Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Autumn's Child

My sweet little granddaughter turns two today. Her grandfather, my ex, was seeing her and her nearly four year old brother for the first time this weekend. I could never have waited that long. Never! How could I have not had a look at that sweet face?

Believe it or not, I'm not sick of turkey yet. It's on the menu tonight, as a matter of fact. Dinner at my friend's was wonderful. The turkey was really great. Yesterday's meal was better in the sense that I didn't prepare it or have to clean up afterward. I brought homemade pie , pickles and cranberry sauce, a new cd and bells on my toes.

I did my walking this morning and had plans for the afternoon but then said the heck with it, relaxed instead and read a bunch of medical literature that I'd been putting off as I never had time. Today, I had time. Tomorrow I'm taking my elderly friend visiting and helping him with some errands. We're starting at 9:30 and I'll be wanting a nap by afternoon, not him. He had a lot of energy for someone in his nineties.

I made a cd for Thanksgiving. I picked out songs about autumn, food, thanks, harvests, fields and crops. It turned out that a good percentage of the songs are country or bluegrass or have a folk/country feel to them. Not surprising, I guess, but it certainly the most country cd I've ever made. Here is Patty Griffin with Making Pies because that's what I did for two days and still have to make one more. The Field Behind The Plow by Stan Rogers is because well, it's Stan Rogers and Golden Autumn Day is for my sweet little granddaughter. Happy birthday, Little One.

My son is downloading stuff on his laptop using my wireless so this is taking a long time and of course, this is a day when I planned three songs. I'll be back....

Oh what fun! A friend just called and is on his way over with an incredible story with which he needs my help and won't tell me any more. I'm intrigued. I hope it doesn't require money or spiked heels.

Only one post has taken this long. It was when my son was downloading something else a while back. He doesn't have high-speed, you seed. I started around three-thirty and it's now 6:o1. My friend should soon be here!!!

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