Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Buckets of Rain - Miles of Roads

I was too tired for my hike yesterday so did it today. I didn't really listen to the weather forecast so got caught in a few rain showers. We were out for two and a half hours and it was absolutely great. You could ring out our socks when we got in. Today's route was new to me in that we were on a road that vehicles can travel on as well. That's not usual for us but this route took us to our regular woods roads and afforded some really great views of wet, curvy, red dirt roads with gorgeously coloured trees.

We plan to go again on Saturday but I just hear that rain is expected for that day. My friend can't go tomorrow and I can't go Thursday or Friday so, we'll see what Saturday brings. We were both willing to walk in the rain today so we maybe will do that again. It certainly was a great workout today and I want more!

I've got some rain songs in honour of today's soaking wet footwear. One of my favorite Dylan songs is Buckets of Rain. I put up this one by Jimmy LaFave in June on the first day of summer. Here is Bob's version and one by Beth Orton and M. Ward. Love that song!

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