for the photo.

I know I go on and on about the weather. The introduction to this blog does says that it's a glimpse of a small life, and the weather is a big part of it all, so.......

What an amazing thunderstorm we had last night! It hit here around 3:30 am and was the most awesome storm I've witnessed in a long time. I swear there was enough light to read a book by and the thunder was rolling and very, very loud. It was really close, went away for a bit and came back very close again. Bella was lying on the bed and awake too. I went to the bathroom and found Kenz sitting outside my room, looking in, scared. The cats are very respective of individual space and will not usually get on the bed with me at the same time. I could tell she was really scared so I picked her up and walked around with her for a bit.

For music, Wasnt That A Mighty Storm by Nancy Griffiths Oh, no. I just realized I have that font problem again. Sorry. Bear with me. I'm a luddite sometimes. For music today Allison Crowe is saying it best about the last two nights sleep for me. For last night Throw Your Arms Around Me and for the dream/awakening the night before, Skeletons and Spirits. Sorry about the font thing.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I returned the Yaris to Toyota this morning, picked up the Camry, drove six or seven minutes and it again stalled at a traffic light. I was pissed!

I was to be to work at nine back out here in the country. In that six or seven minutes they had given the Yaris to someone else for a couple of hours. A service guy had to drive me out here to work. He and his wife drove two vehicles out to return the loaner after work but were extremely late because of construction on the bridge out of Ch'town. I had to ask my sister-in-law to pick me up after work. I was pissed!

They're writing off the bill I paid this morning and not charging me labour on this new bill. The car has now been diagnosed as requiring an ignition coil. I'm not pissed about that.

Kenz and I went outside after supper and I forgot that she was out there. In the middle of the night a little meow woke me. I jumped up, said "Clarke" and heard another meow. I ran downstairs and opened the door to Kenz. I was still half asleep and was totally confused then woke up completely just aching over Clarke but glad to see Kenz. She was really glad to see me too. She was so patient waiting till 4am for me to let her in before bothering to let me know.

Music: For my un-reality - The Cat Came Back by Cisco Houston already been uploaded but here's the link. I just finished mowing my beast of a property. For my reality, a couple of songs from Loudon Wainwright III, Living Alone, and a live version of I Am the Way, one of those talking songs he does so well. I sure like him and his kids. I know I've said that before. Music takes some of that pissed off feeling away

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Movin' On, Travelin' Light

Raccoon Paw Print

Today is a bit calmer and nothing terrible has happened. I found out that my EGR valve was stuck closed on my car. It's been acting up for a couple of years but hasn't caused problems. It is very expensive to have replaced so they just removed it for me. It is a necessity to own a car if you live in rural PEI as there is no bus system but it surely is a huge expense.

I should be out mowing between the rains but maybe tomorrow........manana. It is supposed to be cludy and showery most of the week. We take what we can get when there as long as there is no chance of snow.

Speaking of snow....check out this link of a frozen building.

For today I've chosen some traveling music. Long Ride Home is a song I really like of Patty Griffin's. Here is a live version. Fabulous song! I've got Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams. Funny that I had her up just a couple of days ago and now again.

Monday, June 25, 2007

One of Those Days

I wonder how many people have had as bad a day as I have today. It has been horrid but I actually know a good friend who has had one even worse. It's still happening for him so I won't be talking to him till later tonight. I had a friend once who would say that Mercury was in retrograde or something.

There is a loaner car in my driveway. A weird car I must say, a Toyota Yaris. My Camry died in the middle of my appointments in town. I've used the services of a tow truck for the first time in my life. That is only one of the strange occurances of this day. It's not been fun.

