Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Went on my day out with my friend. We didn't have luck on our side with his friends being at home but the drive was wonderful. I had suggested calling one of his fellows last night but he wanted to surprise him. I'm going to call tonight and get a firm time. I had a camera and hardly any battery power and there are several photos I want to take.

I got sidetracked. Have had company and am starting again. I have had a monkey on my back for the last while and just haven't said anything. I'm addicted to my digital camera and I left my one hour battery charger at my dad's when I was there the weekend of the 22nd. I've been having to really pick and choose which photos to take. It was hard. Today's trip was a good example as I drove all over the countryside but was able to take a couple of photos. When I returned home, said battery charger was in the mail. Yeah and Whew! Monkey still there but sated again.

Music: I was putting only old sixties and seventies music up on the playlist that I started when I sat down. Here's one: Don't Be Cruel by Elvis the Pelvis - love the rhythm in this soooo much! For someone with more modern tastes Harry Manx is up again with A Little Cruel. On the playlist is also Dusty Springfield with The Look of Love. A bit of nostalgia today. Spending time with a ninety something year old person will do that to you.

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