Thursday, January 31, 2008

Icy and Dicey

Hmmm. Putfile seems to be having a bit of a problem and I can't seem to connect. I hope it is fixed soon as I sure am dependent on that site. I'm wondering what is going on with my little electronic world. Today I was burning a cd and the burn failed. It doesn't happen often but is nothing to worry about. The problem is that the little cd door will not open now for some reason. How many times have I said this? I need a computer friend.

I had three more exercises added to my therapy that I am to do several times a day. They're very difficult and cause great pain but necessary. I'm coming along well according to the physiotherapist. I also have two additional passive exercises that my son helps me with and I like those as he can do the movements for me that I can't do for myself.

Speaking of my son, he had one leg fall into a hole on the bay when he was doing something outside his friend's ice fishing shack yesterday; Right to the groin. He was pretty cold when he got home. They use my propane camp stove as their source of heat in there but I had him take it home in case we lost power in Monday's ice storm. I guess it's safe to let them bring it back down to the shack.

We're back in business and here are a couple of Brandi Carlile songs for your listening pleasure. Fall Part Again and Throw It All Away are fine examples of her enormous talent.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Electrical Woes

As I said yesterday, eastern PEI did not get the freezing rain as extremely as the western areas did. Imagine our surprise when the power went off at noon for no apparent reason. The main system has been bypassed and we have the emergency backup system in place. This is possible as our infrastructure is not th cause. They do not know why the system failed but it was not downed power lines like in the west. The folks in the west are not expected to have electricity for many days yet and many are in emergency shelters.

My sister in law arranged eye appointments at the same time so that she could provide the transportation. Of course this afternoon was the time. I arranged a ride to her workplace halfway across the island (where the photo is from) and we were waylaid by the electricity situation. I'll work on a new date tomorrow.

Lila Downs hasn't made an appearance on the blog for a while, November 20th to be exact, when attempting to restore the essentials. Mi Corazon Me Requerda and La Iguana, with it's great background chorus, should take care of that. I still play her most days and am sure I'll never tire of her. I even watch UTube clips of her performances on Frida even though I own the movie. Already up and quite popular is her Cancion Mixteca.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saved in the East

I had a computer scare earlier and thought that the computer had fried but all is well, I'm only late. It's very big news that one third of the island is without electricity. The photographs on the news were incredible with thick ice covering everything. In one photo the space between two telephone lines had formed a sheet. I'd never seen anything like it. What is very strange is that here in our community in the East, there is not a drop of ice. We were on the warm side of the front and what slight amount we had yesterday melted overnight. We didn't lose power at all. The western part of the province will not be fully restored for days.

Gotta be quick. Music: Some rain songs. Fire and Rain from James Taylor and Feels Like Rain from Bonnie Raitt and Buddy Guy

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice Follies

I'm getting to this late today and will have to be quick about it. Blogger has a scheduled outage coming up before the hour is out.

I had an eventful day. I had appointments in town and since I can't yet drive, was depending on someone else. She called me a short time before our arranged pick up time and had decided not to go in because of forecasted freezing rain. I could not miss these long awaited appointments and had to scramble to get another ride in. My son called a friend and lo and behold he was running late and hadn't left for work yet.

I walked several kilometers through town in pouring rain doing errands and what a time it was. Before the rain we'd had an hour or so of freezing rain. The sidewalks were pure ice. With my poor one-armed balance, I had to be extremely careful. In addition, a friend had picked up some groceries for me which included a turkey and I was carrying the very heavy bag with my good arm. Can't you just imagine the sight with the careful baby steps required. I am exhausted tonight and I'm sure it is due to the stress of that walk.

Some old music for today. Bob Dylan wrote the song Tough Mama and here is his version as well as one from the Jerry Garcia Band. I'm a tough but tired mama this evening.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beach Longings

The beach has been on my mind lately. I've been going through photo folders and deleting lots of files to make room for more. I did the beach folder last week. I dreamt of the beach last week and I've been posting beach photos on other blogs. It somehow doesn't scratch the itch. I walked down to the beach a couple of weeks ago and the snow was too deep to get all the way down. There's no money for a southern vacation this year so I'm just going to have to be patient. Spring, then summer, will come when it does and not until then. I must be patient. I'm really looking forward to the warm temperatures we are expecting this week.