I am invited out for supper which is a very good thing because it means that this day is not going to entirely be a write-off. Lobster is on the menu so it bodes well, as I'm hoping, A Change is Gonna Come. I'm going to find some links to this song that I already have uploaded for speed's sake. I have many, many versions, lots which I've not uploaded yet. Al, Leela, Van, & Taylor.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Joy in a Beautiful World

I'm still putting flowers in vases. I went walking and when I came back went for another walk, this time with scissors. Lupin season is upon us and I needed a couple more vases done. I got some yesterday when I was driving and came upon a really nice field of them. Here are some photos of last year's: I always do a vase for outside. They are so pretty up close. I also cut some wild carrot, columbine and more lily of the valley for more vases. There now isn't a bare spot in the house to place another vase.

I wanted to save today's photo to show one of the same view as yesterday's but later in the day. Thunderstorms continued all around and didn't touch us. The sky was incredible all day and I got some pretty awesome photos. It's cloudy today but warm. The sun has come out since I sat here.

Music: If you've read this blog for a while you know I love Bettye Lavette's version of the song Joy. Here is Lucinda Williams'. It seems like a good song for today with endorphins flowing from walking and flower arranging. Beautiful World by Colin Hay is a good choice for today for those same reasons.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weather We Do Or Not

One of my favorite activities in the whole world and anywhere in that world is filling vases with flowers. I've just finished doing that and am in a very satisfied space. I have a beautiful red, frosted, and carved glass vase filled with white lily of the valley beside me and the odour from it is wafting under my nose. Is this heaven?

The photo above is of outside a minute or so before I sat down. There are thunderstorms happening to the northeast but the sun is shining and it is absolutely gorgeous here. My son was just visiting and he may be heading into them as he's going into Ch'town on a fundraiser pub crawl. We could hear thunder a ways off.

Since he left I've been out in the gardens cutting flowers and taking photos. The sky is absolutely beautiful with the thunderheads rolling by. We live in this funny little weather pocket here and these storms historically pass us by. It often rains or we have thunderstorms around us while we remain dry. In the summer of 2000 we experienced this all through the summer and had drought conditions. The communities surrounding us were fine and there was even severe flooding in Charlottetown in August.

For music today I wanted something with flowers. La Violetera is quiet, lovely and dignified Gotan Project. Since I'm already here in their file I'll give you another. Gotan Project is always dignified and lovely so you'll get that in both cuts but this second song, Queremos Paz is a more lively selection from the great band. I sure do like them and include them on almost every cd I make.

Update: The thunderstorms headed southeast and have passed us by. It's still beautiful out. That's where I'm heading.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rain on the First Day of Summer - Lovely

Yesterday's plea for summer was for heat and sun. I also wished for rain. No matter what the weather, summer is here by default. It's the the 21st of June.

Innnn (Kenz wanted to add her two cents.) got my wish for rain. We had steady, gentle rain all day. It was wonderful. Finally! I feel replenished. I've always been a lover of the rain. It matters though if it is a reasonable amount of rain. There is nothing more depressing than too much. My visit to BC for three weeks, years ago, convinced me that I could never live with their extreme rain. My brother lives in a rainy area along the BC coast and he is fine with it.

You've probably guessed the music today. Rain, of course. Light Rain is a lovely, mellow folk tune by Eric Von Schmidt. Buckets of Rain is an old favorite of mine by Bob Dylan and it's up somewhere on Page One of the music pages. Take time to look for it if you want to hear the original. Here's a great version by Jimmy LaFave. I like it a lot. I have other versions too that will eventually make it up here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Pleas

As promised, the photo that was in the Toronto Star, though it was cropped quite differently. It was very long horizontally.

Almost finished mowing the lawn. I've been at it an hour and a half and have about twenty minutes more. Needed to do some supper prep or I'll be waiting for supper and I can't have that.

We had frost last night. It was supposed to be six overnight but when I got up it was one degree and there was heavy frost. I'd say a lot of gardens were damaged. A mate at work got up at 5:30 and watered his garden thus saved it. I remember frost at this time in '89 (I think) where many gardens were lost. For some reason, my garden wasn't harmed so I shared tomato plants with friends and relatives who had lost theirs. It certainly is rare to have frost this late but it obviously is possible. We are having a wonderful day today but the rest of the week is going to be cold and a bit rainy. We need rain but more than is forecast and we need warmth.

