Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running Out Of Steam

We did the two and a half hour hike today in three hours. After yesterday's same hike that followed an eight hour shift on Sunday where I didn't sit down and Saturday's hour and a half, I've done enough for this week. This route is incredibly hilly so you get a tremendous workout and I can certainly feel overuse in a few joints. The steep hills are good leg and butt toners so we're happy about that but my hip needs rest. Someone has promised me a pedometer and will bring it someday soon. I'd be interested in finding the mileage on this hike. We went back through the woods as it is shorter and a bit less hilly than yesterday's route. Yep, taking a bit of a break from the hills.

I injured my eye today. I'm sure I scratched the cornea or something like that. It may be scratched or stabbed. I bent down to pick some clover for the horses and went eye-first into a stalk of something very sharp. I should rest my eye too.

Breakable is the first very appropriate song today. Have to remind myself sometimes not to overdo. It's by Ingrid Mickelson. Second song is by Feist - I Feel It All.


Ocean said...

I hope your eye feels better soon....call me tonight. I won't be finished work until 9 your time

Cuidado said...

Ocean, Here it is morning. The eye still really hurts, Sorry the conversation was so short last night. Talk to you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ironically I scraped up my eye pretty bad last Saturday, mowing the lawn. Apparently trying to mow around and under a pine tree, while having your mower at top speed, endangers you to a certain amount. Oh well - live and learn.

Is your eye okay now? I had a hard time sleeping the first night, but was fine after two days..


Cuidado said...

It's still apparent that I injured it every time my eye blinks but it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I had that problem, and then when I tried to go to sleep it was the woirst. I literally wanted to 'sleep with one eye open, hugging my pillows tight'. Do you know what song that lyric is from??!

Cuidado said...

No, don't know those lyrics.