Friday, August 09, 2013

Mid Summer Update

I have an excuse this time for my lack of posts.  I've been on vacation, had company for a week, and had an increase in hours at work. The summer has been flying by in other words and here it is 09 August.  It is a special day itself in that these two new kittens are three months old today. 

Here are Purrl and Ruby, sisters of Simon and Josie and daughters of Eekie. They are adorable and are getting along very well with Bella. Bella turned 15 last week and seems to have revived a bit.  I think she enjoys having the kittens around.  From the back, Ruby looks like a miniature Bella but their faces are a very different colour.  Bella's face is light grey tabby and look at Ruby's dark face.

The first stop on my vacation was to Nova Scotia to sit with my grandchildren while all three of my children competed in the Mud Hero event at Martock Ski Hill. My daughter is second from right in the women's contingent while the boys were in the shower, having finished beforehand.  I didn't get a 'full of mud' group shot of the team of ten, only ones when they were all dressed. Everyone did an amazing job as the course was tough, one leg being a run halfway up the ski hill then back down.  The temperature was 30 degrees and the mud obstacles were welcome everyone said, to mercifully cool them down.

Next I flew to Toronto with my son to spend a week at his home in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.  He had taken the week off and he, my daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, who are seven and nine, went adventuring but had to be home for the kid's soccer on four of the seven nights.  One of my best friends and my son's godmother drove up from Windsor for a few days vacation and we had a really great visit. We went to the Toronto Zoo during her visit and got to see the famed pandas that out government is renting from the Chinese government. One was sleeping indoors and one was sleeping outdoors and that is pretty much what everyone sees they say.

I spent a few days in Barrie, staying with an aunt and visiting with some very dear, long time friends.  I then moved on to Wasaga Beach to another aunt's house. Her husband was celebrating his 80th birthday and I was there to help get a celebration together.  It was a wonderful get-together and as always, at the perfect place, Wasaga Beach. Excuse the shot of Wasaga in winter but all my other shots are on another computer.  Summer or winter, Wasaga Beach, Ontario has a wonderful beach and always a beautiful sunset.

What a great vacation, eh? 

I'll leave it there as you do not want to hear about the gardening I've had to catch up on since I've returned or the lack of sleep I've had with a pair of new kittens in the house.  I am reveling in the rest of summer as it comes along, eating fresh vegetables and keeping my camera busy with the beautiful landscape of this island.