Maybe if we call up summer, it will come. I'm willing to try. I've got lots and lots of versions of Summertime, that old standard. Here's a long version by tenor sax virtuoso, Albert Ayler and a short one by guitarist, Gabor Szabo. More next week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Four Hundredth Post

I received the copy of the Toronto Star that my photograph was in. They cropped it differently and I love the effect. Since the article is about digital photography, it's a glossy supplement and really cool.

I woke at four this morning. I prefer that to sleeping in, believe it or not, as then my morning routine is not ruined and I don't have those morning dreams. Maybe tomorrow will be back to normal. Strange that less sleep would leave me feeling great today but it's certainly the case. Not at all tired and yesterday being tired all day after more sleep. Weird, eh?

We've had two days of really, really cold temps. It's going to be six degrees overnight. Summer starts in a few days, for goodness sake! It is supposed to be sunny and 22 tomorrow, thankfully.

Multilingual jazz, anyone? I discovered Pink Martini a while back and really like them. The band is on my list for the next cd I make for my latin and jazz loving aunt and uncle. Hmmmm, they sent me that Toronto Star this week........ Anyway, here are two really great songs with a latin/mediterranean feel from this newish discovery. Have a listen to Amado Mia and Cante E Dance.

Monday, June 18, 2007

All By Myself

Is it Monday already? It seemed like a short weekend with either being tired or sleeping late. I slept in again this morning and it thoroughly messes me up. Also, when I sleep in I have dreams or more accurately, nightmares. This morning I dreamed my daughter, sis-in-law and her son discovered a dead body and asked me to call 911. I did and the dispatchers started questioning me as though I had committed this murder. Let me up at my usual 5:30 thanks.

The beach last night was wonderful. We didn't have a very spectacular sunset, quite non-descript as a matter of fact. The beach's salt air is, to me, one of the most exhilarating features of being there. It seems to cure me at the moment as if it is so basic to life. I feel the same of the saltiness of oysters and truly believe that they are the magical cure. The salt air and the salt brine of an oyster are somehow related in my mind.

For music today is Notes On Air by Alejandro Escovedo. I'm certain he's talking about PEI's salt air. All By Myself by Eric Carmen is an oldie now. I think it's from the eighties or maybe before. I always liked it and it's valid for me these days.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

We can't get a much better day than this. It is twenty-four degrees and there's a great breeze. That is just about perfection. It's Father's Day Sunday so perfect for family get-togethers and picnics. My sister was having a Father's Day dinner and I called just as they were sitting down. Bad timing. I talked to my Dad this morning. I'm so thankful to still have a Dad. Lots of my friends no longer do.

I'm going to the beach in a while. Maybe even late enough for sunset. I'm feeling much better today though I slept till seven a.m. which is totally strange.

Weird picking music today as I'm listening to African and it's not something my father would like. I'm going to have to stretch the brain here. My father loves fiddle music so it's back to The Duhks for one song. Three Fishers goes quite well with the photos showing my Dad fishing and his catch. Beloved One by Ben Harper is fitting in own way too. I love my Dad.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sleepy Day

I didn't make it to the beach today for one reason and that reason, I'm ashamed to say, is laziness. I woke up tired and haven't felt that well, as a result, all day. Made it to town for the errands and that's about all I could manage. I probably should taken the hammock under the trees for a nap but it's too late now.

My son thought he lost his wallet again but with his mother's persistance found it. He said he and his friends had looked and looked in the vehicle very thoroughly but I convinced him to look once more with me helping. It would have been embarrassing to have to order a new bank card, credit card and ID again after just doing so a couple of weeks previously.

No Bad News is an uptempo Patty Griffin song with 'sad little boy' in the lyrics. That's what my son was earlier. Another Patty song but much mellower is Let Him Fly. I'm practicing that with my boy these days; but helping him out when he needs it. These mark 150 songs on Page Two.....already.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I Smell a Bird

Isn't yesterday's photo of Kenz a funny one? It looks like she has just caught a whiff of something really horrid. Today's shows a bird sitting on her tail.

