Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In Disguise

Happy Halloween! I have a reputation for always dressing up in costume for Halloween but am not this year. The local post office and grocery store employees were pretty surprised to see me not in costume today. We talked about dressing up for trivia tonight too but I have a reason. You can't make purchases at the liquor stores in this province if you're wearing Halloween makeup of masks. No exceptions. I need beer. Enough said!

Music today: Standin' at the Crossroads by John Lee Hooker and Take Me As I Am by appropriately, October Project.

I'm on my way to visit some galleries but wanted to put this link in on the right day. Enjoy this Halloween link.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Blowin' In The Wind

The power never was out in my little part of PEI but it was nearby and in pockets all over the Atlantic Provinces. Ferries were docked and bridges were closed but I think we fared ok over all. We're used to weather like this. I would love to have a photo of the above landscape today. This one was taken on Saturday. Now there are very few leaves left on the trees; you can see their bones.

This standard time is for the birds. I'm up at 5:30 and rally don't really care what time the sun rises but right now it is almost dark at a bit after 5pm. For the birds!

Music: Today is song number 299 and 300. One will be Blowin' In the Wind by Bob Dylan, a live 1998 version, and Wild is the Wind by Nina Simone. I had to pick songs for the theme but songs by artists that I love. It was hard but these are what I've come up with...Bob and Nina, singing about the wind. I've linked directly to them for the occasion.

Link: Saw this video last year and check it out every once in a while. Sand Art is a pretty amazing show. Probably everyone has already seen it since I saw it so long ago.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Day of Standard Time

It is very windy but we've not lost electricity. There have been power outages across New England, in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. There are problems with the Newfoundland ferry system where they are experiencing one hundred and sixty km. per hour winds. I'm glad my friend moved there a couple of days ago and not today.

I am warm and content. I've been reading my music blogs, fooled around with some jewelry, have beef stew cooking early in case we lose power and listening to music. It's very warm out and sunny. The rain ended overnight....just the wind continues. I am going to walk down to the beach after I turn the stew off. I don't know if the tide is in or out but it will probably seem like it's in with onshore winds. The bay will be red and very churned up. It's much nicer when it's blue, of course.

Music: High Tide or Low Tide by Jack Johnson and Ben Harper and Four Strong Winds by Ian and Sylvia.

Link: Does anyone go to the links? I get so few comments here that I don't know what anyone thinks of any part of the blog. I'd appreciate some feedback, you know. Anyway a link for today
is another link place that I go to once in a while. It's called Linky & Dinky. The first one on there today, the mega closeup of a snowflake is cool.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Made it into the woods today. It was glorious. The oxygen levels, the fabulous smells, the fast hiking pace, and the companions combined to get the endorphins racing. I felt so good during the whole adventure and it will last for a while. I'll have the most satisfied sleep tonight. I need the physical me being in the outside and nature at regular intervals to keep those endorphin states occuring. We have snowshowing trips planned for the winter already. Last year we had no snow and didn't get out once.

We are supposed to get a really big wind and rain storm starting around midnight and lasting all day tomorrow.....one hundred kilometer winds. At least it's not winter and not snow. That will come soon enough. Even though I didn't get out snowshowing, I liked the winter with no snow. It was a good break from our relentless winters where having to drive is a major pain in the butt. It's the worst part for me...having to drive in winter.

Music: I found this band a while back , Ollabelle, that I really liked. They have the perfect sentiment for today, All is Well, and Got My Mojo Working, the old version by Clarence Gatemouth Brown, kind of says it too.

The linky part: Something funny with Foreign Signs, you know those funny translations on signs. I have a photo of one from San Felipe in Baja, Mexico with a list of instructions for entering a hotel swimming pool. It says, ''All Patrons Must Worm Bathing Suits." I swear I do.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Week's End

I've got a beer and a kitty in front of me. The kitty makes it rather hard to type I can tell you. Supper is in the oven, music is blasting, Bruce Cockburn and Ani DeFranco at the moment, I had a productive day in the jewelry department and all is well with my world. It's Friday, one of my favorite days of the week.

For many years I had a Friday Happy Hour where friends came by, and it was always a great time. FHH has pretty well gone by the wayside but I still love Fridays. It's a good day to go out or to be with friends. It's a hard day to get people in offices on the phone though. I needed to confirm a couple of things with a few people and all I got was voice mail today.

