Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 2007

I love this photo of Kenz taken two years ago. It was scanned in low resolution so is not great from that respect but the pose is pure Kenz.

I had a regular sized pumpkin on my Shutterchance blog today and some commented that they'd never seen pumpkins so big. It was smaller than the one behind Kenz. I happened to have taken some photos of a giant pumpkin this afternoon in front of a grocery store. I made a post on a blog I use for photo challenges and linked to it for the people who had never seen a big pumpkin. This pumpkin is on a standard pallet and I asked a man who was walking into the grocery store to pose to further show scale. It's not the biggest one I've seen but it's pretty big. Here's the link.

It's been an incredibly busy day in that I'm just getting to this now. I've run lots of errands and completed lots of jobs. That's a good feeling. I had a problem with my car checked out and have to listen for this and that tomorrow. Oh, oh...I'm not very good at car diagnosis or even listening for errant sounds.

There is so much great music on Lonely Girls. I'm not finished with it yet. Today it's Norah Jones with Don't Miss You At All. Harry Manx is contributing too, with Don't Forget to Miss Me. Love that Harry Manx!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New Blog

I'm cured as I thought I would be. I have a super immune system and can fight most bugs off very quickly. Several people now have told me of these various bugs going around and I hope they stay away from me as I'm certainly going to try to stay away from them.

I started a new blog today called An Island Walk. I wanted A Walk in the Woods but it was taken. An Island Walk gives me more options too. I can use beach photos. It will be three photos and three songs a day...... another reason to keep walking. Today's hike was only an hour as my walking partner had an appointment to keep. I canceled my afternoon walk as we had a little shower at the end of the morning and I thought they would continue. There is always tomorrow.

More music from the Lonely Days playlist. I have it down to over five hours now from the original over seven. Today is Beck with Go It Alone and How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away by the always wonderful, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. The subject of lonely certainly did not limit me to sad songs. These two are lively and full of great rhythms Have a listen.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Death or Cure?

I'm a little under the weather. Right after I came home from work last night I felt a sore throat and this morning have an earache and a gastro-intestinal bug. Work with the public....oh, joy! I'm healthy and fight most bugs off. I think that's what will happen here.

The weather is cold suddenly. It's four degrees. It was expected but it's still a shock after such warm weather. I didn't wear my sweater home last night it was so warm. The furnace is on and I haven't been out. I had plans to go on a hike but we canceled because of my illness. We scheduled it for the afternoon as I have another one planned for ten....the big, every week hike. I'll be tired tomorrow night I'm sure but it will get that required amount of exercise in.

Today, I read nearly a whole book. I lay on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with the cats coming by for occasional pats. I'm sure it will work. If I need medicine I'll get it in the form of Old Crow Medicine Show. Here's I Hear Them All and the little and live, God's Got It. Yes, that's good medicine. Note to my sister: It's country of some kind. I'm never good at classifying. You might like it. I really love this one that I put up in August. I play it a lot.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Horsing Around

My son just left in a quandry. He is going to a Halloween party and has no costume. He's been to the stores, his friend got something but he just couldn't find anything. I gave him one suggestion and the props to go with it but that didn't satisfy him so they've just had supper and are off to try to figure something out.

My daughter in Calgary is going to a party too and was out buying costumes last night. I didn't talk to her after she got one. Maybe when I'm finished here I'll give her a call its just the afternoon there.

I had a friend over for the afternoon. We did some gardening things - dividing plants, planting this year's spent mums and things like that. I have a lot more to do yet.

I've been listening to the Lonely Days playlist every time I'm on the computer since I made it the other day. I keep playing one song at least twice per session.. It is such a truthful, brave song for the writer to write. I love it. I like emotional ballads, you've probably figured out by now. Here's Colin Hay with I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You. Amazing song! How long has it been since I played a Bob Dylan song? Too long. Here's one of the best - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. Ha. I just looked. I last put up a Dylan song on the 16th.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I didn't post yesterday as I was invited to a dinner party, then a 40th birthday party and had to run a few errands and voila, not home at posting time.