We are having a really beautiful day today at last. It is sunny and 22 degrees which is just about perfect. Tomorrow will have to be a beach day for me. I have errands to run in the morning but for the afternoon, I've booked the beach. Beach days can be few and far between even if it is in your backyard.

I brought some cd's to work that I had a bit of Daina Krall on and now I want to hear more. I'm listening to her as I type. I've been a big fan of hers from the beginning. I bought her first cd in Halifax because there were none in the record stores on the island. The first song on both of my music pages is Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby. I have Louis Jordon's, Joe Jackson's and Renee Olstead's versions. Here's Diana's. Also up today is Diana with Mark Oster with Detroit Blues.

Putfile has changed things up a bit and it took a long time to dao anything there today. I hope it won't take long for you when you press the link.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Furnaces are running all over PEI. It's freezing! Tonight the low is going to be eight degrees and it could have been even colder the last few nights. The sun just came out about 15 minutes ago at about 5pm. Next week is the first day of summer and let's hope we get some warming soon.

I had a nightmare this morning. I dreamed that we were in Toronto and my daughter disappeared. I woke later than usual, in the middle of this nightmare and it's been with me all day. I don't like when that happens. When it stays all day like that, it seems real.

Have you ever had falling dreams? This song, Falling Slowly is by The Frames but I seem to know it somewhere else. It's been bugging me. Anyone know another version? Walkin' After Midnight by Patsy Cline could be some people's nighttime state. I don't sleepwalk but lots do.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spring and All

I got the lawn mowed after work tonight but didn't do nearly as good a job as my daughter did last week. Is it because I dislike the job so much and she likes doing it? Anyway, I'll be back at it in less than a week and will have a chance to improve upon this week's mess.

The photo is a small little piece of Monday evening's sky. I wish I could see more of it frome here and I didn't have the opportunity to go for a drive. It would be easy to get a fabulous sunset by taking very short drives and I just never do. Laziness or just content being at home are a couple of choices for a reason.

Haven't played any Greg Brown in a while. Ain't Life a Brook is a song I really like about splitting up by Greg and Bill Morrissey. They're fantastic together with their deep voices. Spring and All is by just Greg. His songs are always stories.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Need Sleep

Would anyone like some hot flashes? Maybe some night sweats? I'd be happy to give some away. They aren't as severe as they were a year ago but they are disturbing my sleep and I'm tired during the day. I don't like that at all. I get teased a bit because I'm very time oriented but it's the way I am....can't help it.

We're having another cold couple of days. It rains all around us but does not rain here and we so need a good soaking. My grass looks like it's August.

Meant to report on the music stats for the month. Don't Lie is now at 1678 hits, exactly 50 plays this month.

Music: 'At night I wake up with the sheet's soaking wet' is a line from Springsteen's song, I'm On Fire. Sounds like he know's all about night sweats and hot flashes. Here is Swati with a nice quiet version. Since I have a Springsteen song done by someone else, here's one of his songs done live by him and James Taylor. Since Bruce knows about hot flashes and night sweats, I think that The River is not about an actual river but about night sweats. What do you think?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Again

I missed my doggie friends and my horse friends today. My usual Monday hike is cancelled for the time being with work but I may have Mondays off and if I do, I'll be hiking for sure.

The lilacs and apple blossoms are in full bloom right now. The smell in the house is incredible as I have several bouquets of each. The hoyas all over the house are fully in bloom as well, so when I wake in the middle of the night that's the first thing I become aware of because they are night-scented. I have hoyas that are in bloom for the first time and the blooms are very abundant on all of them. They are really terrific for scenting the house at night. I had one in my bedroom years ago and had to take it out as the strong scent kept me awake. Now they are all downstairs and still, the scent is very strong.

