Friday, August 31, 2007

Three Days!

I've probably said this before - I love Friday! Getting off work an hour early may not seem like much but it makes a huge difference, I find. Especially after working the night before. I like schedules and the night work once every two weeks messes me up. I've got three days off though I'm working a shift at another job on Sunday. I kind of need the break. I have a friend coming out for the day and night tomorrow which will be great fun.

I found a little baby mouse outside at work yesterday. He was still at the same place today. I moved it out of the window well and gave it some cheese and water. It didn't acknowledge either and had moved away from the cheese after a while. I doubt if it will make it. I certainly couldn't bring it home as the cats would have thought I was bringing a treat. Oh, well! Poor mousie.

I haven't played any Dan Hicks or Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks in a while. I've been a huge fan since the early seventies and play him a lot. It's time to do it here. Here's Dan with Walk Right In and The Hot Licks help out on C'mon a My House, one of my favorite of his songs. It is one of the disappeared ones but it's back again.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Bit of Africa

I should be out there mowing as I work tomorrow night and have plans for Friday night. If I think about it too hard I'll go. Perhaps I should put the music up first.

Even though we've had magnificent weather this week, summer is slowing down. Work is very quiet. This weekend is the last hurrah for the tourist season. We get some shoulder season visitors on the island but not enough to keep most businesses open. It's a shame because September is usually perfect weather.

I was conversing back and forth with people on the Shutterchance blog. My photo today is one I took on my last woods hike. It is of bright green ferns and one lone red leaf, an early sign of autumn. The folks from South Africa are celebrating their first day of spring on Saturday while we're heading to the fall. It amazes us all.

I had the pleasant surprise of some unexpected company but they're now gone. Back to the blog. It won't take long as I already had the music chosen. African is the genre with the intention of ushering them into their spring. Momo Wandel Souma brings us a really cool jazzy number, Felenko Yefe. It is kind of long, but definitely worth the listen. He reminds me of Tom Waits and if you listen , you'll understand why. Really nice guitars and tenor sax. The other African song is from Youssou N'Dour. Don't Look Back has an immediately recognizable guitar sound of Spandeau Ballet but with the female vocals, a really nice song. Also worth a listen as both are wonderfully relaxing pieces. Just what I needed.

If there's anyone who would rather listen to some more dancable Artican listen here and here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moving or Not Moving

Today is moving day for my son in Ontario. He and his family are moving to a house with a big back yard. He and his wife both had that in their childhoods and want it for their kids. He loves to mow, luckily, and did not inherit that trait from his mother. The closing date was not staggered so everything is being done in one day. The other grandma (I wish it was me) is going to take care of the children and both parents are supurbly organized so I'm sure it will go well. I'm glad it's not me but at the same time I wish it were. I want a smaller yard so I don't have to mow. Wouldn't you rather be sitting in a chair like the above scene or lying in your hammock hung in the trees of your big back yard?

I heard about last night's lunar eclipse after the fact and though I was up, didn't see it. My daughter called just as I was leaving for work wondering what the heck was happening with the moon. She had received the well known hoax letter about Mars and the earth that was going around again. I wish I'd looked more closely because I did glance up just to see where the moon was when I got up at 5:30.

I've got a song to celebrate the new, big back yard and one for the moon. Our Trees by Tegan and Sara is appropriate for the yard. I hope there's a tree suitable for a treehouse as my kids had the fun of growing up with one though it was not the kind you'd dream about or anything. Carlos Nunez gives a nice celtic song with The Moon Says Hello.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cooled From the North

Had a spectacular day yesterday on a north shore beach. It was very hot and humid on PEI and where I was had a cool breeze from the ocean blowing for the whole day. Old friends, marvelous food, good music, a long hike, then swimming; spectacular and nothing less. My hiking partner broke his little toe during our beach walk but it didn't pain terribly.....until the evening. Then it started in earnest. He had to take ibuprophen. There was a great sunset that we enjoyed during dinner to top off the day perfectly. I have quite a few versions of the old standard up but who knows if any of them are still there. I think they're still reachable somehow..

