Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Look and Listen

The harvest is work for some.
Hear it!

I'm not harvesting but I'm working too.
Too much, some would say.
Hear It!

I'm not complaining but I would like to
come by here (and there) more often.
Hear it!

I hardly have time to listen to music but manage somehow.
Hear it!

I'm taking a few moments to share it with you.
Hear it!

Enjoy the end of August, folks.
Hear it!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mid August in PEI

What a glorious day off I am having; one that would make anyone glad to be alive! I slept in an hour this morning, getting up at 6:30. Both cats were standing over me willing me to wake up. Last time I'd had a day off they woke me when I hadn't set an alarm clock for 5:30. This morning I think they may have remembered my displeasure and tried telepathy instead of meows.

The weather forecast was perfect for what I wanted to do, so off I went with a plan. I left at 9:30 to go picking chanterelles. I took my camera and stopped for lots of shots along the way and on the return. I walked six kilometers on my hunt which I was so pleased to be doing though if my walking partner had been here I'm sure I could have walked much longer. Have I ever said the woods are my very favorite place to be?

The chanterelle crop is just beginning so most of the mushrooms I got were small though I did get a few big ones as well. It has been excellent weather for fungi production so I'm optimistic this will be a good season for both mushroom photos and tasty chanterelles. On the way home I dropped off some of the harvest to some friends who enjoy chanterelles.

After lunch I went to visit a good friend who is confined to a nursing home. We went for a drive which he really enjoyed.We several times so that he could look at things that he likes to see and for photo ops for me. I picked up fresh veggies from a farm stand and will be preparing them soon along with a feed of my delicious foraged treasures.

Our countryside is simply stunning these days with the grain harvest just getting underway and second growths of hay being cropped . Oats, barley, wheat, rye, and the other seed and cereal grains are turning our fields into a multi-coloured patchwork that just urges me to get out into the countryside to gaze at the beauty. Big straw bales are dotting the hills and a drive through the country is medicinal, good for what ails you.

Colin Hay - Beautiful World

The tides are not great for my weekend off but tomorrow I plan to spend some time at the beach anyway. Maybe I'll go for a swim.

Update: I wish you could smell my supper cooking. I have fresh beets, fresh chanterelles, fresh yellow beans and fresh raw cauliflower with a garlicless dip. I am yet unsure if I am going to heat up some beef sausage after the chanterelles are done. I am in heaven, am I not?

Monday, August 02, 2010

Quickly into August

Would a few photos count as a post? Would I be forgiven? I hope so because that's all the energy I have left today.

Reid Jamieson - Fields Of Gold

Though it happened completely spontaneously, I picked blueberries on Saturday morning. My whole weekend was like that - doing unplanned activities and the planned activities never happening. For some reason the photo of blueberries is showing in portrait instead of landscape. Hmmmm.

Life Can Be So Nice

I had a great time playing 'find the kitty' with Kenz in the trees. I have a much harder one if you're interested.

Josh Rouse - Summertime

My favorite flower in my garden is blooming. I don't even know the proper name of this lily but I love it like no other. Anyone else know? I know it's name ends in D'oro but can't remember the first part.

Have a good week everyone. I plan to post next Tuesday if not before, with words, not only photos.