Friday, March 10, 2006

I Think It's Friday

Is there something wrong with my ears?

Gedeon, my favorite Amer. Idol, was kicked off last night while Kevin was retained. Do the soundwaves sound different in America? Kevin sings with a speech impediment for God sake. Gedeon was criticized for his smile and that just pissed me off watching him try not to smile each week. I thought his smile was so infectious and he has a great soulful singing voice. A big loss, I think. He sang, When a Man Loves a Woman, so as a tribute to him, that's my download for today. This version is by Soloman Burke.


Christine said...

I have to say that, although I completely agree with you about Kevin. (I can't STAND him.) I also wasn't a big fan of Gideon. I liked his singing, but there was just something about him that I didn't like. I couldn't stand listening to him talk. He almost sounded like a southern preacher on the pulpit to me... just annoyed the heck outta me. And that mushtache and hair were horrible. They showed some flashbacks to him in the audition process and he was shaved with shorter hair and it was MUCH better! But like I said, I would have much rather seen Kevin go than him.

I'm just glad Taylor is still around. He's my personal fave, though I doubt he'll make it to the end. I don't think he's got enough "cross over" power. I think of the guys that Chris Doughtry (the bald rocker) has the best chance.. I like him a lot too. He makes very good choices for his voice and singing style.

I'm still pissed with the Judges this year. They've already started with my pet peeve. They never seem to know what they want. They give one person hell for always sticking with the same style and not leaving their comfort zone. But then the next person tries to show their talent in styles that aren't in their 'comfort zone', and the Judges give them hell for "not sticking with what works"...

I just don't get it...They give completely conflicting information to the contestants from week to week, it's just annoying and it's my personal pet peeve about the show.

Cuidado said...

Thanks for the great comment. My pet peeve is that they comment on peoples smiles and weight, etc. This may have something to do with their likability as an "overall" idol but I wish they would just concentrate on their singing.

aaron said...

You guys might be surprised, but I really like Simon Cowell. Since he tells most of the people they suck, when he says someone did well, it really means something.

My favorite guy is the one with the grey hair, who played the Sam Cook songs..