Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Went to Trivia last night. I forgot that on Saturday I said I would go. I've been on a team for several years but decided I wouldn't go this winter. Driving in and home is a total of 80 km. and in winter quite often includes snow. Throw in a couple of beers and it can be an expensive evening. I love my group of friends though and would probably have continued if I didn't see them otherwise.
Our team name is The MacADNskis, a name meant to include everyone. We didn't do well last night. We were a team of only three as we're a pretty loose group and people come when they want to...sometimes ten show up. There is usually someone travelling, sick, working or just doesn't want to go, like me. It was fun though, always is.

Uploaded a song from Van Morrison's, Live in San Fransisco. It is Tupelo Honey sung by Brian Kennedy joined by Van. Love Brian's sweet tenor voice with Van's. This is such a great live album and I believe it is also on video. Also uploaded another Tracey Chapman cover, this one by Damien Rice.

Another cat picture, you say. OK, done. This was taken a few weeks ago after we had had a n overnight snowfall. Tulips and daffodils are coming up there now in the wall garden. I would love to put up some more grandchildren pictures if my son would send some.....hint hint

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