Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Checkin' Out the Turkeys

Twenty two turkeys! Twenty-two turkeys I had to carry from a parking lot, down a set of stairs and into a freezer. I was too tired to do it last night after trivia so did it this morning. Would you believe that's four hundred ninety three dollars worth of turkey!

We were only two for our team last night so combined with another team but did not place. Supposedly the questions were easier...were we just more stupid?

Did some beadwork today. I need to use a magnifier now but I still like doing the work....anything with pretty colours. I made a really great necklace and will make some earings tomorrow and more necklaces.

Music today: PEI folk artist, Rose Cousins, has just released her first cd after two successful EP's. Here are a couple of cuts, Simple Thought and If You Were Me. I love her clear voice.

The link: Extensive environmental tips from Global Stewards. Lots of great information to read.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
I hadn't checked your blog in a couple days, so just wanted to make sure you remember that J likes Meatloaf and I don't. Ha! I made your spagheti sauce on Sunday. It was awesome. But I bought this special 'fresh/soft' spaghetti to go with the amazing sauce, thinking it would be really luxirious. It wasn't. I ended up eating the sauce basically like chili, and I almost cried myself to sleep. I promise never to sway again...

Cuidado said...

Promises, promises.