Oh Suzannah is a song I grew up with. I believe everyone in my age group would know every word of this old standard. I'm glad it is still being sung today. Here are two versions from recent years - a lovely live version by the wonderful Ruthie Foster and an under two minute version by Mason Jennings. His is more like we would have sung it as kids.

Oh Susannah is also the name of a Canadian singer/songwriter. I had a couple of songs by her in this post from July.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Emotional Weather Report

I am reading a great book. It is so engrossing that I completely forgot to post this afternoon. The book is Beach Music by Pat Conroy and truly is a book that I can't put down.

Went out walking this morning and it was wicked cold. It was ok in sheltered spots but in the open the wind was biting. The temperature was minus 15 but with the windchill, much, much colder. We are heading for a warming trend with Tuesday being plus 8 and rain. That's ok with me.

Tom Waits has music for every occasion. From his 1998 album, Beautiful Maladies, comes two weather related songs, Strange Weather and Cold, Cold Ground. Didn't realize I already had posted Strange weather so will add this great live cut, Emotional Weather Report from Tom's 1975 album, Nighthawks At The Diner. I love his live, talky songs like this. He's a wonderful performer who I would love to see live.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Wiped Out

My brother called me a slacker in yesterday's comments about not feeling like cooking supper. Wait till he reads today's post. I don't feel I have anything to write about today so, it's songs only.

The full moon a couple of days ago seemed to affect everyone somehow so here are some moon songs:
The Moon Says Hello by Carlos Nunez, Orange Moon by Eryka Badu, Yellow Moon by The Neville Brothers, Wish I Was The Moon by Neko Case, and Moonlight Savings Time by Blossom Dearie. Something for everyone.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beautiful Winter

I love that it is staying lighter longer in the evenings. A month ago it would be almost dark now at 4:30. This morning at eight, the full moon was still quite visible in the northwest and a beautiful streaky pink sky covered the southeast. It was so truly beautiful! I wanted to be outside walking but had to be somewhere and had a ride. I have a friend coming for a visit for a few days and she loves to walk so I'm happy to know I'll put a few miles on.

There was one aspect of country living that has bothered me for the twenty-four years I've lived out here. If you don't feel like cooking supper, too bad, you still have to cook supper. There are no pizza parlors nearby. We have a restaurant in the neighbourhood but it is closed for the season. More than not wanting to cook is the fact that I want pizza and I don't want to make it. Oh well, I just have to bite the bullet.

Marc Broussard did great covers of some old soul songs and this, Come In From the Cold. I had his version of Al Green's great song, Love and Happiness back in September. Cold to Colder is a song by Sasha Dobson that fits with the weather earlier this week. I love her song, Spring Is Just Around The Corner that I've had up a couple of times.

Now if that's true, it's time for walking.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost and Found

Today was not a great walking day but I had errands to run. The roads were icy so I had to be extra careful. It was still cold but the temps have moderated from the deep freeze of the last couple of days. We are expecting more snow, starting soon.

I brought happiness to a friend today. My elderly friend lost a hat a couple of years ago. He looked everywhere and had other people look everywhere else. I found it at my house last night. I had asked my son to go through a pile of hats and to throw away all that weren't his. I was throwing his discards into the trash when I recognized the long missing cap of my friend. He had a surprise for me too. I had given him a gift years ago and he could not find it. His nephew found it on Sunday. I'd say this is a good week for my friend, finding two long lost items.

Never Give Up by Ron Sexsmith is one strategy for finding lost items. I have a friend who believes you should throw these things to the universe. Nizlopi agrees and says to Call It Up.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Beans, Bibs and Birds

The smell of home-made baked beans are wafting through the house. I can't safely take them out of the oven so I've turned the oven off and they can sit. I had some to try and they're very good. Before I put them in the oven, I put a couple of cups in a small casserole dish, added some leftover pork with a tikka masala curry sauce mixed in, and put it in the oven at the same time. I tried some of that too and yum - I've invented a new recipe. I have some nice crusty rolls and if you add some cold milk, you have a complete protein and a delicious, easy supper.

