Thursday, October 04, 2007

Intensely Here

I've had a strange but wonderful day. Busy, with lots of things happening. In the midst of it all, I discovered that this was Thanksgiving weekend. I thought it was a week from now. I now have settled plans. A dinner here on Saturday with an unyet determined amount of people, work on Sunday, an another turkey dinner on Monday with a friend. I am going to town tomorrow morning as I have to buy a turkey. I could have bought it yesterday but was a week behind in my knowing when Thanksgiving was happening. I'm hiking in the afternoon and cooking pumpkin pies when I get home.

I am thinking in oranges and greens today. I got a great bunch of gourds, squashes and pumpkins today and am going to make a display, probably Saturday sometime. That's my explanation for the photo and today's music. Alexi Murdoch brings us Orange Sky. I thought I had it up already. Joni Mitchell has a new album. I got a copy of Shine, the title track today, that I'll share later. Everyone else has it up now. Today I have Joni's Little Green from her album, Blue. It is supposedly written for the child she'd given up. I love the album Blue and this song.

My other favorites, The Waifs has a new album out too. You can hear small exerts from each song and a video of the title track if you visit their new and recently changed site. It's all about the music.

Which reminds me, the Putfile site has either been hacked into or they themselves have replaced our text on our personal pages. I have their text erased from Page Two though it was difficult and I'm not able to put my words back yet. I still say I wouldn't be surprised if everything disappears some day. What an intense day!


Ocean said...

My fist Thanksgiving away from home :(

Cuidado said...

But now you can cook and can make a lovely dinner. Think of it as "my first thanksgiving away from home where I am making the tradition". I'll eat a sweet potato for you and some pumpkin pie too.

Ocean said...

Actually, we are going to a Thanksgiving Dinner and don't have to cook at all!! You are so kind, you should just send some sweet potato and pie!!