We've had very hot and muggy weather for two days. It is dry now and will remain like that a few days and is then forecast to get hot and muggy again. It's still summerlike and that's good enough for me. Sometimes this time of year can feel like fall.

To celebrate I'm throwing out the song Summertime. There's the one we all know and here's a version of that is by Sam Cooke. The other song is by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince and not another version of the old standard....something completely different. My kids will probably like it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I seem to be getting later and later with my postings. Busy, busy, busy. There is always a chore to do, a meal to make, a visit to attend to, or many other things. I had to bake today and make salad for a party tomorrow. I made a large blueberry-peach crisp for the gathering and a small one for myself. It is yummmy!

I'm not going to hike in the woods tomorrow but am going to have a long beach walk. It's so important for me to get those endorphins flowing. It makes you feel so incredible.

It is certainly garden harvest time around here. Everyone is passing me vegetables of every kind and they're so delicious. I have to get ready for some pickle making soon. I have two people offering me cucumbers. I haven't made any for myself for three years though I was still making them for the former workplace. This year will fill the pickle cupboard again.

My aunt called and told me to expect a hand delivered gift in the next week. They always send me cool packages but this one is hand delivered. My two other aunts are coming east in a month so it will be nice seeing them twice in the same year.

I've loved Randy Newman since he did the soundtrack for the movie Ragtime in the seventies. I never saw the movie but had the tape and pretty well wore it out. I haven't played anything by him in a while. I'm a Real Emotional Girl and My Life Is Good. Listen to those numbers of the same name.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Little Rain Never Hurt No One

It's Friday, my favorite day of the week. Always has been. It was when my gang of friend hung out because we all had to babysit for our parents, who went out on Saturday night. I have the weekend off and plan to enjoy it.

I just had a couple of friends drop by and I may go out myself later. We've had steady rain all day and it is supposed to continue so I'm not crazy about going driving tonight. I have to go to the grocery store to get some baking ingredients to make a dessert for a gathering on Sunday. I was going to pickle too but have changed my mind and will do it this week.

This is the first time I've had a reason to play those rainy songs that I promised on Sunday (I think). I have a pretty good collection. Live Stevie Ray Vaughan is my treat for you if you like the blues. This piece, The Sky Is Crying, is superb. For something completely different, acoustic Tracey Chapman sings Let It Rain.

By the way, the eagle photos are my brother's. He should have a photo blog.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trying To Breathe

What a difference a day makes. I lost that big burst of energy that I had yesterday. Mowing is what does it. I am a third of the way through the job and have run out of gas. I'm taking a break, supper is cooking and I will gas up and finish it later. I once traded my wonderful, rear tine tiller for a summer's lawnmowing; that's how much I dislike it. I had a match made in heaven once where my partner loved to mow. It was great!

The weather has been at it's most perfect with temps in the mid twenties and cool nights. Simply beautiful! My neighbour is taking in a second crop of hay off the field next to me. That doesn't often happen. We had the perfect amount of moisture this year for growing. A few crops were late, like strawberries. Some were early like chanterelles and blueberries. I live in the most perfect place for the most part. It is forecast to rain tomorrow.

My sister and niece are going to love this. I chose Pastures of Plenty by Alison Krauss & Union Station. Country-bluegrass....two days in a row. What I dislike most about mowing are the fumes that the lawnmower belches out. Because I tend to hold my breath when I'm mowing, I've chosen Breathe by Women In Docs. It is not the same as Sia's song.