I'm a little clumsy/off balance eating with just my left hand and every day have food spilled on my clothes. I may have to get a bib. There's probably some left at my grandchildren's house or maybe my son could just pin a towel around my neck. Are you laughing yet at the thought of this? I am.

I have no songs about beans, napkins, or complete proteins but have a couple that are suitable for the photo. Black Crow is a Joni Mitchell song and here is Diana Krall's wonderful version. I know these are ravens I feed but Black Raven is not a song I can find anywhere. Ingrid Mickelson is leaving us with A Bird's Song.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Fence Me In

It's been snowing since I woke up. I just had a look at the long range forecast and there is snow or flurries expected for every day till at least Friday. There's a pretty good snowmobile track around the neighbourhood and I'm wondering if I might attempt to go on it with snowshoes. What do you think Brother A? I may never get an answer now that he has dial-up.

Poor Kenz can't figure out why I won't pick her up anymore. Cats, more than any living thing, live by ritual. Kenz has certain habits that fit into ritual. One is to have me to pick her up and hold her for three or four minutes over my left shoulder. I can still do part two but can't pick her up off the floor. I try to get her to jump on my lap first but that's part of another ritual and she's not wanting to mess things up. She keeps looking up with this really sad expression and quietly meowing. What can I do?

An essential for today: Don't Fence Me In has been one of my all time favorite songs since I was a little kid watching western movies on tv. I wish I knew what movie I first heard it in. My guess is that it's from a Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movie because Roy does a version with The Sons of the Pioneers. Why don't I put up that version along with the one I first intended, the best of all them, Ella Fitzgerald's. You can imagine I've been feeling a bit fenced in lately. This is my form of complaint about that.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two Part Post

Kenz was featured on today's Shutterchance post and Bella was a little put out. By her expression, you can tell she's very sad. No more sadness now though. She'll be pleased.

The cats have stayed out of my way today. I was doing that January ritual of cleaning out file cabinets and shredding. They don't tolerate either job very well. I was sorting and tossing papers from the file cabinets to piles on the floor. That's way too uproarious to a cat's sensibilities. Like bombs going off in an uncertain pile. Then shredding with the whining shredder motor. They did not even realize that shredded paper may be fun to play with. Kenz is making up for it now. It's very hard to type.

I had an unexpected departure and paused the post for a couple of hours. It's a little late now so I'll get straight to the music. I never did post additional covers of Bring It On Home to Me. Here's Van's and Sam Cooke's that were already up. Today, listen to a version by Al Jarreau and George Benson and one by James Cotton.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Joni Day

We are having our third storm this week. Last week was a wonderful January thaw and the week before that, four storms. We survive it all somehow, the changeable weather, and a guy I knew, who liked Canadian girls back in the sixties, figured that's what makes Canadians so tough. It may be true.

I've been spending more time on the computer lately. There sure are a lot of great blogs out there, something for everyone's taste. There are new ones every day and last posts every day. Several I read all the time dwindled then quit altogether. I can certainly see that happening here, where I get so little feedback. I am visiting one tomorrow for it's first post ever. The blogger and I have almost identical musical tastes.

I've had several conversations about Joni Mitchell today. Since that is so, she'll provide today's music. These are both from her Both Sides Now album of 2ooo. This album, with it's symphony orchestra, takes me away to another place. I cried the first time I heard this version the title song, Both Sides Now. Don't Go to Strangers and this version of Stormy Weather will take me there again. I found that Stormy Weather was already up so here is Don't Worry 'Bout Me from that same album.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


We've had a really lovely day today, partly pearly clouds, partly blue skies. I went walking and it was marvelous, filling me with a great energy but tiring me at the same time. I swear walking is like medicine.

The photo is of the pond today. Three weeks ago it was a huge solid sheet of skating ice. Here it is from that day. Today there are two pairs of ducks in it, happy to have some water to swim in. The pond is different every day of the year and that's why I love it so. The sky is like that too, though it can change by the moment.