Even after I posted the day before that I had taken a break from walking, I ended up doing a one km. walk after supper but took a real break yesterday and didn't walk other than parties and errands. I worked a couple of hours today and will walk tomorrow - maybe.

Saw a friend's five month old baby girl last night and my daughter's friend's three month old today. It's fun seeing new babies. I didn't get to hold either but the one today was contented, smiling and gurgling and being passed around to family members quite happily. Little Bella (named after my cat I say) last night was almost asleep, then asleep, then hungrily awake.

Music today is for how I feel. I'm just glad I have chowder left for tonight's supper. Here's Lazy Bones by Leon Redbone. To stress how lazy feeling I am I'll stick with the band, Redbone, for the next song. Here' s the old seventies hit, The Witch Queen of New Orleans.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leisurely Day

A day off has been just what the doctor ordered. I've had a great time. The only chores I did were folding a basket of laundry, washing dishes, paying bills, and making a seafood chowder for dinner. Easy! Coincidentally, I had a chat on the phone with a friend and she was going to be making seafood chowder for dinner too.

I made a seven hour playlist on the theme of Loneliness. Who knew there were so many songs with lonely or missing in the title. I started out making an October playlist and the first three songs had lonely or loneliness in the title. It grew from there.

It's cloudy and cooler today - ten degrees, and it's the first day that it's truly felt like autumn. It had to come sooner or later and it's not bad weather or anything; it's seasonable.

With over seven hours of songs chosen for the Lonely Days playlist, I should have no trouble coming up with a couple of songs. First let me refer you to the post of 07 April '07 as it features "lonely" songs too. Since I've never put up a song by the wonderful songstress, Maria Muldaur, here's, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go. Also there's Dr. John with an appropriate song, Those Lonely Lonely Nights.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running Out Of Steam

We did the two and a half hour hike today in three hours. After yesterday's same hike that followed an eight hour shift on Sunday where I didn't sit down and Saturday's hour and a half, I've done enough for this week. This route is incredibly hilly so you get a tremendous workout and I can certainly feel overuse in a few joints. The steep hills are good leg and butt toners so we're happy about that but my hip needs rest. Someone has promised me a pedometer and will bring it someday soon. I'd be interested in finding the mileage on this hike. We went back through the woods as it is shorter and a bit less hilly than yesterday's route. Yep, taking a bit of a break from the hills.

I injured my eye today. I'm sure I scratched the cornea or something like that. It may be scratched or stabbed. I bent down to pick some clover for the horses and went eye-first into a stalk of something very sharp. I should rest my eye too.

Breakable is the first very appropriate song today. Have to remind myself sometimes not to overdo. It's by Ingrid Mickelson. Second song is by Feist - I Feel It All.

Monday, October 22, 2007

October Daisies

This is a photo from today's hike. I saw a whole lot of daisies two weeks ago but didn't get a picture. Daisies are usually gone by this time of year but this year we are in the twenties temperature wise in late October. Amazing! It's wonderful. You don't expect each hike in October to have to wear tank tops or else sweat to death. That's what it's been like though. Did I say amazing! ?! I did two and a half hours today. It was almost the same route as last week's hike in the rain. There was a real difference, in one week, of the number of trees with leaves. We had very strong winds this weekend and a lot of leaves were blown off. Still pretty though as there are even trees with green leaves that haven't changed yet. The colour season is extended this year.

I should be outside giving a last mowing and if I can talk myself into it, I'll do it after supper. We're expecting rain for a couple of days and lower temps after that so not mowing weather and it definitely has to be mowed again. Oh, strength! I have to get some gardening done after the rain too but that won't be a pain in the a$$ like mowing is.