Musical selections for today: Something seasonal as we are forecasted to have a very rainy and very windy weekend so the landscape will change dramatically and there will be few leaves left on the trees after this. So Autumn Leaves by Stephane Grapelli and Fields of Gold by Sting should be appropriate for the last days of our beautiful autumn landscape. We have hiking plans for tomorrow if the rain holds off. I am going by myself if S. backs out. I need it after last weekend's hike being cancelled. Oxygen and the smell of the forest in autumn are like a balm.

Link: One of the blogs I read daily asked the question, "What website do you go to most often other than your own?" Mine would be Visitor's Comments for a place in Mexico that I go to when I can. I check this Puerto Escondido page usually twice a day, whereas everyone on my blogroll gets one hit a day. The whole site, The Pacific Coast of Mexico is a pretty good source of information for first time visitors or those wanting to get a feeling for the area. I've been going to Puerto for twenty-five years and the site over ten years and the site's a labour of love of one man, Tom Pennick. I hope to get to Puerto this winter sometime.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New York to Charlottetown - A Long Way Indeed

Almost forgot that I had a lunch date in Charlottetown today until a late e-mail yesterday. Two friends and I went to New York City six years ago to the World March of Women. We have lunch other times too but always at this time of year, to commemorate that trip. There's talk of going back again but it's hard because we have other destinations that we want to travel to as well and none of us are rolling in dough. You actually have to save for these trips and NYC is an expensive place to visit.

Made some great earrings today. I like them so much, I think I'll keep them.. I've never made two pairs the same; it's kind of a trademark but maybe I'll make some similar.

Blogger is having some photo upload problems at present so it's possible there won't be a photo attached to this. Perhaps I will put one up later. The music was late for yesterday's post because Putfile was down for maintenance. I got it up this morning though, so no worries.

Musical selections today : Since it came up, Autumn in New York by the incomparable Sarah Vaughan and perhaps Let's Call the Whole Thing Off also by Sarah.

The links today make me rethink everything I just wrote. Overheard in Charlottetown is today's link. It's counterpart, Overheard in New York, is linked here today but always available in the sidebar. What does that say?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Checkin' Out the Turkeys

Twenty two turkeys! Twenty-two turkeys I had to carry from a parking lot, down a set of stairs and into a freezer. I was too tired to do it last night after trivia so did it this morning. Would you believe that's four hundred ninety three dollars worth of turkey!

We were only two for our team last night so combined with another team but did not place. Supposedly the questions were easier...were we just more stupid?

Did some beadwork today. I need to use a magnifier now but I still like doing the work....anything with pretty colours. I made a really great necklace and will make some earings tomorrow and more necklaces.

Music today: PEI folk artist, Rose Cousins, has just released her first cd after two successful EP's. Here are a couple of cuts, Simple Thought and If You Were Me. I love her clear voice.

The link: Extensive environmental tips from Global Stewards. Lots of great information to read.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I keep saying I'm finished work. I really am this time till November sometime. I really feel it psychologically too.... a feeling of freedom. I can stay up or out; no work tomorrow, no kids at home. I had a cappucino yesterday afternoon knowing I might be unable to sleep (I had no problem) and wouldn't have to worry about getting up.

I plan on working on some jewelry tomorrow so I'm cleaning my work tables today. I'm waiting for a visitor right now, had my walk already and visited my friend and ex-mother-in law in the nursing home. Life just feels peachy! There's dinner and trivia tonight and so today can only get peachier.

Music: Freedom by Amos Lee and There'll be a Hot aTime in the Old Town Tonight by Laverne Baker.

The link: I have a thing for rocks and stones. Here's one page I look at called the Stone Pages.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Woke Up This Morning

My dinner party got cancelled and lo and behold I got invited to a potluck. I changed my dinner menu to Indian so at least have something put together to take along. This is another going away party for my friend who is moving to Newfoundland. I can't even guess at how many dinners she may have attended in her honour this week. She cancelled her attendance at our meeting last night to go to a dinner too. She won't have to eat for a week afer she moves.

Just talked to two of my kids in their various areas, am about to call my friend who turned 50 this week, then will call the third kid and grandkids. After that, no more telephone!!!

Music today: I have no theme today so, some women with the blues today. Ruthie Foster doing a gospel-tinged, bluesy, Woke up this Mornin' and some old blues with Dinah Washington looking for some lovin' from a Big Long Slidin' Thing.

For a link, another local artist, John Burden. I have one of his paintings and am reading a book right now that he illustrated. I'm on his mailing list, I guess, so got an invitation to attend an opening tonight. The show is up for only a week so I'll pop in on Tuesday. I find his work very interesting. It's very "busy" thus good for someone like me, who likes to be visually stimulated.

