Thursday, July 31, 2008

Late In the Day

Two More Sleeps

This is a first, posting at 10 pm. I got home at 9:30, a full hour earlier than usual. I had a busy day but it had some great points. I have some friends who make it to the island every five years or so. We've been trying to get together but with conflicting schedules, have not been able to. We finally managed to get together this morning for coffee. They are living at a beach house for the month but I just couldn't make it. We had some great laughs and caught up as much as you can in a couple of hours. They spend their winters in southeast Asia, the lucky dogs!

My daughter and I are both pretty excited about the upcoming week. She's so pumped she'd finding sleep difficult. It's only one more sleep for her. She's spending one night in Nova Scotia before she lands here. She's going to arrive on PEI a few hours before my son and his family. She wants to get her share of hugs.

Look at the photos of my grandchildren. You can see why I can't wait. I haven't seen them in a year and a half. I got an email from my little grandson tonight. It has a photo of him sitting in a suitcase. He's ready to travel. My granddaughter is excited about seeing my ducks.

I've got a wonderful version of My Girl by John Hiatt and Loudon Wainwright III. Loudon also brings us our second song, Daughter.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Short But Happy News

Three More Sleeps

I'm taking a few minutes for a quick post after a bit of an absence. I must eat food with my medication so am killing two birds with one stone. Three more sleeps till the kids are here and one day off so I'm very busy. I slept late as I didn't sleep well during the night so got a late start to the day.

Some great news - my music files are accessible again. I have no idea what the problems were but am very, very happy they've been solved. Speaking of music, here are today's songs. My daughter recieved the name Angel as a middle name nickname the day she was born. This song is for her. She's not a country fan but the words 'destination home' are in the lyrics and the lyrics in general are perfect for her. The title is Infamous Angel and the song is by Iris Dement. For my son I have Waitin' For You by his favorite musician, Bob Dylan.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Five More Sleeps

I have been shut out of my music pages. I can only access individual songs if they've been linked to on my blogs. I may have to think of something else - some other way to add music to my blogs. As the category says here on the right - 'it's all about the music.' I'd like whatever solution I find to be free and that could be asking too much. Any suggestions?

I was sent home from work early. I became dizzy and lightheaded and everyone said I was very pale. My boss thinks I'm exhausted. I probably am but don't have time to think of it. I'm thinking only of four days off in a row when the kids are here. Saturday was a marathon and I slept till 8:40 on Sunday morning which is probably the latest I've slept since I was a teenager. I have one day off mid week and it will be too busy to be able to relax but it will still be welcome.

So, here's some music that has been here before. It's the best I can do. I Feel a Little Spaced Out by Os Mutants and the best live version ever of Fever by the incomparable kd lang.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Needing Assistance

I can't access my music pages at all. Can you? Please check to the right under it's all about the music and see if the pages come up for you. Let me know. I'm very frustrated by this.

I have to be to work in just a few minutes. Yesterday, with the pedometer definitely set correctly, I walked 41947 steps. That equals 33.5 kilometers or over 20 miles. I'm a bit tired today and slept later than I ever have before - till 8:40. Nuff said.

Please check the music pages for me.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Anticipation is Sweet - Or Not

I've only a little time this morning so will get some music up here instead of talking about my aches and pains.

All that is on my mind these days is my kids flying home next week. Saturday is the magic day. My daughter is not good at keeping secrets so has told me something that she is bringing me. Well aware of my love for Ella Fitzgerald, she found the boxed set, Ella Fitzgerald's - The Decca Years and bought it for her dear old Mom. I can't wait to play the whole thing.

Ella has some perfect songs for today. Too Darn Hot describes the weather we've been experiencing lately. I'm not at all complaining but many people are. It was over 30 yesterday and I'm fine with it. Winter will be here soon enough. Flying Home is the other perfect song. I can always find what I'm looking for with Ella. I probably have only 30 or so songs of hers on the computer but many, many cd's, cassettes, and albums in the collection. She has the perfect voice, in my opinion.

