Sunday, April 28, 2013

Glorious Day of Greening

It has been a spectacular but chilly day on PEI.  The sun has been shining all day and doing it's job but the cold north wind has kept the temperature down.  My hometown, on the mainland, three and a half hours away by car, was to have a high of 20 degrees.  We were expecting 6 - 8 here on the Island. 

We woke to a bit of green in our lawns after days of cool rain and cloudiness.  Now at the end of one day we have perfectly green carpets of grass, spun from pure sunlight, cool as the temperature was.  There was not a cloud in the sky. I can only think of a complete transformation of the lawns in a few hours one other time but that was witnessing rain after a drought. Everyone is surely thinking of their lawnmowers or golf games by the end of today.

My son and his girlfriend dropped by to help me with a stone wall that had to be rebuilt.  We got it done in minutes as I had everything laid out.  I needed help lifting the stones but knew just how they were going to fit. In a while I went to his house to bring him a tool I had been using that he needed. When I got to his house a beautiful, very friendly, grey kitty was waiting at the door and meowing loudly to be let in, rushing repeatedly to the door. Thing is, this was not my son's cat. Though this kitty was making it seem like it belonged here, it did not.

My son and I met in the back yard, kitty followed and acted like a long lost friend with my son too. We talked and interacted for about ten minutes then my son let his cat outside.  The cats immediately ran to each other and went into cat sniffing, nose to nose, mode. They seemed to like each other fine. He was going to check with all the neighbours to find where this cat belonged, so there are no worries.

I did heavy gardening work all day and am bone tired but not brain tired, if you know what I mean.  I probably should have had a bath for my overused muscles but needed to blog instead to sing out about this really great day that turned eastern PEI a glorious green; at last, spring.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

April Already

I have time for an update at long last.  I had dental surgery today and am supposed to take it easy. That is not easy for me but I will, at least for the afternoon. The lovely Bella is helping with the post.  I was away for the weekend and she was not at all pleased.  She has been sitting with me ever since.

Last update, I promised pictures of the grandchildren and am delivering fresh ones.  I visited them out of province for the  Easter holiday weekend.

This little guy is 7 months old already.  He has no teeth yet but refuses to eat blended food.  He wants carrot pieces instead of carrots his mommy blends for him. It seems that the mashed potatoes with Easter dinner were enjoyed though, as evidenced in the photo.

His sister is two now and still so much fun to be around.  The other day she was sitting in the swing.  Her dad was burning brush.  He walked by us carrying a load of branches and gave a tired sigh on his way past.  She asked him a couple of times what was wrong? He didn't answer so I said, "Daddy is a bit tired after carrying all the branches".  She looked up so concerned and said, "Do you think a banana would cheer up Daddy"?  My weekend was really great!

Skype is the most amazing invention for grandparents. I Skype with these children two or three times a week. I am not a stranger to them like my grandmother who lived away was to me when I was a kid.  I Skype with my other grandchildren a couple of times a month and it is so great to see them as they grow. When my grandmother came to visit every couple of years, we would be completely different sized children each time.

 Soon we will be out hunting for Mayflowers

I always like to share some cre8ive ideas and here are a couple. I found this sweet music video on, which I list on the side. I do not know the singer, Diane Birch, but absolutely love the video for her song Valentino. This product I found is so cool.  I plan to order some to fix several pairs of eyeglasses.  I am very hard on glassed.  I got a pair of prescription glasses last Thursday and lost them somewhere at my daughter's on the weekend.  She hasn't found them yet.  Please notice too that there is a new link on the side called A View from Eastern Kings to replace a link of a popular blog that ended and I had linked here.

Happy spring everyone.  Enjoy this lovely time of year.  Each day is a gift.