Friday, October 20, 2006

From Sand to Glass

Blogging early today. I've been doing it late afternoons but I'm going to a dinner meeting today. I complained about missing the meeting last time because I had to attend a board meeting at work and couldn't go. We are a really fun group and are planning a special event ending an almost two decade Women's Festival. We've all had a hand in planning it during those two decades and it's sad for us, that it's ending.

Put away some paintings and jewelry today that I had in a shop on consignment. A bit angry about the whole situation because I had a hundred dollar piece broken there and the shopkeeper refused to pay for it. I won't be dealing with her any more. Dealing with her all around was not good and I don't need the headaches.

I should get busy with some kind of art or craft though. I'm leaning toward some kind of glass work.....just have to get to it. I usually plan these things out to the nth degree. Last year I did; got through the jewelry part, started on the painting phase, then quit smoking before I got to the glass. Didn't do any glass at all, then felt guilty. I now realize how much concentration and energy I had to put into the quitting smoking part. I no longer feel guilty about not accomplishing anything because I accomplished a lot in the end. I no longer smoke. Anyway, I'm not going to pressure myself.

Music: What'll I Do by Linda Ronstadt and Whatever Gets You True by Paddy Casey, an Irish singer-songwriter.

Link: I can only think of one glass artist to link to on a first link to anything glass. Here's Dale Clihuly.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sing It Loud

Heck, I love not working! I spent the day doing something fun (for me) and not feeling guilty about not getting anything real accomplished. I certainly have lots to do tomorrow because I took today off but that's ok.

I compiled lists of up-tempo latin music for my niece so that she and her friends can have good music at their latin-themed girls night. I listened to songs I haven't heard for a long time and relived lots of old memories from those sounds. Did music from the computer before lunch then after lunch, cd's. I didn't go back as far as cassettes though.

Hardest for me was that they wanted only up-tempo. If you play my music, linked on the side, you know I love ballads. Latin ballads are a thing of true beauty and are in a class by themselves. What a great day! I still took bookings for work, fed cats, dealt with the regular day to day stuff but feel bathed in good music and I sure do like that.

Music: I'm picking latin ballads because they're what made my heart soar today. Both are from Chevala Vargas. One is Nosotros. The other is attributed to her but has never sounded like her to me unless it was done at a younger age. It was from the Frida soundtrack which I mentioned yesterday when talking about Lila Downs. The song is Paloma Negra and is from the sound track. She would have been old at this time but sounds young. I have this song by Lila Downs also.

The link is also Chevala Vargas. I may have linked to her before, I can't keep track, but she is one of my favorites. She is a legend in Mexico and "one of only two women ever to be awarded Spain's prestigious La Cruz De La Orden de Isabela La Catolica. She was a friend and drinking partner of the late José Alfredo Jiménez. She lived with painter Frida Kahlo." That quote is from today's link.

I was ready to post but went back and changed the photo to my favorite place to sit inMexico.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Starting To Smell Good In Here

There is meatloaf in the oven and more importantly a dessert. I'll have a bit of the dessert tonight but it's for a little dinner party that I'm having on Saturday. Before dinner we'll get to walk in some great old woods through trails and an old estate deep in the PEI back woods. There are no longer any buildings, only the remains of the old estate such as foundations, mature trees and bushes, and an old root cellar.

I'll be touring with a man who grew up there; it was his grandfather's estate. I've explored there for years, have a long history of walking the trails and old woods roads and cutting and hauling wood from there. My dog once got lost back in there. It's going to be great to see that property through my friends eyes. I've been trying to arrange it for a couple of years and we'll be having apple crisp for dessert.

Had the most fun night at trivia/going away party last night. There were fun gods in the air because everyone in the establishment was having an awesome time. We did badly at trivia but had extra points in the good times category.

Music: Music for fun times. One is a traditional Mexican ballad that has the full horn section. Won't be for everybody. Lila Down's newest album, La Cantina, is full of that old traditonal stuff. Here's Arbole De La Barranca. This one, Hanal Weech, from an older album, was one of the first songs I had of Lila's and made me fall in love with her. I'd never ever heard anything like this before. I've included it in an awful lot of playlists. I'm going to be singing this all night now.

Today's link: I've been going here for at least twelve years. It's called KVAN All Van All The Time radio. It is constantly playing recordings of live Van Morrison concerts. Be sure to check out the Video Vault. Great to bookmark for when you need a Van fix and the whole live music thing....well!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Saying Goodbye Again

I keep forgetting that I won't be getting any more paycheques. It certainly is the downside of not working. I knew I had to work the 22nd. Just realized today that it's this Sunday....and I was making other plans.

