Friday, March 31, 2006

Reaching High

We dared to go out into the woods again today. It was a nice warm day here on PEI but the sun never did peek out. We walked a simple path today with lots of side paths. We found an area filled with big old, dead nesting trees for owls and the like with lots of stacked and hole-riddled logs making homes for other little creatures. *S* couldn't help but play around and I found my camera just in time. She stayed dry, not landing on her knees or butt, a perfect 6.0 landing. We've both quit smoking and find that walking, especially woods walking is good for the body and soul. As you can see by the size of that tree she's holding on to, cigarette replacement can be found in a wide variety of places.

Trying to upload some new songs for a while now but Putfile is busy again. I'll keep trying. I've been burning tons of CD's for friends lately and trying to finish up ones I am taking to Ontario. I leave a week from today. The Mexican vacationers start arriving home tomorrow and will all be home before I leave. Can't wait to catch up.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Plugging Pandora

My brother is a bit of an amateur photographer and sends me quite a few shots. I liked this one of somewhere in New Brunswick that he sent recently. He kind of specializes in sunset photos and has some stunning ones on his hard drive.

A latin song I have always loved is Cucurucucu Paloma but couldn't remember the name. I found a version the other day by chance and am finding a few more. I've uploaded one to My Music today and a song by Ani Defranco. I've been getting some great music lately. I have a newfound passion....finding legal and free music on the web. There are lots of sites where people give their music for anyone to download in hopes that if they like the music, they will buy it. Its one way to hear new music. Another is pandora which allows you to choose your type of music (and you can have several) and it will play you similar music to your choices. It doesn't allow you to download it, just listen.

I plan to delete some of the music files this weekend so it there are any requests for some to be left up or requests for new ones, let me know. On with Thursday.....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Went to Trivia last night. I forgot that on Saturday I said I would go. I've been on a team for several years but decided I wouldn't go this winter. Driving in and home is a total of 80 km. and in winter quite often includes snow. Throw in a couple of beers and it can be an expensive evening. I love my group of friends though and would probably have continued if I didn't see them otherwise.
Our team name is The MacADNskis, a name meant to include everyone. We didn't do well last night. We were a team of only three as we're a pretty loose group and people come when they want to...sometimes ten show up. There is usually someone travelling, sick, working or just doesn't want to go, like me. It was fun though, always is.

Uploaded a song from Van Morrison's, Live in San Fransisco. It is Tupelo Honey sung by Brian Kennedy joined by Van. Love Brian's sweet tenor voice with Van's. This is such a great live album and I believe it is also on video. Also uploaded another Tracey Chapman cover, this one by Damien Rice.

Another cat picture, you say. OK, done. This was taken a few weeks ago after we had had a n overnight snowfall. Tulips and daffodils are coming up there now in the wall garden. I would love to put up some more grandchildren pictures if my son would send some.....hint hint

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A couple of blog housekeeping chores after the real entry. I'm not quite sure in how putfile is working in that when I uploaded Kanye West's Golddigger the other day, what shows is not uploaded by me and was already listened to 48 times. I did not write the word dirty in the description so Putfile must use another version if it has already been uploaded by someone.

I know I've been going on about the 15 yr. old Renee Olstead but did you listen to the recently uploaded, What a Wonderful World? Wow! Today features a super version of Tracey Chapman's Down to Zero by Bettye LaVette.

Also, I've put up a song that I've loved since these boys wrote it for prom a few years back. It features Robbie, one of the Chucky Danger Band, Eric, my nephew, Miles, a neighbour and I think Colin, who is also from Chucky. Robbie gave me permission long ago to spread it around. He can't actually remember how the song goes even though he wrote it and sings and plays piano on the piece. It's teally a great song, I think. Let me know what you think.

Last in the housekeeping chores, this is not me. I've gained a couple of pounds since I quit smoking but just wanted to differentiate myself from this person.

Sore From Laughter

More out and about pictures because I've certainly been... out and about. Still have cabin fever that will probably only be cured when my daughter and ex sister-in-law return from Mexico. I miss them so much, both being my main source of fun and laughter. Young son, Jesse has returned but he's in Halifax. I'm sure he's had a great time but haven't talked to him yet. I never call my kids before noon, sort of an unwritten rule, because I love people to sleep when they can.