Putfile was having problems early this morning and apparently is again. I can upload but the songs are nowhere to be found on my page so I' can only apologize and I'll try again later after 10 pm when I get home from work.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm still alive. I took my new medication and survived the night. I'm not sure where this fear of medications come from other than having studied pharmacology, I know what can happen. I have a reverse side effect syndrome with most meds. If a medication is supposed to make you sleepy, I should take it in the morning as it will stimulate me and keep me from sleeping. It's kind of a joke to my doctor as she is aware of this so advises me differently than anyone else. I've never been able to take cold medications before bed. They're supposed to make you sleepy and let you sleep through the night. They make me as speedy as can be. My eyes aren't even able to shut.

The same idiosyncrasy happened with my kidney tumour - it was hard to identify as this type of tumour is supposed to grow slowly and remain small. Mine grew rapidly and was large.

When linking songs the other day for the Daughter's Day CD I discovered that the Bettye LaVette song How Am I Different was no longer on the music pages. I'll remedy that today as it fits today's post. I love Bettye LaVette and particularly that song . I love her version of Don Henley's You Don't Know Me At All and that's the second song for today.

I got only two out of six numbers in the lottery last night. Oh, well. I thought someone wishing me a win might sway the gods.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lottery and Retirement Wishes

Another day of not being at work has helped my spirits and I have a new medication that is supposed to help my body. Tell me anyone, what is your experience with Celebrex? I've developed arthritis and after using ibuprofen for the last year, have today received an upgrade in medication. I haven't taken one yet and am a little nervous. I don't like medications and have tried not to need them. Oh the joys of aging.

The photo above is not meant to be in focus. It is showing the lovely breeze we've been having. It's been cloudy my days off and there's been a comfortable breeze both days. Lovely, really.

I've enjoyed my days off immensely. I'm going to be working a very long stretch in order to get four days off in a row when my kids are here. I'll have one day off in the interim. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done. I'll post if I can and if I am too tired to write maybe I can get some music up at least. My doctor said, "I wish you'd win the lottery and be able to retire." No one has ever wished anything like that for me that I know so it prompted me to buy a lottery ticket today - something I rarely, rarely do.

Actually, I won something recently. I sometimes enter Judith HeartSong's Artsy Essay Contest. I won for the month of June and received my prize in the mail yesterday. I received a lovely painting of a seashell. I believe it was a study for a later painting. It is beautiful and will hang happily, I think, and proudly.

I've got two 'feelin' good' songs for today. One by Levon Helm is entitled just that, Feelin' Good, and Get Up, Get Ready is supposed to be blues but the melody makes me feel good. There's something about Maria Muldaur singing this song... She's accompanied by Eric Bibb and Rory Block from the album Sisters and Brothers.

Levon's song was already there so I get to add one more. Since someone wished a lottery win for me, I purchased a ticket and will wish the same and maybe you can too. Here's Three Wishes by The Pierces.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Over and Back

The house is filled with new vases of flowers. It's corners have also been vacuumed, it's surfaces cleaned, it's corners shined, and good odors are wafting throughout. It's my day off! I'm loving it. I had one friend's visit for a couple of hours and am expecting another any time now. I'm not getting as much done as I intended but that's ok. Tomorrow brings a short trip to town but I can get everything else done then too.

Rain was forecast but we're not getting any. We're getting a bit of a wind (a nice breeze) from a tropical storm passing up the Atlantic but the rain stopped yesterday. The sun peeked through only a few times but it's a lovely summer day to be outside. My friend and I sat outside on the deck and it was wonderful. My flowerpots are beautiful. I took photos but they're in the camera. Another day or so and I'll have uncovered the photos.

I made a cd for my daughter the end of April called Daughter's Day. I usually make a copy for myself too, of all cd's I've made. I play this a lot and here are a couple of the reasons why:
I'll pick away and link more songs when I have the time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Scribbles

Sunday morning. Again! The weeks are going by so quickly. It's less than two weeks till the children and grandchildren arrive. I'm the most excited, I think, with my daughter a close second. My niece and her family have confirmed to come over and my sister and sister-in-law are most likely coming too. My father is undecided as they will be returning in the middle of that week from two weeks of traveling in BC and will most likely want to go home to rest. They'll decide at the last minute. I have extra tables borrowed, the menu planned and four days off. Thirteen more sleeps!