For music I have a couple of songs by Eilen Jewell. I had her song Too Hot to Sleep up in August. Today, for wondering how long this great autumn is going to las, is How Long and for today's wonderful hike it's Walking Down the Line.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep Walking

Just returned from an hour and a half in the woods. It is twenty degrees and quite humid so it was a very hot and sweaty hike. A beer tastes good right now.

I just got a dinner invitation for tomorrow that I can't attend because of work. I think it was just yesterday I was talking of Sunday dinners. Oh, well. What can you do?

My daughter pointed out that the song I played for her yesterday was the link to Serena Ryder's website. I was obviously not paying close enough attention. I got her song from Page One and announced that all the songs were back. There is nothing further from the truth. Most are still missing. Not paying close enough attention.

I just finished listening to part of a concert on radio of Mary Gauthier. It was great. I'd seen her a few years back at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival and found out from the radio show that her biggest hit was written while attending that concert. I have only one song of hers on my hard drive and here it is, A Different Kind of Gone. Keep Walking by Emily McGuire is my other pick today because that's what I plan to do. Like listening to Mary Gauthier, it feels good. I love the lyrics of this. They fit to a tee.

Friday, October 19, 2007

What's Your Favorite Day?

Friday! My favorite day of the week. It always has been since school days when we went out on Friday nights and our parents went out on Saturday nights, while we babysat. I'm not going out tonight though other, than a couple of little neighbourhood visits after dinner.

Each day of the week seems to have it's own feel to it. Just yesterday a friend said that she could never work on Sundays as it just wouldn't feel right. It doesn't bother me at all. If I had family around Sunday dinners would be nice but since I don't. I have one son here but he's as happy to come on Saturdays.

I feel lighter. I got my hair cut today and it actually does make your head feel lighter. It's a great feeling, eh? I bought some gel soles for my new running shoes too so I've taken care of myself from head to toe.

Just writing of the days of the week reminded me of a couple of songs from Serena Ryder. Just Another Day and Some of These Days are a couple of her songs from her album, If Your Memory Serves You Well. Very appropriate for today. I also have a song for my daughter. This one's for you. Many Kisses. Choosing that song has just given me the best news. All of my songs on Page One are back. I stupidly some so there are a few missing but it is 498 more that I can choose from for my Shutterchance Blog. Out of almost 400 it's hard to find the right one some times. Thank you Putfile!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

For My Listening Pleasure

I've had one of those days where you do something in the morning that affects your whole day. I went to town and forgot my list.

I don't use lists for many things but I have a town list where I jot things down and don't really look at again till I pick it up and take it to town. As a result I don't really know what's on it. It could be weeks old and things as scattered as shampoo, hose clamp, birthday card, and a toilet bowl brush. Nothing related and not things you can easily think of out of their context. Anyway it was a pain but not earth shattering. I had plenty of other things to do and enjoyed being outside on this stunning day.

The forecast is another great day tomorrow then rain for Saturday which is our planned hiking day. I hope my friend is willing to hike in the rain again. I need to get out there while it's still nice. Speaking of which, I should be outside right now.

I forgot to mention that at last night's dinner with friends we cooked that fresh fish outside on an open fire . It was really nice. When I took my clothes off at bedtime it all came back too, as they smelled of smoke from the fire.

There seems to be a problem putting a photo up again today. It worked yesterday when I put it up later in the evening so I may have to do that again.

What do you feel like listening to? I'd take suggestions. I feel like some Latin. Son Para Ti (Tune For You) by Sierra Maestro is a lovely ballad and that's what I'm a sucker for in any language. Toro Mata is a well known Latin song and also the name of a movie. I have other versions of the song but Toro Mata by Peru Negro is done with a very rhythmic Peruvian folk sound that I love. She's a little reminiscent of my favorite, Susana Baca. They sing the same type of working class folk style that makes Peruvian music so popular. It's popular on my dance tapes and playlists anyway.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back Again Later

Just returned from supper where I had trout caught in this lake this morning. I actually saw my friend fishing there when I drove by. Oh, oh. Maybe I'll have to put the photo up later. Blogger is having a problem and they're working on it.