I've just uploaded song number 250 on Page Two. I had started to delete inaccessable songs from Page One but have stopped for now, in case I can get them back. Darn I have supper burning.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Energy Flows

Time has flown. I left work an hour early and as soon as I walked into the house, the phone started ringing. I shouldn't have even been home at that hour and that's what the first call was about. A friend saw my car at home and wondered why. He and his wife are friends from 35 years ago and he calls me three times a year when he's in PEI on business. Planned on calling tonight but saw my car at home. Another phone call from a friend, (who knows I work till 5), then a visit from another friend, supper prep, and eating and it's almost 7 pm. Thank goodness I decided to mow tomorrow instead of tonight.

I worked outside a lot today again and it is perfect, perfect weather. If we could only bottle a day like this. I was in the woods again and since it's my favorite place in the world, well you know there were some endorphens released! Fabulous day! Energy plus and feeling good plus.

Down Home Girl is a nice and sweet song from Old Crow Medicine Show whom I haven't put up in a while. Another song of theirs always reminds me of the Grateful Dead. This is from a live performance and is called Wagon Wheel. A shout out for my sister and niece..... this is pretty well country music, especially the second one; you'll like it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Short and Sweet

I heard today that the space shuttle and space station were very visible in our sky last night at close to nine o'clock. I actually had looked at the stars for a moment at about nine-thirty but didn't know then that they were to be visible. The person who told me said that the sighting was really beautiful. Who knew?

Speaking of beautiful things, isn't Ms MacKenzie (Kenz) a beautiful thing? I treasure my kitties every day. She poses and Bella doesn't like her photo taken so I have many more photos of Kenz. Clarke posed too but usually rolled over onto his back eventually, as an invitation to come pet him.

We've had the most beautiful day, perfect for working really, so I've changed my mind about posting songs about rain and storms. It just wouldn't feel right. I start a playlist every day when I first sit down to blog. It so happens that the first three on today happen to be under three minutes. One is already uploaded and is still here, so hear you go. Already uploaded, Lee Dorsey's familiar version of Workin' In a Coalmine and a version by Devo. Another oldie, Swing Low Sweet Chariot by Annuals.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It Goes On

The photo is of a pre-emerged sunflower. This link is to the mature flower. Pretty cool. Mature was the topic in Moody Monday - linked on the side. The asparagas was also considered in choosing the 'mature' designation for the entry.

Just finished supper and watched the many photos of waterspouts and rainbows yesterday on the evening news. It was pretty wild around here. After my post yesterday following my hike, we had rain, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, hail which was pretty widespread, and actual snow ( in Harrington). I had company in the afternoon and they left in the midst of heavy rain. My son was in hail twice, at his dad's and driving. Wild!

My neighbour is mowing a second crop of hay, clover really, at this moment and the smell is coming into the window in front of me. Hmmmm.

Music: I feel quite free now in choosing music because it doesn't matter if I put it up before. It's probably gone so I'm just uploading it again. Weather like yesterday's should be celebrated or at least acknowleged. My library has a million versions of Stormy Weather. Here's one by Dinah Washington. I posted a different song from her on the Shutterchance blog this weekend and was well received. I like this version a lot. Strange Weather by Tom Waits fits for yesterday as well. Maybe I'll celebrate weather all week.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Endorphens Released

Saw my first red leaf today.

Today's hike was fabulous. Enough to make us sweat but we weren't exhausted. We had an extraordinary amount of rain yesterday but it had also been very windy so grasses weren't soaked, as we did a lot of pasturing and fielding in addition to the usual old roads. The hilliness is what I enjoy most about this hiking area. A lunch and a visit ended my day with those friends. Since I got home I have been entertaining other friends who dropped in just when I got home.

The wedding was very nice yesterday despite the heavy rain which didn't start till right after the photographs were taken. The bride and bridesmaids looked stunning and there was food all night, not just during the reception. Awesome! I heartily approved of the groom whom I hadn't met till the wedding.

