Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lottery and Retirement Wishes

Another day of not being at work has helped my spirits and I have a new medication that is supposed to help my body. Tell me anyone, what is your experience with Celebrex? I've developed arthritis and after using ibuprofen for the last year, have today received an upgrade in medication. I haven't taken one yet and am a little nervous. I don't like medications and have tried not to need them. Oh the joys of aging.

The photo above is not meant to be in focus. It is showing the lovely breeze we've been having. It's been cloudy my days off and there's been a comfortable breeze both days. Lovely, really.

I've enjoyed my days off immensely. I'm going to be working a very long stretch in order to get four days off in a row when my kids are here. I'll have one day off in the interim. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done. I'll post if I can and if I am too tired to write maybe I can get some music up at least. My doctor said, "I wish you'd win the lottery and be able to retire." No one has ever wished anything like that for me that I know so it prompted me to buy a lottery ticket today - something I rarely, rarely do.

Actually, I won something recently. I sometimes enter Judith HeartSong's Artsy Essay Contest. I won for the month of June and received my prize in the mail yesterday. I received a lovely painting of a seashell. I believe it was a study for a later painting. It is beautiful and will hang happily, I think, and proudly.

I've got two 'feelin' good' songs for today. One by Levon Helm is entitled just that, Feelin' Good, and Get Up, Get Ready is supposed to be blues but the melody makes me feel good. There's something about Maria Muldaur singing this song... She's accompanied by Eric Bibb and Rory Block from the album Sisters and Brothers.

Levon's song was already there so I get to add one more. Since someone wished a lottery win for me, I purchased a ticket and will wish the same and maybe you can too. Here's Three Wishes by The Pierces.


Ralph said...

Congrats on that win, Cuidado--beautiful pictures. And if you win the lottery, send some that luck my way!

Cuidado said...

I had only two of the six numbers in the lottery. Oh, well. I'll send some coolness down to you instead. You started arthritis meds recently too didn't you? How are they working out?

Ralph said...

That's right, I was going to to mention the Celebrex but then thought better of it because I have nothing good to say. I haven't been given Celebrex, but I've tried a couple of other strong NSAIDs and they really haven't done anything but put me to sleep. They all seem to have the same possible side effects blood thinning, stomach bleeding, etc.) as plain old ibuprofen, so I just take a couple of them when I go to bed. I coould deal with some side effects if the drugs actually did something for the pain, but so far I'm having no luck. I'm at a loss about what to do for the tendonitis pain in my elbow. The last resort is a shot of cortisone. I'm even willing to try that, once, to see how long the pain-killing effect might be.

Cuidado said...

I'd been taking ibuprofen but have major swellings now and my fingers are starting to twist so it was time for something stronger. I hope it helps.

Ralph said...

My heart goes out to you, my dear. So far I don't have RA, though genetically, at least on the female side, I'm surrounded by it. I was fully expecting to be told that's what the elbow pain was coming from, but the doc said no. RA does seem to strike more women than men.

Cuidado said...

I feel lucky that ibuprofen has kept it till now and hope that the celebrex will work.