Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Day and Night

My goodness, it's late and I wasn't here yesterday. I've been busy. First day completely off work in a long while and I did fun things and chore things (grocery shopping, etc.), watched Oprah, and am cooking a nice supper. Time flies.

I've been waking at four am quite frequently for the last few weeks. This morning I slept till six thirty, an hour later than even my usual wake up time so I've felt pleased about that all day.

I got up Monday morning at four. Didn't have to work that morning so hoped I could go back to bed after a bit. I did, at five-thirty, but left the kitchen light on because I was too tired to walk across the kitchen to turn it off. A friend called me at six-thirty and said, "I'm calling now because I saw your light on." Sigh! It was ok though, as I wanted to do the endorphen walk anyway. She was in a panic because she had gone off to work but had forgotten to water her horses. I'll tell you about that another time.

I feel like Greg Brown today. I wonder if he feels like me. I really like this guy! Here's GoodMorning Coffee , a fun version of a song that we all know at least part of the words to and Dream On. Did I say I like this guy? I like his spontaneously sounding, rapping style. Here's to having a sleep/time, time/sleep adjustment!!

Oops, had company; it's later still.

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