Thursday, March 30, 2006

Plugging Pandora

My brother is a bit of an amateur photographer and sends me quite a few shots. I liked this one of somewhere in New Brunswick that he sent recently. He kind of specializes in sunset photos and has some stunning ones on his hard drive.

A latin song I have always loved is Cucurucucu Paloma but couldn't remember the name. I found a version the other day by chance and am finding a few more. I've uploaded one to My Music today and a song by Ani Defranco. I've been getting some great music lately. I have a newfound passion....finding legal and free music on the web. There are lots of sites where people give their music for anyone to download in hopes that if they like the music, they will buy it. Its one way to hear new music. Another is pandora which allows you to choose your type of music (and you can have several) and it will play you similar music to your choices. It doesn't allow you to download it, just listen.

I plan to delete some of the music files this weekend so it there are any requests for some to be left up or requests for new ones, let me know. On with Thursday.....


Anonymous said...

The picture was shot at the Red Bank tunnels on the Salmon River in Chipman.

Cuidado said...

Thank you for that. I knew it would be somewhere in the area.