Visited a friend yesterday who had a couple of other friends visiting. We laughed and laughed all afternoon and discovered that that is what our last few days had been like for the lot of us. Really fun times with friends that included a lot of laughter. Not any of us really go out that much but had this weekend and had really good times. I was actually sore on Sunday and realized that I was sore from laughing. Here's to many more weekends like that and please come home soon, Senoritas. The friend I visited yesterday turns 52 on Friday and he'd like to have a little get-together at my house. It certainly means an evening and morning of laughter for me and my friends so come-on 52.

As much as I'd like to cure my cabin fever, I have to stay home today. A repair man is coming today or tomorrow. He telephoned just as I was coming into the house the other night to make an appointment but I didn't write down the day, being that my were hands full so I'm stuck waiting for him. With the price of gas, that's probably a good thing.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oh, What a Night

How can you innocently go to spend the afternoon browsing through galleries and end up closing a bar? Oh, I'm so hung over! Maybe the trivia win made us feel really good and all the men flirting with us helped things along but we sure did have fun. I wish I'd remembered to drink some water before going to bed but I guess it's nothing an advil won't cure. I ate french fries which I've never done before so I was pretty loaded for sure. Good thing I wasn't persuaded to do any silly things or I probably would have. Maybe I'd be pregnant, not hung over.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beach Photos

Here are a couple of photos taken at the beach behind my house on Sunday. It's just so beautiful there. I miss those summers when I went every day....sometimes several times a day. It was so refreshing, after spending a couple of hours cutting glass or grinding, to run down, jump in, float around for five minutes, then return home to grind away for another couple of hours. Repeat as many times as necessary. Last summer I went twice, both times for a quick dip and both times finding the tide out. Rrrggghhh!

My friend who is in the top photo of the beach and I are going to visit some galleries today. We've had this plan all winter but something always comes up but today finally looks like the day. She works on-call so plans could be foiled yet. This cabin fever really has a hold on me and I'm not sure if there's a cure.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the photo where I want, so if they are side by side, please realize that I did not want it that way. It's working now, kind of, but I want it centered, not off to the left.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Fever

I've been out and about in the country for the last three days and it's just so nice to have so little snow on the land. It would be nice to have an early planting season. The little bits of snow flurries we do get, is called "poor man's fertilizer" around here and is very good for the land, sinking in slowly and adding vital moisture to the soil. The earliest I have been able to plant was in 1987, I think, when I planted early crops on the 27th of April. Did I already mention that the first heron's came back to the pond on the 12th of March? Last year was the 07th of April and the year before was on the 17th of April.

As I said, I love this early spring and lack of winter. I usually really long to get to Mexico but this year was ok. I have a bit of cabin fever though, thus the trips out and about the last three days.

I've uploaded a couple of songs from Stevie Wonder's new album; his first in ten years. Also, another by Renee Olstead, whom I just found out was only 15 when her first album was released just a couple of years ago. The first one I downloaded on the page was by her, that great version of Is You Is. That was from her first album. Go back and have a listen ( right at the bottom of the page) and realize that she is a 15 year old. Unbelievable!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is Springing All Around

Well it's official; our spring-like winter is now spring. It's my very favorite season, with the promise of growth, newness, and summer in the air. Spring green is the most beautiful colour, especially love when new leaves are emerging and every tree is a different shade. My pond is surrounded with dark spruce trees and the little hardwoods in front are so beautiful at that time of year against that dark background.

I went to the beach yesterday but didn't stay long. The onshore ice was a bit rotten and I could just imagine breaking an ankle or something. Still lovely to be there though. I miss spending time there in the summer so I go in the spring as often as possible.

I uploaded a bunch of new songs today and will again tomorrow. I may remove some that don't seem to be so popular. I couldn't believe no one was listening to Surry With the Fringe on Top. I so love that song and Blossom Dearie, in general. She is still alive and performing regularly.