Dinner and trivia tonight with a friend who is moving to Newfoundland. Dinner will be with our winter team and our off-season game will be fun. We are losing a member of the team though so that's sad. I made her a cd today; she's a wonderful musician and loves music. I love putting together cd's for someone like that.

Music: Ray Charles and Betty Carter - Everytime We Say Goodbye and There are Places I Remember by the Beatles.

Today's link: A huge art site called Art For Housewives.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Normal Is As Normal Does

I'm working on a cd for a friend who turns 50 on Friday. I thought I'd have it finished in plenty of time for mailing today but it's been a hard one. I like to tell a story with the order of the songs but it also has to sound good. I know I have a lot of slow ballady music but I don't want 50 to be anything but a celebration for my friend. I'm still working and will express post it tomorrow.

Today feels like my first day off. Seeing the daughter off this week made me a bit anxious and far from feeling relaxed. Today, seems back to normal. I cleaned like a fiend and have a whole lot more to do. I have three empty bedrooms and will completely gut them and start again. I walked but didn't make it to the beach. Maybe Wednesday.

Music today: Something from the cd I'm working on for both my daughter and my fifty year old friend who has moved in and out of my life so many times in the thirty years we've known each other....You've Got To Move, a live version from a benefit by Greg Brown. Also, from the playlist, Someone Like You by Van Morrison.

The link: My friend and artist Greg Garand called this morning. I told him about my statement yesterday that I was going to link to local PEI artist whose works I have. He's happy for the exposure. I have probably the largest collection of Greg Garand paintings of anyone. I love his work. I have early and recent and he keeps getting better and better. So here's Greg Garand but please note that he wants to update his site and add new paintings. Life is such a rat race. There are never enough hours in a day.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Goodbye Darling

She's gone! All of the anticipation is over and she's in the big sky...with all of her luggage and extra luggage. We had some teary bits today but got through the whole airport ordeal with lots of hugs and good wishes but remained dry-eyed. She only has one blackberry; no cellphone, landline, or computer. This is a first for her as she's usually wired to everything at once and running it all at once.

Her brother came home for the weekend to see her off which was great. She will miss him a lot. Even though he's in Halifax they were always in touch (see above paragraph) and he was here a lot this summer.

Some more moving away, going away music for today. I'll soon be over it. Didn't you love that song Joy from the other day? Today, Po' Boy, Great Long Ways From Home by Guy Davis and Jolie Holland sings Goodbye California.

Link: An artist I like, Rob Gonsalves. That reminds me I should link to some local work of artists whose work I have. I don't have any by this guy.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Packing It Up

I've been trying to get my computer song collection onto cd. I thought I was finished up to Bob Dylan but now have two more Bob songs, one more by Ani, two by Aretha, one by Billie and one by Bobby Bland. I think this will keep happening as I go along. A bit frustrating to say the least.

Today I make a go away dinner for my daughter. She wants spaghetti and is inviting a few friends over. She still has a lot of packing to do but last minute is usual with her...not like her mother who would have finished packing a week ago. We are who we are, isn't that so!

Music today: Continuing with goodbye music is Many Rivers to Cross by The Walkmen and Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul and Mary.

Link: For those who care about what they eat: Dirty secrets of the food industry.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Helping Her Pack

I was hurrying to finish a post yesterday when we had a power outage. It was a nice nostalgic look at my daughter who is leaving the nest in just a few days. It's starting to hit me. I want her to go and have a life away from home but I will miss her terribly. She, more than anyone I know, has a great joie de vivre that makes her a huge presence in any room.

Music: I can think of so many songs for her; songs she likes, songs that remind me of her, songs with a message. I'm her mother so I definitely have to get a message in there. Way Out West (isn't that ironic) has a message in Don't Forget Me and Joy by Bettye LaVette says it all for my girl who brings joy. I just have to think of rainbows rather than the rain when I think of her being so far away so today's link I will visit often...rainbows.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Stats Again

The photo is of my Dad's significant other who was stepdancing while passing out the devilled eggs. She and my dad are dancing fools. They were with their former (passed away) spouses too and still love a good party. They danced all night and not many could keep up with them.

The monthly stats for my music page have all been figured out. I should have been a statistition. Maybe I would have if only I could have spelled it.

