Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring Fever

I've been out and about in the country for the last three days and it's just so nice to have so little snow on the land. It would be nice to have an early planting season. The little bits of snow flurries we do get, is called "poor man's fertilizer" around here and is very good for the land, sinking in slowly and adding vital moisture to the soil. The earliest I have been able to plant was in 1987, I think, when I planted early crops on the 27th of April. Did I already mention that the first heron's came back to the pond on the 12th of March? Last year was the 07th of April and the year before was on the 17th of April.

As I said, I love this early spring and lack of winter. I usually really long to get to Mexico but this year was ok. I have a bit of cabin fever though, thus the trips out and about the last three days.

I've uploaded a couple of songs from Stevie Wonder's new album; his first in ten years. Also, another by Renee Olstead, whom I just found out was only 15 when her first album was released just a couple of years ago. The first one I downloaded on the page was by her, that great version of Is You Is. That was from her first album. Go back and have a listen ( right at the bottom of the page) and realize that she is a 15 year old. Unbelievable!!


Alf said...

The picture of the rocks on the post is behind the house??

Cuidado said...

yes, by the rockpile.