Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 Spring is well underway here on Prince Edward Island and it's about time I gave a shout out.  It seems that I catch up once per season.   Life is rolling along well enough here in the hollow. The frogs are lulling me to sleep at night and the birds are singing me awake in the morning. I've had a grey heron visiting the pond.  Islanders are used to seeing great blue herons and I've never heard about the grey herons coming here.  I am pleased this cousin is finding my pond homey. New Blogger is not allowing me to put the grey heron shot in the center, where I would like it.

The vegetable garden is well underway and spring seems a bit early in some ways.  We had major frosts every morning last week so I won't be fooled into buying tender plants or planting tender seeds yet. I've spent quite an enjoyable bit of the spring hiking in the woods.  I had bouquets of Mayflowers on the kitchen table and everyone who came in thoroughly enjoyed sticking their noses deep, deep, inside, filling themselves with a perfume like no other.

Everyone is the family is doing well.  We are all weathering changes in our lives and growing along the way.  This little sweetie is talking a blue streak and reads to Baxter and her Mom and Dad.  She can say her name which is three syllables and can say part of the alphabet.  She just turned 16 months and is still a happy, happy person, the main personality trait she was born with.  She is expecting a baby sister in late summer.

I am painting a lot. Since mid winter I've watched the Decorah Eagles livestream and used them as a muse to paint an eagle that turned out really well. I always have lots to do and spring brings even more.  I'm as busy as a wet hen, as they say, as I'm sure you are too.  I am still photographing, painting, making jewelry and glass pieces and staying a cre8ive one.  Happy spring!

Again, Blogger won't let me put this picture in the center.