Saturday, October 06, 2007

Only Room For Liquid

I am so stuffed! I just had a little sliver of pumpkin pie as I was cutting it for my guests to take home. I couldn't eat any more nor could anyone else; that's why there were doggie bags. Everything was really delicious and everything came together perfectly with no mishaps. I thought the turkey was overcooked but it wasn't at all, just well browned.

My son mowed my lawn!!! I had to bribe him a bit. I told him that I'd be really THANKFUL and that I'd give him a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner afterward. One of my guests brought me a bottle of Baileys. I'm going to relax for the first time today and sit back and sip some of that wonderful elixer.

I've got a couple of songs that would fit the Thanksgiving Dinner theme. The Canadian band, Great Lake Swimmers, has a great song, Put There By The Land. Sounds like they could be talking about the array of vegetables and even the turkey that graced the table today. It's All Over But The Smoke by Jules Shear (with Ron Sexsmith) reminds me of a conversation tonight. There was only one smoker among us. It's always a topic of conversation with current smokers, ex smokers and all concerned having an opinion.

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