I found out that the man I took my elderly friend to see last week is in a nursing home. That is why he was not at home when we went to his house. We visited him at his new residence today and had a great visit. I had errands to run deep in the country, wanted to stop at a site for some photos and generally, we had a wonderful day driving through the gorgeous autumn landscape. Tis good for the soul, this kind of weather. Then I had a dinner where I was not the cook. Fabulous!

Just tried the photo again - no go. There is a scheduled outage about an hour from now. Probably after that.....

Music: Calexico always amazes me. Most bands have a sound. Calexico has two. They have their folky side and their Latin side and they're hardly related. They amaze, I say. Here's Deep Down from their folky side and Guero Canelo from their Latin side. I add their latin sounds to dance cd's that I make. Good dance rhythms.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buckets of Rain - Miles of Roads

I was too tired for my hike yesterday so did it today. I didn't really listen to the weather forecast so got caught in a few rain showers. We were out for two and a half hours and it was absolutely great. You could ring out our socks when we got in. Today's route was new to me in that we were on a road that vehicles can travel on as well. That's not usual for us but this route took us to our regular woods roads and afforded some really great views of wet, curvy, red dirt roads with gorgeously coloured trees.

We plan to go again on Saturday but I just hear that rain is expected for that day. My friend can't go tomorrow and I can't go Thursday or Friday so, we'll see what Saturday brings. We were both willing to walk in the rain today so we maybe will do that again. It certainly was a great workout today and I want more!

I've got some rain songs in honour of today's soaking wet footwear. One of my favorite Dylan songs is Buckets of Rain. I put up this one by Jimmy LaFave in June on the first day of summer. Here is Bob's version and one by Beth Orton and M. Ward. Love that song!

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Environment

Ah, I was just reminded that I was to post something about the environment for the Blog Action Day On the Environment. I'd forgotten. I was instead going to come on and complain of being tired. I could kill several birds with one stone here. Photos and music can say a lot. No one will have to listen to my complaining, it will take less time, and we'll save precious energy. Productive all the way around.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Versions and Varieties

Just had a nice little tour of a local apple orchard where the growers usually have my favorite variety, Gravensteins. The only ones they had left were in their fridge as they were small, end of season leftovers. Some other people drove in after me looking for the same thing. Luckily they had ten pounds, enough for both of us. It was a nice outing as they also grow roses and there are several still in mid-October. The apples above are from my trees. Lots of good ones but no Gravensteins.

My work schedule has changed to noon tomorrow rather than three. That's wonderful, as I like my dinner at home, in the evening, with good food. I was tired after work today and lied down for a half nap. The sun is not shining. I think it makes a difference in my energy level, which is normally very high.

The music today is Nina Simone. I listened to her version of yesterday's song and got playing some other songs and am, as always, enthralled by her emotion. I think she is the most emotional singer there ever was. I have a YouTube video bookmarked that I watch quite often and linked here last year. I Loves You Porgy is one of my favorite all time songs and I love her version the best. Here's the video. Nina Simone versions of almost any song are often the best versions. Yesterday? I keeping with fruit and seasonal affective disorder - here's Strange Fruit and Mood Indigo. Nina.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Just signed up for a blog action day on the environment. Participants post something on the environment on Monday. My photos are primarily of our environment and I should be able to write something that fits.......if I remember.

I'm sleepy right now. I got up at three, went back to bed at four-thirty but never got back to sleep so rose again, at the usual five-thirty, to start the day. I had been on a normal schedule for about a week so am disappointed that this is starting again. I have to be to work very early tomorrow morning so will get to bed early and sleep. Even if I wake early tomorrow, I'll be well rested.

