Friday, October 27, 2006

The Week's End

I've got a beer and a kitty in front of me. The kitty makes it rather hard to type I can tell you. Supper is in the oven, music is blasting, Bruce Cockburn and Ani DeFranco at the moment, I had a productive day in the jewelry department and all is well with my world. It's Friday, one of my favorite days of the week.

For many years I had a Friday Happy Hour where friends came by, and it was always a great time. FHH has pretty well gone by the wayside but I still love Fridays. It's a good day to go out or to be with friends. It's a hard day to get people in offices on the phone though. I needed to confirm a couple of things with a few people and all I got was voice mail today.

Musical selections for today: Something seasonal as we are forecasted to have a very rainy and very windy weekend so the landscape will change dramatically and there will be few leaves left on the trees after this. So Autumn Leaves by Stephane Grapelli and Fields of Gold by Sting should be appropriate for the last days of our beautiful autumn landscape. We have hiking plans for tomorrow if the rain holds off. I am going by myself if S. backs out. I need it after last weekend's hike being cancelled. Oxygen and the smell of the forest in autumn are like a balm.

Link: One of the blogs I read daily asked the question, "What website do you go to most often other than your own?" Mine would be Visitor's Comments for a place in Mexico that I go to when I can. I check this Puerto Escondido page usually twice a day, whereas everyone on my blogroll gets one hit a day. The whole site, The Pacific Coast of Mexico is a pretty good source of information for first time visitors or those wanting to get a feeling for the area. I've been going to Puerto for twenty-five years and the site over ten years and the site's a labour of love of one man, Tom Pennick. I hope to get to Puerto this winter sometime.

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