I got up at 1:30 Saturday morning for a couple of hours; couldn't sleep. I made the bride and groom a romantic cd, quite seductive, sexy and rhythmic. Yesterday while waiting the hours between the wedding and reception I heard the summer CBC Radio One program Live By The Drum which I've been enjoying each week this summer. This week's theme was music that portrayed or caused or aided sex, just like I had similarly explored a few hours before. I thought that was pretty cool.

Here are a couple of songs I put on that cd. Don't Stop till You Get Enough from Shivaree fulfills all of those previously mentioned parameters. It's a very sexy song. kd lang's very short version of Fever is my favorite version of that very often covered song. I had it on Page One but alas it is gone. Here it is again. Ha, it's no longer in my library any longer but my old file with 136 plays is what comes up when I re-access after just newly re-uploading the file. It's still in there somewhere.

Friday, August 17, 2007

To Celebrate a Day

Another work week over with a the weekend off and I'm happy for that. It's been a long and busy, but good week.

My son and I are going to help celebrate a wedding tomorrow and other than a possible hike on Sunday, that will be the excitement for my weekend. We do have a couple of hours in between the wedding and reception but they take place in different towns with home in between. We've not made any plans on how to spend the extra time. In ay event, it will be fun to have a date with my boy.

Diamond Rings 2007 by the oddly named (to me) Deer Tick sounds like a good song title for talk of a wedding. What goes with that? Keep Your Silver Shined by Devon Sproule. Actually those two singer sound like a wedding. They're very similar sounds.

Since I won't be around tomorrow here's an invitation to hear a couple of wishes and blessings for the couple. Our Love Is Here To Stay by Jenny Gear and Work Out Fine by Joel Plaskett Emergency sound like good wishes and dreams for a young married couple. Both musicians are from Atlantic Canada. That's something else to celebrate.

Please note that the songs from the last few days are on Page One of the music in the links. I signed in on that page to do something, haven't done it yet (it's a big job - to remove all the music that's gone) but want to soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'd better squeeze a post in as I work tomorrow night. I miss every second Thursday. I was on my way out to mow the lawn but we're having some rain so it won't be done till at least Friday. I could get a cow.....and eat it in the fall......

While I posted about the stunning flowers I was greeted with at work yesterday, the photo above is what greeted me when I came home from work right before posting. The girls have been trained to not touch a bird but no one told them you couldn't kill snakes. They were really proud and showed it off to me as soon as I walked up on the deck. I had photos of Clarke on the Shutterchance blog last year playing with a snake.

Just four days ago I posted Leonard's Everybody Knows done by Rufus (saving time here,) Was looking for something else today and saw this in the files. Ryan Adams uses the same name for his ballad but it's a completely different song. I think he's been a pretty popular fellow in the blogsphere so you may want to give him a listen. Something mellow is what I'm going for with my other song today. Dana Robinson was a recent discovery for me and I liked his simple folk song, Shady Grove. Reminded me of a long time ago. Just discovered that I uploaded these to Page One by mistake.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sniff Again

This is what greeted me first thing this morning when I got to work. Yesterday's title applys again! Spectacular is not too big a word and I wish I could think of another......astounding maybe. As soon as I go in I open the window and the incredible odour wafts in all day.

I had an adventurous day at work but am not feeling well so I didn't enjoy it as much as it would have. It involved the woods and what do I enjoy more than that! I think I may have picked up a stomach bug or something. Handling money and serving the public will do that to you. I'll survive, I'm sure.

I've got some music today that I once listened to because of the band's name and found that I knew the music. That happens quite often aactually. I have never paid attention to band's names that's why I have so much trouble finding songs when I want to play them....I can't remember the name of the band. I always remember the music though. I knew these two songs. Here are the Poozies with Hey How My Johnny Lad and they're joined by Kate Rusby for Another Train.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Wish You Could Smell This

I was just out shooting some echinaceia flowers then remembered I was going to put up the lily. You'll have to go here and maybe here ( possibly won't work as they're postdated- let me know) for the echinacia. I had unexpected company for the afternoon, a friend who is into flowers so we had a pleasant time out in the gardens, promising each other plants this fall and spring, each carrying a camera. Nice. I disturbed a spider she was about to photograph. I felt terrible. Just trying to help by pulling out a weed in front of it.