Any chance to put up Randy Newman is one I'll grab. This was already up at one time but is gone. I Think It's Going To Rain Today is a wonderful song that describes the day here and we have three versions. Randy Newman, Nina Simone and Madeleine Peyroux. Which one do you like?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Like A Fish Out of Water

We've had a fabulous day today. The two frosts of the last week have nudged the leaves into responding with gorgeous colour. I was out and about and driving through the countryside was pure pleasure. It's heaven here in spring, summer and the fall. Hell in winter although there are some good days even then.

I hurt my ankle by stretching it in bed this morning. I have it diagnosed from the internet and will also find there, I hope, the proper exercises to heal it. It doesn't really hurt to walk, thank goodness, as I have to work the next three days. This aging disease or condition is no fun whatsoever!!!! I do all I can to stay in good condition, specifically walking, hiking or dancing and my ankle has to pop in bed while I'm stretching. My feet are my sole providers of exercise.

My kids may be impressed with one of my musical selections today. Can I Kick it Like That by Pharrell vs A Tribe Called Quest is more their style than mine but hey, I actually had it up already in February and it's been removed. It's good on dance mixes but mostly asks a question that today I'd have to answer no. I'll do no kicking. Jay Gilday has something softer with Only Way To Raise It Up. Again that would be a no.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Went on my day out with my friend. We didn't have luck on our side with his friends being at home but the drive was wonderful. I had suggested calling one of his fellows last night but he wanted to surprise him. I'm going to call tonight and get a firm time. I had a camera and hardly any battery power and there are several photos I want to take.

I got sidetracked. Have had company and am starting again. I have had a monkey on my back for the last while and just haven't said anything. I'm addicted to my digital camera and I left my one hour battery charger at my dad's when I was there the weekend of the 22nd. I've been having to really pick and choose which photos to take. It was hard. Today's trip was a good example as I drove all over the countryside but was able to take a couple of photos. When I returned home, said battery charger was in the mail. Yeah and Whew! Monkey still there but sated again.

Music: I was putting only old sixties and seventies music up on the playlist that I started when I sat down. Here's one: Don't Be Cruel by Elvis the Pelvis - love the rhythm in this soooo much! For someone with more modern tastes Harry Manx is up again with A Little Cruel. On the playlist is also Dusty Springfield with The Look of Love. A bit of nostalgia today. Spending time with a ninety something year old person will do that to you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Autumn's Child

My sweet little granddaughter turns two today. Her grandfather, my ex, was seeing her and her nearly four year old brother for the first time this weekend. I could never have waited that long. Never! How could I have not had a look at that sweet face?

Believe it or not, I'm not sick of turkey yet. It's on the menu tonight, as a matter of fact. Dinner at my friend's was wonderful. The turkey was really great. Yesterday's meal was better in the sense that I didn't prepare it or have to clean up afterward. I brought homemade pie , pickles and cranberry sauce, a new cd and bells on my toes.

I did my walking this morning and had plans for the afternoon but then said the heck with it, relaxed instead and read a bunch of medical literature that I'd been putting off as I never had time. Today, I had time. Tomorrow I'm taking my elderly friend visiting and helping him with some errands. We're starting at 9:30 and I'll be wanting a nap by afternoon, not him. He had a lot of energy for someone in his nineties.

I made a cd for Thanksgiving. I picked out songs about autumn, food, thanks, harvests, fields and crops. It turned out that a good percentage of the songs are country or bluegrass or have a folk/country feel to them. Not surprising, I guess, but it certainly the most country cd I've ever made. Here is Patty Griffin with Making Pies because that's what I did for two days and still have to make one more. The Field Behind The Plow by Stan Rogers is because well, it's Stan Rogers and Golden Autumn Day is for my sweet little granddaughter. Happy birthday, Little One.

My son is downloading stuff on his laptop using my wireless so this is taking a long time and of course, this is a day when I planned three songs. I'll be back....