Two more sleeps till this week's days off. Then I'll be working a long, long stretch in order to get those four days in a row off. All my days off will be busy doing some extra cleaning - freshening up unused bedrooms and preparing for visitors. I wish I didn't have to go to town again this week but I must. I have a friend visiting from Thailand and won't be able to see her until the second week of August and she's leaving the thirteenth. This working for a living certainly cuts in on your free time.

How about some Cuban music today! Omara Portuondo has a lovely soft ballad with Viente Anos and Compay Segundo's well-known style shines through with La Enganadora. I am still so thrilled that the Buena Vista Social Club was introduced to us so many years ago (1997) by Ry Cooder and spawned more and more artists for my enjoyment. I pretty well wore out that first album and now need a new VCR in order to see the documentary again. Hope you enjoy them too.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Moon Night

Hasn't this build up to the full moon been fantastic? It has been rising in the southeast as the sun is setting in the west. My drive home from Charlottetown on Wednesday night was awesome as I was watching moonrise and sunset at the same time. It's full moon tonight. Will it bring the wildness out? I worked for several years in a mental institution and truly didn't think that there was a difference in mood and excitability at that time but popular lore says there is. I also worked in bars and didn't see a difference. What is your experience?

Peter Mulvey has a moon song, Whole of the Moon. This is listed as being a live subway recording and is on his album, Rapture. The moon was calling Eleni Mandell too. She has Moon Glow, Lamp Low on her album Miracle of Five. Some other moon songs from the past from: Eryka Badu, Carlos Nunez, The Neville Brothers, Blossom Dearie, and Neko Case.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back At It

I was stuck behind this load of wood and load of hay yesterday on the way into town. PEI is full of slow moving vehicles at this time of year. Tractors are pulling any number of pieces of machinery and hay wagons are everywhere. That's one of the reasons we countryfolk don't want to go to town in the summer.

I had to go to town yesterday for the long-awaited (twice canceled) dental appointment and have to go next week for a doctor's appointment. Maddening that I couldn't get them on the same day. My doctor is on vacation this week and my dentist is going first of August. I have an abscessed tooth so will be returning back to the dentist in mid-August for a root canal.

I had gin and tonics and a fabulous dinner at a friends after the dental appointment so there was a plus side to the day. We celebrated thirty years of friendship and I specifically stated that I was celebrating thirty years of meals of this friend's incredible cooking. We had a really fun afternoon and hope to have many more for thirty more years.

I haven't played Jill Barber for a while. Here is Measures and Scales from her album, Oh Heart, and I'm re-uploading a live cut of When I'm Making Love To You from a radio program on CFRC in Kingston, Ontario.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Bump in a Perfect Day

I've had a busy day but enjoyed it so very much! I loved every chore from laundry and defrosting a fridge to cooking. I love being home. I love taking the time to stroll through gardens cutting flowers, smelling the roses and making beautiful bouquets. I love my sheets on the line. I love just not having to go to work.

Remember last week, I asked my son what he'd like for dinner and he requested French onion soup and tacos. I gave him a choice of lasagna or cannelloni today. He chose lasagna. I have the sauce done and the rest to do.

My sheets didn't go out till afternoon as we had rain this morning. We had half a day of rain yesterday too and it was great. With heavy showers for two half-days we got a perfect amount of moisture I'd say. I have friends and neighbours in the farm community and their livings depend on a supply of rain.

My arthritis has been acting up and that's what the music is about today. I should try to slow down but it's just not in me. Alicia Keys has the perfect musical choices with Every Little Bit Hurts and Slow Down. You can't keep a good woman down. Here's the very different and mellower Every Little Bit Hurts by Ellis Hall that was recently requested for a repost.

Something serious has happened with my Putfile and I am not recognized as a user. Please see if you can play a song from yesterday. I can't even do that. I will check again later.