Someone reads my blog who is not my family!!!! Hard to believe, I know, but he actually linked me on his blog so, I am doing the same. Go check out Brikwall's blog, which is linked on the side.

Update on Ocean...she has a sunburnt bum.....don't ask.

A picture you say....well, alright, something to remind us of spring.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Puerto Escondido

I'd forgotten to post Puerto pictures. I have lots in my webshots file but can't seem to retrieve them.

The tarped place is Lisa's beach bar. This photo is taken in early morning so there are no chairs out or people around. It's a very popular spot in the day but closed around 6:30 or 7. Ocean will be tending bar, I suppose, to help with her keep and to have fun meeting all the travelers who stop by. There are usually lots of Europeans around the area and North Americans too. Her cousins and aunt and uncle are arriving on Monday; she's pretty excited about that. Neither of her brothers are going so that's a bit disappointing.

The pinkish one is taken around sunset and shows the rocks that divide Marinera and Zicatela beaches. The unseen rocks behind them that you must pass over when changing beaches always smell like a urinal. It's much easier to pass that way than go by road so you just hold your nose and run. LOL

Hope you're playing some of my Mexican music while reading this.

Saturday Kitties

It's been quite a while since I put up some cat pictures. I'll have to remedy that right now.

Clarke is getting better at climbing trees but he'll never have the skill of the girls. Right after I snapped this picture of him in the tree he walked to the skinny end of the branch and nearly fell out. Not a smart thing to do.

I moved a picture. Don't know how this will work in the end. I cut and pasted it but am not sure if it will stay there.

Thought I'd let you know that after a certain amount of time (I forget how much) if a music file is not played on my music page, it will be removed. I clicked each of them yesterday to keep them up for a while. My Humps, by the Black Eyed Peas seems to be a popular one. If anyone would like a copy, I'd be glad to e-mail you one. Also, I've had no requests yet.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Billy

This is my former neighbour, Billy, and it is his 91st birthday today. I plan to visit later and bring him some whiskey and cigarettes. They haven't killed him yet. I usually visit him quite often but haven't been to see him for the past two weeks because of my cold.

The movie, Failure to Launch, was really fun. I love these romantic comedies and eyecandy, Matthew MacCaughney(sp), was an added bonus. There were some pretty funny scenes and it ended with a Ray Charles song. All good things for me.

Ocean is in Mexico, lucky dog, and says she's hot. I'd trade her places in a minute, of course. I'll post a picture tomorrow of where she hangs out and today I'll post (in My Music) some songs from Mexicans. I would post the pictures today if they would go where I want them. Ole

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Early Spring

There is hardly any damage on the Macphail trails this year. Last year after severe windstorms, the trails were really damaged with fallen trees and work clearing them took a long time. The photos show how little snow is in the woods. Unbelievable, I say!

My friend in Charlottetown has two crocus flowers up in her garden. I dare say this is the earliest that has ever happened. Two years ago they bloomed at the end of March.

This is Atlantic Canada though, and the weather can surprise us yet. We usually get a few snows in April and somethimes in May. The biggest problem with this warm weather is that insects that usually die off in the frost probably did not this year. We may be carried away by earwigs this summer.

Off to the movies tonight to see the romantic comedy, Failure to Launch. I choose to see only comedies because almost anything else gives me nightmares. My cereal offers free movie passes but they are good only Monday to Wednesday.

Mandisa would get my vote if Cdns could vote on American Idol. For the guys, I'd choose Taylor Hicks. I hope they don't convince him to dye his hair. Too much is made about how people look. It really bothers me! Just close your eyes....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Trouble with High Speed

As promised, a couple of pictures of the PEI countryside taken on our walk on Sunday. These are taken in Macphail woods and around the Macphail property. The day was so beautiful; there was a true feel of spring in the air and hardly any snow in the woods which is so unusual for this time of year. I have daffodils coming up and my sister-in- law's have emerged even further. Environment Canada has just released the news that we've been pretty sure of all winter. This is the warmest winter ever recorded sice records have been kept.

Kids get a day off school today because we are forecasted to get freezing rain but now, at 12:30, nothing has started yet.

