Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Early Spring

There is hardly any damage on the Macphail trails this year. Last year after severe windstorms, the trails were really damaged with fallen trees and work clearing them took a long time. The photos show how little snow is in the woods. Unbelievable, I say!

My friend in Charlottetown has two crocus flowers up in her garden. I dare say this is the earliest that has ever happened. Two years ago they bloomed at the end of March.

This is Atlantic Canada though, and the weather can surprise us yet. We usually get a few snows in April and somethimes in May. The biggest problem with this warm weather is that insects that usually die off in the frost probably did not this year. We may be carried away by earwigs this summer.

Off to the movies tonight to see the romantic comedy, Failure to Launch. I choose to see only comedies because almost anything else gives me nightmares. My cereal offers free movie passes but they are good only Monday to Wednesday.

Mandisa would get my vote if Cdns could vote on American Idol. For the guys, I'd choose Taylor Hicks. I hope they don't convince him to dye his hair. Too much is made about how people look. It really bothers me! Just close your eyes....


Anonymous said...

Where is this property you took the pictures.

Cuidado said...

Macphail Homestead

Anonymous said...

Does not sound like NGDB.
But it is good.

Christine said...

About Taylor on Idol: I don't think they'd get him to dye his hair. Not the way he was talking on the show the other night...
Personally I think the hair thing is a plus... It's an extra thing to help him stand out. It's one of his visual 'trademarks' so to speak and I think he'd be foolish to get rid of it.