I can't remember if I told you that I've lost my stereo since the big thunderstorms when my relatives were here. Anyway, I'm using an ancient stereo that I replaced - with my broken stereo, in '96. Not my favorite choice for listening to music. I need excellent speakers. Anyway, music..... something my friend and I were listening to on the shitty stereo from recent playlists I had made. Boy With A Coin from Iron & Wine has the greatest, catchy rhythm for me with a whiney guitar that is perfect here. Too Hot To Sleep by Eilen Jewell is a song that's got some sexy lyrics and has been perfect for the weather lately. I like this song a lot. Hot for those hot days of August. I've got another hot August song that I'll possibly put up next post. The playlist is called An August Shoreline.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flowers and Fire

I'm going to start with music. I wanted to put up a certain song and include a specific version that I'd just become familiar with. Didn't have a clue the name of the band or individual that did the version. You can start at the beginning or the end and go through the songs. I did starting at Z and the name of the band is Bat For Lashes. Wouldn't you know.

This song has been coming to me while I'm doing my usual humming so I'm sharing what's been in my head, which I sometimes do. I'm on Fire is a superb Springsteen song. Here's a version by the above mentioned, Bat For Lashes, which in my opinion should be called Bat Your Lashes or Bat Those Lashes. The other is from Swati. Ha, I'd put it up in June. Let's see if it's still there. Yes, so there's room for another. Here's Springsteen's version.

We are having absolutely perfect weather. It might be considered hot for some at 29 degrees Celsius but the humidity is completely gone and that makes all the difference. Sleeping has been great as the overnight temps have cooled to around fifteen. Fabulous! I stayed up till ten last night as my son and nephew dropped by. I'm going to try again as I'm off tomorrow and will probably have naps.

Today's photo is from my garden yesterday and tomorrow's photo is going to be of the lily I've been waiting to see bloom at work. It bloomed yesterday or overnight and is stunning. The scent is much like an Easter Lily and it wafts in every time the door is opened. Tomorrow.....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Above All, Relaxation

I've had the most gentle day off....really relaxed. I had two slight naps, went for half a walk, read in the sun twice, petted kitties who were so glad that I was home, and watched Oprah. I had planned a ton more walking with two areas up to pick for hiking...three, really. I changed my mind and opted for relaxation, not hiking. I decided to take a neighbourhood walk but the cats were out and wouldn't go in. Herding cats never works so I drove a little ways up the road and took a walk from there. They never follow the car. I think it's just what I need - a day of relaxation.

It's not over yet. I have a nice dinner of Mako shark planned with fresh from a garden veggies. You can't get any better than that. I want to burn some cd's and that's pretty darned relaxing if you're not in any hurry. I didn't make it up till ten last night but tonight I'm really going to try.

When I sat here the first music that came to mind was Rufus Wainwright. I put some on and that's what I give you now. I love this live version of Leonard Cohen's, Everybody Knows. I think he does Cohen songs well enough to do an album of his songs much like Jennifer Warnes did in the eighties. Gay Messiah is the more relaxing Rufus Wainwright.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brown Water Day

I didn't lose trees today but there were certainly a lot toppled across the neighbourhood today and overnight. We've had a terrific wind storm with toppled trees and power outages across PEI and New Brunswick. Bad weather was good for business in my case, so I had a very busy day at work.

I needed an indoor day. It's been so very hot and humid and I've spent a lot of time outdoors in the heat. It was good to be inside and cool for a change. I am hoping to be able to stay up till ten tonight. I finally feel caught up. I have phone calls and e-mails to catch up on but maybe not all will be taken care of tonight. I'm off tomorrow so can finish up then.

