Saturday, October 13, 2007

Versions and Varieties

Just had a nice little tour of a local apple orchard where the growers usually have my favorite variety, Gravensteins. The only ones they had left were in their fridge as they were small, end of season leftovers. Some other people drove in after me looking for the same thing. Luckily they had ten pounds, enough for both of us. It was a nice outing as they also grow roses and there are several still in mid-October. The apples above are from my trees. Lots of good ones but no Gravensteins.

My work schedule has changed to noon tomorrow rather than three. That's wonderful, as I like my dinner at home, in the evening, with good food. I was tired after work today and lied down for a half nap. The sun is not shining. I think it makes a difference in my energy level, which is normally very high.

The music today is Nina Simone. I listened to her version of yesterday's song and got playing some other songs and am, as always, enthralled by her emotion. I think she is the most emotional singer there ever was. I have a YouTube video bookmarked that I watch quite often and linked here last year. I Loves You Porgy is one of my favorite all time songs and I love her version the best. Here's the video. Nina Simone versions of almost any song are often the best versions. Yesterday? I keeping with fruit and seasonal affective disorder - here's Strange Fruit and Mood Indigo. Nina.

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