I have a friend who'll be here soon. We plan to solve all the problems of the world. I hope Putfile solves itself.

Update: Everything seems to be working again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

See You Tomorrow

I was amazed over the last week that I had begun walking 34 thousand steps per day at work when I had previously been walking an average of 24 thousand. I found out on Saturday that I had the calorie function pressed. I have to say I was relieved. I thought I had turned into superwoman and no one had noticed. That said, I can't wait till tomorrow when the 24 thousand steps will take place here at home, doing housework and yardwork. I need my days off very badly!

Although we're not forecast to get much, we are finally getting some rain today. The last we had was a few weeks ago when it rained overnight two days one week. The farmers really need it and I just want it. Rain is so cleansing to the earth and spirit. I know some people don't like rain but I really do.

I've really been enjoying the fresh strawberries this season. As I write I'm having a big bowl of strawberry laden cereal and will have a bowl of strawberries and cream before I go to work. My daughter has requested I freeze some for her to have when she's visiting. I'll be picking them on my day off.

I've got a mixed bag for music today. Ani Defranco and Bruce Cockburn bring us See You Tomorrow and The Hot Club of San Francisco has this great tune, Tickle Toe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Perfection

I thought it was strange that my pedometer was recording an average of 34,000 steps for the last week instead of the average 25,000 steps that a work shift had usually entailed. I discovered I had the mode on calories all week. Whew! Still, I walk about 20 km. per shift but it's a bit more sane that 28.

A cool front arrived a few days ago taking the humidity away. Since then, sleeping has been wonderful. I swear that when it was so hot and humid I was averaging four or five hours of sleep in total per night. With no humidity the clear blue skies with big fluffy clouds show the bright red and green colours of our landscape at it's best.

Three more weeks till my family comes home. A friend is getting married that day too but I won't be attending any weddings or partied. I'll be hugging my kids and grandkids. Having four days off work in a row will be great too.

I've long been a fan of the great songwriter Leon Russell. I saw him live in '70 in Massachusetts and in Toronto in '71. I've featured him a few times. I was reminded of him yesterday by another blogger mentioning that Russell wrote This Masquerade that he had up with George Benson singing. This link is from my post in April. I too love this version by Benson. Leon Russell's most famous song that has been covered by so, so many is Singin' This Song For You. Here's the original by him and another version where he is the pianist and gets some help from Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hoping For Rain

The weather person just announced that there is light rain falling in Charlottetown. Even though we're close by, our area has a little micro climate where we don't get rain when all around us does. The summer of 2000 we got zero rain from May till late August while the surrounding communities had normal rainfall. I really hope it rains today. We need it.

It's back to work in a couple of hours - the beginning of five long, hard shifts. It's so exhausting. I went to bed while it was still light out on my two days off. It would be nice to not have to work but I suppose everyone thinks that.

I went to visit a friend last week. Today's photo is of her new rooster. She has a hen who comes into the kitchen and eats cat food. It was too funny! I got some photos but they have to be straightened. That's the only altering I ever do and have to straighten horizons quite often. It seems I tilt my head when photographing.

Here are prayers for today: Rain by Nick Drake and Standing in the Rain by the Right Reverend Al Green.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two Days

We're having three courses tonight with some space between courses. We've had our French onion soup and will have tacos next. For dessert I have strawberries and cream and Skor Bar Squares. How fast can you say yum! to that.

I had a different pattern to my days off this week. I was having company both days so instead of all the housework on Tuesday and having Wednesday free and clear, I did half the housework each day and was home late afternoon both days. I went for a spin to deposit my paycheck and take some photos but came back to the house and enjoyed me time right here where I love it best.

I've now had my tacos and young son has arrived home again and is having his. I'm feeling week and sweltering and am thinking of a quick dip at the beach. I will check the tides.