I'm so bummed out with my music disappearing. I use the uploaded songs daily on the Shutterchance blog and my choices have been very much limited by the disappearance. I will carry on and see what happens with Putfile for the time being.

Though I'm trying to get some additional relaxation in my life right now, it needs a beat. Ry Cooder can usually provide one. I can get both relaxation and a rhythm from his instrumental, Drume Negrita and some relaxing and rhythmic inspiration from Comin' In On a Wing and a Prayer. Sounds like my life lately. I've got to get some dance music up soon as I have been too busy to do a lot of walking and have to remedy that.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Heat and Summer Flowers

I got off early from work today but haven't been able to even get to the computer till now. I had some really busy days at work that followed a partying weekend. Add hormones to that mixture and I am tired out, spelled OUT. I had a little nap and am feeling a bit better but need more, extra sleep again tonight. To bed by nine three nights in a row and tonight will be the fourth. Wake time is still five-thirty and I'm completely happy with that.

The photos are of day lilies from the garden that we visited on Sunday. I had planned to go back to get a flower that I later discovered was in the sale bin. Maybe tomorrow.

For music I have some African songs that say heat and summer. From Miriam Makeba, her anthem, Wimoweh, that later inspired a rock and roll song. From Africando is Hey Boy that I include on lots of dance playlists. Both fine pieces of music.

Monday, August 06, 2007

We Made It

Oh, what a weekend! The fact that I had no time to post is one indication. I'm tired and to me, that's another. My company left this morning and it's in total agreement that a good time was had by all. We had a great party and dinner on Saturday night. I brought the kitchen table outside and we ate on the deck but another thunderstorm began so we moved back in. It was over fairly quickly so a couple of towels to dry the wet chairs and we moved out again. The only casualty was my stereo which must have shorted with the constant thunder and lightning. It is fried.....dead!

We visited a couple of friend's who have market flower gardens over the weekend because my sister loves flowers but it wasn't really a popular activity for my sister in law. We did the beach in the evening yesterday. Now I just have to catch up on sleep. A friend who is 33 told me the other day that he has a hard time partying because it takes him a few days to get over the lost sleep. He's 33!!!

For music, I have a couple more versions of an old standard blues song. I may have already put Leadbelly's up but since most of the music is gone it would no longer be there anyway. These songs are listed with different titles but they're the same song. I have other versions of it as well. Here's Leadbelly with Where Did You Sleep Last Night and Long John Baldry with Black Girl. The song is also known as The Pines and I have it up a few times under that title.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Storm Has Hit

I'm writing in the middle of a thunderstorm. Now that Blogger auto-saves this shouldn't be a problem. I can't believe that Tuesday was the last time I posted. I've been incredibly busy and have not had a moment. I've not had time for a proper supper tonight. Peanut butter, whole wheat bread, milk, avacados and lime, and cherries will have to suffice. I'm eating the avacado now.

This thunder storm is causing havoc across the island and somehow, again as I've stated here, it is so far passing us by. We see lightning at both sides of the sky and are dry here. There is news of a boat having overturned in Ch'town Harbour. I just visited my workplace and there is a big, whole weekend, outdoor event happening. They are sitting in cars, waiting to see if things will be moved indoors, a couple of miles up the road. Glad I'm off and not helping make these decisions. I'm waiting for visitors who are coming tomorrow instead of tonight.

Music: Well songs are still disappearing from both pages. I'm so sad about it. I wasn't putting them out for download - just listening. I 've already put up a couple of versions of I Think It's Going To Rain Today. They're probably gone now. Here's a slow mood one fron Madeleine Peyroux and for a long, up-tempo song let's hear Pop Staples and the Staple Singers with A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall.

It has just started raining and I like to think my music has something to do with it. God it's now really thundering and it scared the cat away. I probably shouldn't be at an open window at the computer. As a matter of fact, go to page two for the links. I'll link them later.