Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Comments?

I hate to tell ya. I've got the most beautiful grandchildren in this known universe. I was expecting a couple of comments (at least) reinforcing that. I'll try again. Like on one of my favorite shows, American Idol, maybe song chice or photo choice is really important so have a look at these two cuties and tell it like it is.

I could start meme questions again although maybe that's what you'd like. I guess all of us grandmothers and cat lovers are the same you think. Let me know, audience.

I am so wanting to get music up there and it would be a choice if you listen to it or not and preferrably if you want to download it or not. According to my research that's what is happening mostly, your choice of opening or saving to disc.


Ocean said...

I LOVE THEM!! They are so adorable, doesn't Kieran look like J?

Brody said...

Wow, I have not seen those pics yet myself. They are just amazing. I hope to go and visit Aaron first chance I get this summer. Good to see the pics as well.


Aaron said...

Well I think they are pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute, Cute, Cute.
I wish I could go to Ont wiht you to see them.

Christine said...

They are pretty damn cute if I do say so myself, but I have the opinion, that no matter how cute they are, your SISTER has the cutest grandchild(ren) in the world... (It's still grandchild now... But it'll be grandchildren sometime in May...)

Of course I could be a bit biased, since her grandchildren are my daughter and soon-to-be daughter. *lol*

But I think your grandchildren come a pretty close second!

Very nice pictures!