Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is Springing All Around

Well it's official; our spring-like winter is now spring. It's my very favorite season, with the promise of growth, newness, and summer in the air. Spring green is the most beautiful colour, especially love when new leaves are emerging and every tree is a different shade. My pond is surrounded with dark spruce trees and the little hardwoods in front are so beautiful at that time of year against that dark background.

I went to the beach yesterday but didn't stay long. The onshore ice was a bit rotten and I could just imagine breaking an ankle or something. Still lovely to be there though. I miss spending time there in the summer so I go in the spring as often as possible.

I uploaded a bunch of new songs today and will again tomorrow. I may remove some that don't seem to be so popular. I couldn't believe no one was listening to Surry With the Fringe on Top. I so love that song and Blossom Dearie, in general. She is still alive and performing regularly.

Someone reads my blog who is not my family!!!! Hard to believe, I know, but he actually linked me on his blog so, I am doing the same. Go check out Brikwall's blog, which is linked on the side.

Update on Ocean...she has a sunburnt bum.....don't ask.

A picture you say....well, alright, something to remind us of spring.

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