Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep Walking

Just returned from an hour and a half in the woods. It is twenty degrees and quite humid so it was a very hot and sweaty hike. A beer tastes good right now.

I just got a dinner invitation for tomorrow that I can't attend because of work. I think it was just yesterday I was talking of Sunday dinners. Oh, well. What can you do?

My daughter pointed out that the song I played for her yesterday was the link to Serena Ryder's website. I was obviously not paying close enough attention. I got her song from Page One and announced that all the songs were back. There is nothing further from the truth. Most are still missing. Not paying close enough attention.

I just finished listening to part of a concert on radio of Mary Gauthier. It was great. I'd seen her a few years back at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival and found out from the radio show that her biggest hit was written while attending that concert. I have only one song of hers on my hard drive and here it is, A Different Kind of Gone. Keep Walking by Emily McGuire is my other pick today because that's what I plan to do. Like listening to Mary Gauthier, it feels good. I love the lyrics of this. They fit to a tee.

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