Oh what fun! A friend just called and is on his way over with an incredible story with which he needs my help and won't tell me any more. I'm intrigued. I hope it doesn't require money or spiked heels.

Only one post has taken this long. It was when my son was downloading something else a while back. He doesn't have high-speed, you seed. I started around three-thirty and it's now 6:o1. My friend should soon be here!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cooling Down

The weather has turned to autumn this weekend. We went from the mid twenties last week to nine degrees today. The leaves will really turn this week I'd say. The walking tomorrow should be really great with the cooler temps. Friday was way too warm, especially when we were walking so fast.

I saw theses horses on Friday for the first time in a long time. When I was there on Monday they were further away in their pasture and I couldn't see them. On Friday this is as close as they got and would come no further. They are in beautiful shape for rescued horses.

Guess what I had for lunch. If you guessed leftover turkey you'd be correct. It's just as good the second day.

For music today I've put up some kd lang from her Canadian songwriter tribute from a few years ago, hymns of the 49th parallel. This is how much I love this album. I had the cd, but saw one at a secondhand cd store and bought another one just to give it away. I can't even remember who I gave it to. Love Is Everything is my favorite song on the album. kd does it even better than Jane Siberry, the songwriter. It makes me melt. She does a nice version of Neil Young's Helpless, which I'm putting up today and her rendition of Leonard Cohen's, Halleluja is the favorite version of many, including my sister-in-law. Some days are just kd lang days ........ Canada's finest voice, in my opinion.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Only Room For Liquid

I am so stuffed! I just had a little sliver of pumpkin pie as I was cutting it for my guests to take home. I couldn't eat any more nor could anyone else; that's why there were doggie bags. Everything was really delicious and everything came together perfectly with no mishaps. I thought the turkey was overcooked but it wasn't at all, just well browned.

My son mowed my lawn!!! I had to bribe him a bit. I told him that I'd be really THANKFUL and that I'd give him a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner afterward. One of my guests brought me a bottle of Baileys. I'm going to relax for the first time today and sit back and sip some of that wonderful elixer.

I've got a couple of songs that would fit the Thanksgiving Dinner theme. The Canadian band, Great Lake Swimmers, has a great song, Put There By The Land. Sounds like they could be talking about the array of vegetables and even the turkey that graced the table today. It's All Over But The Smoke by Jules Shear (with Ron Sexsmith) reminds me of a conversation tonight. There was only one smoker among us. It's always a topic of conversation with current smokers, ex smokers and all concerned having an opinion.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's a Whew!

It's been a busy but wonderful day. I went turkey shopping and errand running this morning and walked a two hour hike this afternoon. At twenty-one degrees, it was warmer for hiking than my usual morning time but there was a nice breeze at certain parts. I walked a part that I'm a bit unfamiliar with and got us lost twice but knew I wasn't really lost. After a hundred feet or so I would realize that this just wasn't the right road, so would turn around. I had a very trusting walking partner who knew I'd get us out alive. LOL

I'll sleep well tonight. My walking partner is a very fast walker and in really good shape. I was out of breath a few times but soldiered on. I could have a nap now but won't because I'm cooking a curry for supper and then making pies this evening. A couple of pumpkin and maybe an apple are on the list though I may bake the apple tomorrow because I can't really pick apples in the dark and I need to rest right now. I also have to make cranberry sauce and get things prepared for dressing. It's a little overwhelming that I have to organize and get all these things done with such little notice. I should pay more attention to things like the calendar sometimes. I pay close attention to other things but can't do it all. I wanted to make a special cd for tomorrow's dinner too. We'll see. Food first.

Music: Bettye LaVette is so darned fabulous! I listen to her a lot. She is so, so soulful. I think all of her songs are covers and most, she does a better job than the writer of the song, An example is Lucinda Williams' Joy. Here's Bettye with a cover of Tracey Chapman's Down to Zero and I Can't Stop. Those songs seem to fit with Thanksgiving dinner on short notice prep.