I mentioned back in early May how I was really taken with the song, Wonderful Life from The Felice Brothers. I still play it a lot and like it very much. It's been stuck in my head for days. Through someone who visits my Shutterchance blog, I was recently introduced to an artist from Britain from the 70's and like very much what I've heard of him so far. Here's by Sunshine BetterJohn Martyn. I'm not sure how I missed him. Someone else I've been listening to is Holly Golightly. Here's Walk A Mile. I think I mentioned before how I like her 60's sound. We've got it all covered here today.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Glorious Summer

What a glorious day to be off. It's going to be very hot but there is a beautiful breeze and all is well with my world. The highlight of my day so far was to go to the local strawberry field, get a couple of boxes of still-warm, fat, juicy berries and then the store to get a container of cold heavy cream. I put the two together and voila, the real highlight of the far.

I'm having a friend for supper who is in serious need of comfort after a devastating blow in the relationship field. Who hasn't had one of those and needed a shoulder to cry on.

I asked my son this morning what he wanted for a home-cooked meal today and he said tacos and French onion soup. I'm afraid neither is on the menu with company coming to dinner but I'll try that combination for tomorrow. I thought it was kind of a strange combination but everyone has individual tastes.

That brings me to music. I love how musical tastes are so diverse. It also changes over time. I was listening to a song today that I like very much but it ends with loud rock and roll. I always want to turn it off at that point. I certainly loved loud rock and roll at one time but have moved away from it to a large degree.

Something I never understood was that my mother did not like The Moody Blues. She liked Frank Zappa, Led Zeplin, Neil Young, CSNY, The Beatles and Stones and all that I listened to back in the late sixties but could not stand The Moody Blues. My oldest son does not like The Waifs and my uncle doesn't like Ray Charles. I don't understand it but accept that others have different musical tastes.

Since my Uncle Ray doesn't read this blog I'm posting Ray Charles. There is so much to choose from from this great, great artist that it's a difficult task. I've chosen two very different styles because he had blues hits, pop hits and country hits. Here's some blues, Hard Times, and some country, Seven Spanish Angels, where he's singing with Willie Nelson. Seven Spanish Angels may not work. If anyone else using Putfile has already uploaded a song mine piggybacks it and it is used on my page. It doesn't seem to be working but may later. It does not good to upload it again as it will piggyback to there again. I've uploaded another. I had I've Got a Woman on a 45 that I remember so well. I found it in a hiding place before Christmas and never told anyone - until now.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Again, not a lot of time today. I'm exhausted. I went straight to bed (after popping a few Ibuprophen) when I got home from work last night and slept in till after eight. That's late for someone who usually rises at five-thirty.

Tomorrow is my day off. Besides marathon housework including hanging sheets on the line, I'll blog in the afternoon. That fits.

How about some Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks for music today. Here's Hummin' To Myself from Beatin' the Heat and Walkin' One and Only. I love their style. Thanks, Dan!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Short on Saturday

I had a cool thing happen this week. I found a briefcase. I didn't look in it but sat it aside. The owner returned for it and left a twenty dollar reward for me. I thought that was pretty neat. I didn't really do anything.

I heard news today that I may have even more visitors here when my kids come to visit next month. They're pretty popular. Everyone wants to see them. I'm going to need more than one tent. I hope we have fine weather. If it rains we will have a very, very full house.

I'm making this short again. I want to go outside. It's my only time to be outside in this perfect weather we're having. It's hot but the humidity lifted and there's a breeze. Night before last it rained overnight. Pure perfection.

Today we have Sting. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You has been a long favorite of mine and On The Island I am putting up here because I need this song title for something else.

Have a great Saturday, everyone.

Friday, July 04, 2008

For My American Friends

Just saw, when signing in that this is my 7ooth post. I feel a little bad because I really only have time to post some music today. I promised a friend on another blog that I would put a song on yet another blog to celebrate the American holiday today. That's the music for here today too. I saw Martin Sexton seven years ago this weekend and bought his self-titled album at this time. He was amazing in concert. With just an acoustic guitar, he somehow sounded like a whole band. I like his albums but live he is incredible. That's certainly not the case with everyone. Sometimes the albums are better. This is Martin's rendition of America The Beautiful. He is playing this weekend at Stanfest, where I saw him seven years ago. Another Americana song is The Battle of New Orleans. It's been by a whole lot of individuals bands. Here it is by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Happy Independence Day, y'all!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sun Time

I could use another day off but it's not to be. I fell asleep on the couch before ten and had one of the best sleeps in a long time. I was making up for lost sleep, perhaps?