I've been trying to get another picture up but there seems to be trouble with the server. I've noticed a bit of difficulty all morning. One more try then I'll publish what I have and if I can't get a second picture up, I'll put them up later.

New music that I like.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oh Sunny Sunday!

Went to a nice event yesterday. It was associated with Int. Women's Day and put on by a committee. Fairies met us at the door and passed out yummy treats throughout the event. Several booths were set up where you could, for instance, have a hand massage, a neck massage, a face massage, have your cards read, your chakra read and adjusted, peruse jewelry, paint on a mural, or just hang out. On a central stage there were poetry reasings, a yoga demonstration, a therapeutic touch talk, and a flautist. The event ended with a drumming circle and a bit of interpretive dancing. There was a very large turnout and the event entitled, Pamper and Play, was really fun. They promise another.

I forgot, until I had a listen, that the version of When a Man Loves a Woman that I uploaded the other day was first downloaded as coming from Soloman Burke but is in actuality Canada's great songstress, Luba. I must take it out of my Burke file. The upload site is busy again so I can't put anything up right now but will keep trying. Any requests?

I'm going walking in the woods this afternoon. I'll try to get some pictures of the walk and yesterday's event up later in the week.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I Think It's Friday

Is there something wrong with my ears?

Gedeon, my favorite Amer. Idol, was kicked off last night while Kevin was retained. Do the soundwaves sound different in America? Kevin sings with a speech impediment for God sake. Gedeon was criticized for his smile and that just pissed me off watching him try not to smile each week. I thought his smile was so infectious and he has a great soulful singing voice. A big loss, I think. He sang, When a Man Loves a Woman, so as a tribute to him, that's my download for today. This version is by Soloman Burke.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thank God It's Thursday

I just posted this as thank God it's Friday. I've gained a day this week; the paragraph below will explain why, I hope.

I've been down for a couple of days with the awful cold that everyone else had but, until now, eluded me. Nothing serious, I'm sure, just that miserable cough and runny nose. My daughter brought me tulips to make me feel better. She's so sweet.

To test my new linking knowledge, let me recommend a website. MissyHiggins is an Australian singer/songwriter whom Josh of The Waifs is touring with while Vickie and Donna Waif are on maternity leaves. On the upper right hand side of the website you can press to play her music, open a new page and continue surfing.

My favorite Friday album is The Skiffle Sessions. I think I already have good morning blues on there but will put a couple more on now. It's fine for Thursday too.

Seeing that it's Thursday, I can announce that it's 8 weeks today since I quit smoking! Yeah for me.!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy International Woman's Day

The upload site is too busy to allow me to put new music up right now but I will keep trying. It will not accept my favorite download for Woman's day, The Haircut by The Waifs; says it is in an unsuitable format but it is mp3 and it loads everywhere else so I guess I can't include that.

Even if I am not able to upload any for a while there is a lot ogf good woman's music to listen to there already. One I really want to include for the day is KT Oslin's, 80's Ladies.

This is a quote from Olive Cahill at a PEI heritage site called The Communities of Eastern Kings that I visit every day. Cut and paste if you'd like to go there since I'm not sure how to make a pressy link. They feature a photograph from the Souris region every day and they are usually very nice.

The quote by Olive Cahill:

After I got married, I lived out at my husband's home and I missed women. There were no women around. I had seven sons, my father-in-law and my husband and my brother-in-law until the second to the last was two years old, I think. I had nine all together and there would always be men who would come to the house to visit and the women couldn't get around much. Anyway, there weren't too many cars. I'd be so glad when I'd see a woman, you know, someone to talk to.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Washing your pussy?

I read a very interesting fact this morning: If you take a damp washcloth and "wash" your cat with it every day, you will remove a large percentage of the alergens that are on the cat. I had always thought that people were allergic to cat hair but supposedly the alergens are in a cat's saliva and since they are constantly licking themselves, the alergens are sitting "on" thier fur.

Anyway, I tried it and will continue. Kenz and Clarke loved it but Bella acted as though I was wiping battery acid on her or something.