Three songs were not clicked at all. Baby, It's Cold Outside, Father and Son by Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple, and Johnny Cash again, with Bob Dylan, singing Girl From the North Country. I find it funny and ironic that I put that song up by someone else on my last post.

I only mention songs that got over twenty clicks this month. They are:
  • Besame Mucho by both Dalido and Andrea Bocelli each got 20
  • Rufus Wainwright with Across the Universe and Dan Hicks', I Scare Myself, each 20
  • Sophie Milman has some new fans. Lonely in New York and Back Home to Me each got 20 hits and My Heart Belongs to Daddy got 24.
  • Also getting 20 hits were Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales, Que Sera by Doris Day, Nina Simone's version of I Think It's Gonna Rain Today and La Larona by Chavela Vargas. It was popular two months ago also.
  • Gold Digger got 22 hits and it too was popular two months ago. Also with 22 was My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas.
  • Battle of Jesse James from the Skiffle Sessions got 24.
  • With 28 was both I'm Confessin' That I Love You by Lizz Wright and Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby by Renee Olstead.
  • I love this...The Haircut by The Waifs got 38 hits. Yeah! It's not even the best version. Whoever likes it can let me know they'd like the better version and I can e-mail it. I can't upload it to Putfile but am able email it.
  • Quisas, Quisas, Quisas which was the most popular song last month continues to be popular with 48 hits.
  • This one I don't understand for a moment. Could it be an error? Don't Lie by the Black Eyed Peas got 236 more hits this month. It really is a catchy song and I'm glad it got that many hits off my little music page.
I find this all very fascinating. I constantly play music on my computer and a good part of the time when I'm not on it. It's what keeps those alpha waves bouncing around to put me in a boppin' and happy headspace. I'm glad that other people are listening...even though I don't know who.

Music: I think I'd better put up more Black Eyed Peas. Jack Johnson joins the band in Gone Going. I still have many versions of Besame Mucho that haven't been put up. I love the song sooo much. Here's another, this time by Omara Portuondo. Long be the music!!!

Link: Great conceptual artist worth a look at.


It's my first real day off. I have to work the 22nd but until then only have to accept booking phonecalls. The washer's full, the dryer's full, the sink's full and the vacuum cleaner soon will be. Then I'm going to walk....every day. That's the plan!

I was the only one from my team to show up at trivia last night so I was invited to be an honorary Brainwave. Could it be because I brought our pitcher of beer that we won last week? We came first with a perfect score the first round. We had lots of fun. A woman who for years was a regular Brainwave played her first game in five months after having had a baby. She brought photos and was feeling a little drunk part way through her second glass of wine. Things sure can change after just a few months.

Music today: On the drive home last night, I heard on the radio jazz program, After Hours, that Porgy and Bess had hit the stage seventy-one years earlier. It didn't become a hit at that time but the songs from it became American standards. I have so many versions of so many of the songs. I've always loved Gershwin and Porgy and Bess is my favorite. Listen to this live version by Nina Simone of I Loves You Porgy. She's just so soulful. You really believe she loves him through this version. I already have three versions of Summertime up. Here's one more, a short instrumental with a Latin sound by Ray Baretto.

Link: I've always had a fascination with Burning Man and would love to go some day. I visit this site in my daily blogroll. They put up a photo from a past Burning Man each day.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bringing It Home

Perfect weather this weekend made traveling in the Maritimes a pleasure to all the senses. The sun shone each day and the full moon lit the night. Daytime temperatures ranged between 18 to 22 degrees. Fall foilage is at it's peak. The woods smell of decaying leaves and sunshine and the gentle breezes were rustling the poplars.

I walked a couple of miles each day, saw a bear while sitting at my cousin's kitchen table, partied till the wee hours, saw lots of people you see every decade or funeral or milestone birthday, had turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner, felt the love in my family, and generally had a great time.

I wanted to stay but still have work. Thought I'd be finished but am not yet. A big week in other ways. My grandaughter is one year old today. My daughter is moving "out west" in a few days. Time and life keep moving on.

Music: How Can You Live In The Northeast from Paul Simon's album Surprise and Bob Dylan's Girl From the North County, yet again, this one by M. Ward, Conor Oberst and Jim James.

Link: Rules of Being Human

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Going Into the Woods

Made it through the big dinner without a hitch. Everything went very well indeed and i have only to do a final clean up and a ton of laundry then I'm off till mid November. What a relief!!

Now it's off to help my dad celebrate a belated 75th birthday. I sure do need to get away and my dad lives in the middle of the woods with tons of woods and trails to walk and drive. This is going to be a really great weekend and I'm enjoying even the thoughts of it.