One month today my grandkids will be waking up in beds here at my house. I am so looking forward to this time. The fact that I usually visit them in the spring but did not this year has made a difference. My little granddaughter was calling me Grandpa on the phone. That proves it's too long. It's a year and a quarter since I've seen her and she's only two and three quarters so she really can't remember me, I don't think. My daughter in law sends photos of the kids but I don't send any back. Number one, I don't want to break the camera. Two, I don't want to scare the kids.

We did not get the thunderstorm so the humidity is still here though there's a lovely breeze. When I'm finished here, I'm going outside until work time. I need some sunshine.

I've had John Hiatt's song, Have a Little Faith In Me, stuck in my head for days - ever since it played on a play list I was listening to while doing housework on Tuesday. If I put it up here maybe I can transfer it to someone else and pick up a new one for me. Here's John's version and a slow one by Patty Larkin.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Sleeps

Would you believe I am just waking up from a nap? Its a very hot and humid day and it was a hot and humid night. I had been out and about all day after not sleeping well last night. I was so sleepy I had trouble driving home so a nap is just what I needed.

Speaking of sleep, I had a strange dream the other night where Robert Downey Jr. was my boyfriend. He and a friend's brother who struggles with alcohol had broken out of rehab by jumping into water a hundred meters below the rehab which was on the edge of a cliff. They were taken to hospital and my friend and I went to visit them. It took us a long time to find them but finally did with the help of a child-sized nurse. We found them counting how much drugs, alcohol and cigarettes they had between them, planning an escape. The sad part of the dream was that if Robert Downey Junior were your boyfriend, you'd expect some benefits - which were not forthcoming. Darn!

Sleep and dreaming has turned out to be the theme and I've got the songs to match. Go To Sleep by The Avette Brothers and Crazy Dreamers by Ray LaMontagne fit quite well. I had first thought of an Iron and Wine song but that can wait till another day.

Ok, the day has come for the Iron and Wine song as the Avett Brothers is already in the files. I didn't find it the first time because I spelled their name wrong on the previous post. Here's The Devil Never Sleeps. I really like this band's style. According to their website they have their live shows available to download.

It looks as though we may get a thunderstorm. It would be good it it clears the humidity but I hope it waits till the steaks are off the barbecue.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Three Hours

Logged on here two hours ago and got the following sentence typed:

My neighbour cut the hay today so

I have absolutely no idea what I planned to say after that. I took a few shots of this year's operation but have put up a photo of last year's cut as the new shots are still in the camera. The photo had been put up two hours ago as well. I usually start with the photo.

I've had visitors, put finishing touches on supper (ribs, potato salad and Monday salad again) but haven't eaten yet. I'm waiting for my son but not much longer - only till seven.

Update: It's now 7:07 and Sonny has been here and gone - off to a barbecue at his cousin's house. It's a holiday after all.

The weather is muggy and hot but I love it. Being in the sun today, on the deck, and in the garden in between household chores was fabulous. I'm going on a little jaunt tomorrow, exploring some towns and the countryside. It should be beautiful with the lupins still at large. I get another day off in lieu of today, as my regular day off is a holiday. I'm taking it later in the month, before my daughter and son and his family come for a visit. I'll need that extra day then.

OK, I'm rambling....Songs, that's what this all about. On and On It Goes by Mary Chapin Carpenter first comes to mind so I'll put that up. The other song today is for the top searcher who cre8ive1 depends on month after month. Ingrid Michaelson is the top search for people who find this blog. For her fans here's Die Alone. Turns out On and On It Goes is already up so here is a second one for the Ingrid fan, Corner of Your Heart.

I'ts now three hours since I logged onto the Blogger Dashboard.