I am really taken with singersongwriter, Brandi Carlile. She had a unique, powerful voice and her lyrics are top notch. I've been putting quite a few of her songs on playlists and always get comments or questions about her afterward. The Story is the title of her new album and the title song is fantastic. You'd think it was written by an older woman. I can't find the song, Creep, on any of her albums but have this cut from a live concert. I'm not usually a fan of rock but she's rocky and I like her a lot.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last Day Off

I must relay a story of something that happened this week. I went for a walk on Thursday and halfway up the driveway realized I had no pockets. I threw my keys into the long grass on the side of the driveway. On the return I was nearing the house and heard my lawnmower. It was my daughter's last day home and I knew she was coming over for supper. When I wasn't at home, yet the car was home, she guessed that I was probably gone walking. She decided to mow as a favor while waiting for me .

Two of my friends were coming for a visit and arrived just as I was walking down the driveway. At the instant we met, I remembered the keys and realized that my daughter had started her mowing session by 'doing the driveway'. This is the first time ever that she started the job this way. The driveway usually ends the mowing session.

You guessed it. The keys became the object of a search party with my two friends and we fiinally found them, totally unusable. Luckily I had an extra house and car key and an additional car door clicker.

I think it's so funny that it all played out like that. Never before have I thrown my keys in the grass by the driveway. You'd think it would be a safe thing to do. In a million years I wouldn't have guessed my daughter's plan to mow nor the fact that she would start where she normally ends.

Another thing, Bad Kitty slept in my car last night and puked all over my back seat. My fault for leaving the window open. This has not been a bad week but I've had bad things happen. Tomorrow I can go back to good things.

Music: A couple of vastly different songs with their only commonality being that their titles have something to do with these just stated events. Chet Baker does a smooth jazz rendition of It Could Happen To You. Cisco Houston brings us an old song from about a million years ago, The Cat Came Back.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rub My Belly Please

Time for a break! I've been painting my shed and just finished cleaning the painting paraphenalia. I'm near to heatstroke and definately have to stay inside in the cool for a bit. I'm feeling nauseous and am trying to rehydrate. My neighbour came for a visit and that got me out of the sun for a few minutes. He was looking for his dog again. Both of his dogs have been coming for a swim almost every day. The old dog goes home but new dog stays here with me. My neighbour told me today that she wants company all the time. If the kids are home the dog doesn't leave.

I spent yesterday afternoon in a friend's lovely back yard and garden. Today's photo is of Inky, her big black cat, wanting her belly rubbed. It's so funny that it deserved a photo on the internet, I thought.

Apparently, I had a photo in the Toronto Star yesterday. A Star staff person contacted me a while ago about an article on photo bloggers across Canada and asked me to be part of it. My aunt and uncle subscribe and called me yesterday to say it was in. They'll send me a copy.

Music: Already uploaded are these songs to do with colour.....True Colors by Cyndi Lauper and Jimi Hendrix's Red House in honour of the red barn. New for today is another song about red but in this case a red sky. Here's Cielo Rojo by Lila Downs and Una Sangra (One Blood) and we know what colour that is. I've been listening to Lila a lot lately and she's always wonderful to share.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can't You Hear Those Peepers?

Every year there is the long-awaited day when I can open my bedroom window and have the frogs sing me to sleep. That day was yesterday. It was wonderful and I had kids in the house too, going out onto the deck because there was a smoker. Their talk and the frogs made me fall asleep smiling.

I've always liked having my kids in the house with their friends. I can sleep through anything and the only time they ever woke me was when J and his friends were into wrestling and big thumps would wake me.

There is a point here. I awoke at three to pouring rain and remembered that my daughter hadn't put the downspout thingies back on. I was out in my nightie pretty quickly, and got soaked but prevented the water in my basement I would have faced had my window not been open beside my head.

I just spoke with my brother in Coastal BC. His area of town is not flooded but there are flooded areas and they are cut off from the rest of BC. It's certainly terrible conditions around there. I must say I'd prefer our cold spring to his wet one.

