Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Scribbles

Sunday morning. Again! The weeks are going by so quickly. It's less than two weeks till the children and grandchildren arrive. I'm the most excited, I think, with my daughter a close second. My niece and her family have confirmed to come over and my sister and sister-in-law are most likely coming too. My father is undecided as they will be returning in the middle of that week from two weeks of traveling in BC and will most likely want to go home to rest. They'll decide at the last minute. I have extra tables borrowed, the menu planned and four days off. Thirteen more sleeps!

Two more sleeps till this week's days off. Then I'll be working a long, long stretch in order to get those four days in a row off. All my days off will be busy doing some extra cleaning - freshening up unused bedrooms and preparing for visitors. I wish I didn't have to go to town again this week but I must. I have a friend visiting from Thailand and won't be able to see her until the second week of August and she's leaving the thirteenth. This working for a living certainly cuts in on your free time.

How about some Cuban music today! Omara Portuondo has a lovely soft ballad with Viente Anos and Compay Segundo's well-known style shines through with La Enganadora. I am still so thrilled that the Buena Vista Social Club was introduced to us so many years ago (1997) by Ry Cooder and spawned more and more artists for my enjoyment. I pretty well wore out that first album and now need a new VCR in order to see the documentary again. Hope you enjoy them too.

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