Saturday, March 18, 2006

Puerto Escondido

I'd forgotten to post Puerto pictures. I have lots in my webshots file but can't seem to retrieve them.

The tarped place is Lisa's beach bar. This photo is taken in early morning so there are no chairs out or people around. It's a very popular spot in the day but closed around 6:30 or 7. Ocean will be tending bar, I suppose, to help with her keep and to have fun meeting all the travelers who stop by. There are usually lots of Europeans around the area and North Americans too. Her cousins and aunt and uncle are arriving on Monday; she's pretty excited about that. Neither of her brothers are going so that's a bit disappointing.

The pinkish one is taken around sunset and shows the rocks that divide Marinera and Zicatela beaches. The unseen rocks behind them that you must pass over when changing beaches always smell like a urinal. It's much easier to pass that way than go by road so you just hold your nose and run. LOL

Hope you're playing some of my Mexican music while reading this.


Ocean said...

Mom, I will bring pictures back for you to post soon enough. I am taking lots!
Love ya

Cuidado said...

Make sure to take one of Beth when she arrives.