Music: A music blog that I visit daily and have linked to before, Keep The Coffee Coming, featured Judy Collins, doing the Joni Mitchell song, That Song About The Midway last week. I commented about the version from Bonnie Raitt that I still have on vinyl. Well I really wanted to hear it, have managed to find it, and here are both versions.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Sunset

It has been quite a week. I've seen people I haven't seen in years which is usually the case at funerals. I think I talked about that last week. My son is gone back and my daughter is leaving on Friday. Funny how it all works out; home for a happy occasion then a day or two later, back for a sad occasion. It's all over now and we get back to real life. I start work Monday.

My daughter mowed for me today and I'm so pleased. She was going to do it while she was here last week but didn't. My son wanted to do it too but left last night. I need these kids to move home!

I have music by The Duhks again today. Death Came a Knockin' is an old song done in a really nice modern way by this wonderful Canadian group. I had thought that the band was breaking up but have been informed that the female lead singer has left the band and has been replaced for the summer. They are looking for a permanant replacement for the fall. I love Ruthie Foster's version too. It's more traditional and gospel-like. It's a song that makes you think and makes death not seem so bad. Give both a listen and let me know what you think. It's always been one of my favorite gospel songs.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Day of Cool

Another sunny but cool day. A cool day in other ways too because I've spent the afternoon with two of my kids. They're here for the funeral. My oldest and I walked to the beach. He runs on a treadmill every day and hasn't for two days so was easy to talk into the quick walk. We then went to town with my daughter who was to do some shopping.

I mentioned before that we have a local tulip grower who supplies tulips during the winter. They grow fields of them in the summer and it is a sight to behold. I could see a field on the way to town and my daughter told me she'd take me directly to the field on the way back. We did go but I got very few photos as we were too close. I'm going to town on Tuesday morning and will get some then if they haven't cut them down yet.

Music today is for my daughter. Last night they were at a party and a car caught fire. I don't know why or how, just that. Gone to See The Fire by Freedy Johnston is fitting, I'd say. She loves Fiona Apple's song, Extraordinary Machine. It is available on Page One but I have another version of the song by Sarah Cherri & the Nectar. She hasn't heard it yet.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Music For Ducks, Music by Duhks

In for a little break from outside. It's quite nice though it's windy. The temperature is fourteen and it's sunny. I've been puttering outside all day and have had two walks already. I still didn't walk to the beach which was planned but may get there yet.

The ducks in the photo are from a park in Halifax. I got only a few photos as the park has stopped selling food to feed the ducks and have signs asking people to stop the practice. The ducks can't read, sadly, but some people are ignoring the requests, and the ducks are happy for it. I seem to be missing the ten ducklings that had hatched on Sunday. I haven't seen them in the pond since. They're probably still there, just hiding.

My children are all gathering again as there has been a death in my ex-husband's family. Just last week I was saying how nice it was to have everyone together when it wasn't for a funeral. This week, in comparison, will be very sad for everyone.

Music today is for the ducks and it's all Canadian. I've got Harry Manx and Kevin Breit with Diving Duck Blues and Kathleen Edwards with Sweet Little Duck. Here's a couple of links to the Duhks that I already have up there on Page One. The Duhks are pronounced The Ducks. I've heard they separated and hope that's not true. I like them a lot after seeing them a few years back. Here's one, two, three.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Planting Time

The daffodils are pretty faded now and will only be around for another day, maybe two. The tulips are really beautiful now, stunning really. It is finally a beautiful day and I planted all the pots on the deck. We had frost this morning, believe it or not, so I'm hoping it is for the last time. The pots look great, with a purple daisy, a mini trailing snapdragon type plant, geraniums, lots of petunias and more pansies. There's nothing startling or unusual this year.

I'm getting the post up early as I have some friends dropping by in a while. It's a lovely day for the deck, that's for sure. Tomorrow is cool again so we'll take advantage of the heat today. It's only twenty degrees so not really hot but it's great!

I have four versions of La Vie En Rose up already between the two pages. Here's one more by Louis Armstrong. Sticking with a planting theme and sticking with a Louis, the second song is The Green Grass Grows All Around by Louis Jordan.