Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beach Photos

Here are a couple of photos taken at the beach behind my house on Sunday. It's just so beautiful there. I miss those summers when I went every day....sometimes several times a day. It was so refreshing, after spending a couple of hours cutting glass or grinding, to run down, jump in, float around for five minutes, then return home to grind away for another couple of hours. Repeat as many times as necessary. Last summer I went twice, both times for a quick dip and both times finding the tide out. Rrrggghhh!

My friend who is in the top photo of the beach and I are going to visit some galleries today. We've had this plan all winter but something always comes up but today finally looks like the day. She works on-call so plans could be foiled yet. This cabin fever really has a hold on me and I'm not sure if there's a cure.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the photo where I want, so if they are side by side, please realize that I did not want it that way. It's working now, kind of, but I want it centered, not off to the left.

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Aaron said...

Hey Mom, who is the friend?