Just realized there is more hacking/fooling around with the music pages host. Now it seems the name of the file is unable to be saved. I tried twice. My pages information is back online. Who knows?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Intensely Here

I've had a strange but wonderful day. Busy, with lots of things happening. In the midst of it all, I discovered that this was Thanksgiving weekend. I thought it was a week from now. I now have settled plans. A dinner here on Saturday with an unyet determined amount of people, work on Sunday, an another turkey dinner on Monday with a friend. I am going to town tomorrow morning as I have to buy a turkey. I could have bought it yesterday but was a week behind in my knowing when Thanksgiving was happening. I'm hiking in the afternoon and cooking pumpkin pies when I get home.

I am thinking in oranges and greens today. I got a great bunch of gourds, squashes and pumpkins today and am going to make a display, probably Saturday sometime. That's my explanation for the photo and today's music. Alexi Murdoch brings us Orange Sky. I thought I had it up already. Joni Mitchell has a new album. I got a copy of Shine, the title track today, that I'll share later. Everyone else has it up now. Today I have Joni's Little Green from her album, Blue. It is supposedly written for the child she'd given up. I love the album Blue and this song.

My other favorites, The Waifs has a new album out too. You can hear small exerts from each song and a video of the title track if you visit their new and recently changed site. It's all about the music.

Which reminds me, the Putfile site has either been hacked into or they themselves have replaced our text on our personal pages. I have their text erased from Page Two though it was difficult and I'm not able to put my words back yet. I still say I wouldn't be surprised if everything disappears some day. What an intense day!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Day and Night

My goodness, it's late and I wasn't here yesterday. I've been busy. First day completely off work in a long while and I did fun things and chore things (grocery shopping, etc.), watched Oprah, and am cooking a nice supper. Time flies.

I've been waking at four am quite frequently for the last few weeks. This morning I slept till six thirty, an hour later than even my usual wake up time so I've felt pleased about that all day.

I got up Monday morning at four. Didn't have to work that morning so hoped I could go back to bed after a bit. I did, at five-thirty, but left the kitchen light on because I was too tired to walk across the kitchen to turn it off. A friend called me at six-thirty and said, "I'm calling now because I saw your light on." Sigh! It was ok though, as I wanted to do the endorphen walk anyway. She was in a panic because she had gone off to work but had forgotten to water her horses. I'll tell you about that another time.

I feel like Greg Brown today. I wonder if he feels like me. I really like this guy! Here's GoodMorning Coffee , a fun version of a song that we all know at least part of the words to and Dream On. Did I say I like this guy? I like his spontaneously sounding, rapping style. Here's to having a sleep/time, time/sleep adjustment!!

Oops, had company; it's later still.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just the Beginning

My Monday hike begins with a steep downgrade of about a quarter of a mile. Guess what! It ends at the same place but is then a steep upgrade. I've been eating a few desserts lately and in wanting to work them off, decided to do my two hour hike at a super fast pace. That last quarter mile can be a killer but today when I jumped in my car after reaching the top, I think my endorphen level was such that I could have made it home without a car. I still feel fantastic two hours later. I plan on doing a lot more hiking in the next near future. Anyone want to join me?

The leaves aren't even near as colourful here yet as they are in New Brunswick. The photo above was taken of a hillside visible on today's walk. The leaves are still mostly green. The next few weeks should be the most beautiful hiking weather. I'm very excited. I'm going to try to find someone to hike with as my regular partner has been busy and I like the company though solo is perfectly ok too as it is much quieter. As I said yesterday, no bears or moose to contend with here.

Here are songs 299 and 300 on page two. Autumn by Paolo Nutini seems like an appropriate song for today. We don't have colourful leaves yet but overnight we had our first major frost of the autumn. Autumn is here! Be Still by Los Lobos is today's other choice as today's hike was by myself and the stillness was such a big part of the occasion, a good part.