I uploaded a couple more versions of Besame Mucho. I love the Charles Anavour & Edith Piaf version. For a song being sung by French artists, it sounds very Cuban. The Dalida version is the peppiest one I've ever heard. Give them a listen and let me know what you think. I have several versions of this. My favorite is the one I've already uploaded by Lila Downs. What a percussionist she has with her. The whole band, actually, is great!

Also, have a listen to the Pussycat Song. It's about washing pussies.

Monday, March 06, 2006

See You Soon

The reservations are made. I am going to Ontario to see my son's family. I will be seeing my granddaughter for the first time. That's a pretty special feeling. Seeing your children and grandchildren only once a year is hard from a grandmother's perspective when you're the kind of Grandma who would like to babysit on Saturday nights and have sleepovers and adventures.

The music is working for people with windows but not necessarily Mac.

I saw the Pink Panther with Steve Martin the other night. I so loved the old Peter Sellers series of PP and thought Steve might not be able to pull it off but he was pretty good. I laughed a lot anyways which is what I was after.

Does anyone know how to tell blogger where to put the pictures in my post?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Soooo Excited!!!!

My niece , Christine has helped me to get music on my blog. For those of you who know me, you know this was what I wanted to do most...have a song or two for you to listen to while you're blogrolling. When you press My Music in the right sidebar under Links, a new window will open and you get to choose whatever song you would like to listen to. Is that cool or what?!?! I am taking requests....I'll probably add a couple of songs per day, so if you would like one you know I have.....

Thank you so much, Christine. I was so lost. She had given me a code last week and I put it at the wrong the posting section instead of the template. A lot of scrambling to delete that post, I'll tell you!

Nothing goes better with music than a photo of pretty cats. Now if someone could tell me how to get the pictures to appear somewhere but the beginning of the post, I'd be happy. That is Kenz up close and Bella in the background.

Friday, March 03, 2006

is you is?

I have a suggestion for listening to the music at the same time as reaading the blog. If you open a new window while reading the blog, then cut and paste the music link into the new window's browzer, htis should allow you to do both at once.

The original Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Louis Jordan

Some more meme questions...By the way I'm not getting a lot of answers back.

Two truths and a lie (you can guess which is which):
I have psychic ability
I was born left handed and am now right handed
I have carried over a tonne or rocks in my life

Three physical things about the opposite (or same) sex that appeal to you:
Masculine swellings (Oh, you've got a dirty mind)

Three things you just can't do:
Curl my tongue....all my kids can
Give my daughter custody of her cat.....ever!
Give in to ever smoking another cigarette

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Comments?

I hate to tell ya. I've got the most beautiful grandchildren in this known universe. I was expecting a couple of comments (at least) reinforcing that. I'll try again. Like on one of my favorite shows, American Idol, maybe song chice or photo choice is really important so have a look at these two cuties and tell it like it is.

I could start meme questions again although maybe that's what you'd like. I guess all of us grandmothers and cat lovers are the same you think. Let me know, audience.

I am so wanting to get music up there and it would be a choice if you listen to it or not and preferrably if you want to download it or not. According to my research that's what is happening mostly, your choice of opening or saving to disc.

My Grandchildren

I am still working on the music thing....very frustrating when you don't know HTML. My neice is trying to help but I am such a ludite...

I just received some pictures of my grandchildren. I'll share one of my grandson who is 26 months old and my granddaugher who is 4 and a half months old. How cute are they? I'm sure you will think so even if you're not their grandparent. I am going to visit them in April. Woohoo!

Hmmmm. Usually when I upload a picture, I see a picture...this time HTML gobbledy goop.Don't know if this will work.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ECMA Photos

My pictures at the ECMA's did not turn out all that well. Musicians tend to move around and the lighting is dark but colorful. These two are taken at a taping of CBC's DNTO on Saturday afternoon. The band is the Chucky Danger Band, the members of whom I have known their whole lives and have been the big talked about band throughout the weekend. They brought home PEI's only ECMA award. John, with the smile, is my youngest son's best friend. I wish the guys hadn't been moving so much or that I knew my camera better.