Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sore From Laughter

More out and about pictures because I've certainly been... out and about. Still have cabin fever that will probably only be cured when my daughter and ex sister-in-law return from Mexico. I miss them so much, both being my main source of fun and laughter. Young son, Jesse has returned but he's in Halifax. I'm sure he's had a great time but haven't talked to him yet. I never call my kids before noon, sort of an unwritten rule, because I love people to sleep when they can.

Visited a friend yesterday who had a couple of other friends visiting. We laughed and laughed all afternoon and discovered that that is what our last few days had been like for the lot of us. Really fun times with friends that included a lot of laughter. Not any of us really go out that much but had this weekend and had really good times. I was actually sore on Sunday and realized that I was sore from laughing. Here's to many more weekends like that and please come home soon, Senoritas. The friend I visited yesterday turns 52 on Friday and he'd like to have a little get-together at my house. It certainly means an evening and morning of laughter for me and my friends so come-on 52.

As much as I'd like to cure my cabin fever, I have to stay home today. A repair man is coming today or tomorrow. He telephoned just as I was coming into the house the other night to make an appointment but I didn't write down the day, being that my were hands full so I'm stuck waiting for him. With the price of gas, that's probably a good thing.

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