Music for the weekend to listen to while I'm away: Your Mind is on Vacation by Mose Allison and Goin' Home from my favorite Friday album, The Skiffle Sessions. You KNOW I love that album! Just went to upload them and they're already there so I'll link them instead and choose another new one. How about I Wanna Go Home from The Skiffle Sessions. When I was about 11 or 12 my cousin taught me to play that song on a guitar.

I find this link hilarious. I hope you do too and I hope it offends no one. How to Hypnotize a Man.

Back in a few days........

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Always Learning But Often Confused

The whole second part of the previous post is an enlarged link to the photo of the cute Clarke. I have no idea why that is. I didn't do it intentially nor do I know how to take it away. Press the link though. All the photos are nicer enlarged and clicking any photo will enlarge it.

S. is going away today for ten days...in the middle of our best hiking season, no less. Some Music for her today: She will be living some memories of Cuba so some Cuban music....Celia Cruz doing Salsa Cubana and Charanga Cubana with El Manicero.

Today's Link: Also for S. a sculptor.

Blogger - What's Going On Now

My daughter borrowed a scanner and scanned a few photos for me after she finished what she was working on. I'll put them up over time. This one is Clarke as a kitten - stuck in a lobster trap. He tried to get in again when he was over a year old so I had to put a big rock over the entrance. He could hardly get his head in but was soooo determined. The one below just shows how cute he was. I sure miss him. He's been gone over two months. I still call for him at least twice a day in case he's lost and walking in circles but I must say that I think it's unlikely after this much time. Sigh.....
Our trivia team was back on last night. We only placed second but after three weeks of third, we were feeling pretty deflated. Our team was small with only four members but was effective. I have no idea why this text is underlined or blue. I only moved the photo to a different position than is naturally goes to during an upload. There is not a place to change text to underline. There's one for bold and one for italics but none for underline. It's bugging me so much that I'm going to post this then another for the music and link. See you in a minute or so.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rainy and Warm - It's October

Went to visit my 91 year old friend today who I've hardly seen this summer. He is really glad I'll be available soon to take him on outings. We used to go on lots of jaunts together. He had only been off the Island once before he met me. I've taken him over the bridge a couple of times and took him to an outdoor cafe in Moncton, NB which was very funny as he thought street people might come and steal his food or something because he was very upset about it and told me to never take him someplace like that again. We've had our moments as he is very blunt and says some pretty weird things. I'll probably say weird things when I'm 91 too so I just let it go.

Fun Music for today: Candy Shop by Andrew Bird and An Occasional Man by Jeri Southern. I've been playing the Andrew Bird one a lot. It's from one of his older albums.

Link: I've always been fascinated by Meteora, Greece. I so would love to go there just to see the rocks then go to another small Island for the beaches and food. My son was married in Greece, on the Island of Paros. They had the first outdoor beach wedding ever and the mayor came to speak. The funny thing is, they don't have a clue what he said.

I've been burning cd's to try to get some of my almost 4000 songs to disc. I have 15 burned so far and am up to Bonnie Raitt. The music is filed alphabetically to the first name. I've got a lonnnggg way to go.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What to Do

All I can say is ahhhhhh! If I can just get through the big fund-raising dinner on Thursday and get caught up with the treasurer this week, I will be a happy woman....on a break for a few weeks.

In my daily blogroll, I go to a few sites that give cool links to peruse. Spy's Spice is my favorite as he concentrates on art and another favorite is Growabrain because he has really cool links and has mentioned me a couple of times on his blog. Both are listed in my links. Another is Look At This and I must get him? up in the links too. Anyway, I have a few hundred bookmarks of cool sites that I go to and would like to share with you. I used to be Stumbler till something screwed up and one morning my Stumbles and Bookmarks were gone. I got my bookmarks back and then shook for an hour. Dreadful feeling.....

So, along with my music, I'll add one link per post.

Link: Click to start then use your mouse. That's all I'm going to say other than this is soooooo cool. Supercoolpic.

Music: I made a soft cd for Brody last night that is being hand delivered to him in the Arctic on Friday. I'm listening to it now so a couple from that..... Fine and Mellow by Billie Holiday is such a great jazzy number and Breathe by Sia is sweet and quiet vocals, piano and drums. I made a cd for his 30th birthday last Sunday and sent it by mail and am thrilled to be able to get one hand delivered soooo far away...it's the Arctic for God's sake.