One of the really, really essential songs is the version of Joy by Bettye LaVette. It was my favorite song of '05 or '06, whenever it came out. Lucinda Williams' version is still there and so is Ruthie Fosters' though it is a different song, same name. Since I get another how about Got My Mojo Workin' by Clarence Gatemouth Brown.

It's very strange. I am on song 100 on Page One today after it being 500 songs for so long. At least it's all (kind of) still working. It's the only reason I'm here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mid January

My arm has a new home. I have a lighter and shorter sling with much less support. Forces use of the limb, I'd say, with minimal support. The arm has been sore but is better this afternoon. I will be going for light physio for three weeks and then more x-rays. I still use the immobilizor for sleeping and if I need it during the day.

Again, my friends and family are coming through like troopers. I spent the night with one friend and had three meals with another. My son called for me after work.

I walked in our snowstorm for an hour yesterday. After just having done that in Moncton recently, I wish I could do it here in the country. I did it years ago living in the city as well. I find it very exhilarating. Out here the snowplows fly by at very fast speeds and throw the snow with tremendous force, making it unsafe. No sidewalks out here.

Speaking of plows, Gospel Plow by Old Crow Medicine Show will fit right in. Though I usually would see coyote tracks, Old Crow's song, Bobcat Tracks, is perfect too with all the snow we have.

Monday, January 14, 2008

How Long?

All the arrangements are made for an overnight in town in anticipation of a storm. My long-awaited appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow and my plan for getting there has changed four times. I have just now planned for after the appointment as I may not have a ride back out here afterward. I'll have to hang out till my son can come retrieve me. That's now taken care of. I'm overnighting at my friend's who had the party on Saturday night. I'm two days late.

I can't wait till I can drive again. I'll feel so much more independent when I can at least go where I want, when I want. How Long? That's what I find out tomorrow as well as if I need surgery or not. I'm hoping for the best. With as much energy as I have, I want to be on the mend sooner than later.

More music? Rolled and Tumbled Blues by Rosa Hemphill and Mississippi Fred McDowell is the perfect title for the way I feel that's taking me to hospital tomorrow. St. James Infirmary by Dave Van Ronk and Ramblin' Jack Elliott is the perfect song for a visit to the hospital. Rolled and Tumbled Blues was one of the essentials that had been taken off. Glad to get it back on.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pretty Good Love

I had to fight having a nap this afternoon and am still now. I got quite a bit of reading in and it made me sleepy.

Cured all that. My daughter called and she brightens and enervates any moment. She's always a pleasure. I've got great kids out there and here at home. My youngest son coming home to help me out has been incredible. He has had to shovel, do pots and pans, carry laundry, and help with the cooking. I simply can't take hot things out of the oven safely, so if I am cooking something that has to be taken out of the oven at any time, he must be present. If it's something that can stay in the oven for a while, to cool, I'm usually ok. We're coping very well.

I just got off the phone this time from talking with my brother and my son has finished the dishes. I have to get cooking. Again, what a great family I have. Update: While doing the music, I get to remember that my cat loves me too and loves me blogging at this time. I'm defenseless with one hand.

Without further adieu, today's musical selections.... Thank You by Charlotte Kendricks and That's a Pretty Good Love by Big Maybelle.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Layering and Unlayering

I exhausted myself this morning. I went on a very fast, several kilometer hike and was dressed much too warmly. It was six degrees and I had on a very warm winter coat and wool hat. Add hot flashes and I was close to being a puddle. When I got home I had to completely undress even taking off the immobilizer until I cooled down. After lunch, I was still feeling a bit wasted and my arm was killing me so had ibuprophen and a short nap.

A friend brought me flowers today. We have locally grown tulips in the winter from a farm down the road. I told them that this year I would work for them and be paid in tulips. They're probably waiting for me to drop in. I guess that gets put on hold too.

Some very good friends are having a party tonight and I'm not going. I can get a ride in but not a ride home. My son doesn't usually work weekend but is putting in a full day today. His group of friends never drink and drive, so if he goes into town, he stays at a friend's apartment. Several things have been put on hold.

I'm listening, on radio, to a national tribute to Oscar Peterson who died just before Christmas. I'll add my two cents with the classic, S'wonderful, by Oscar and Anita O'Day. Here's a version by Diana Krall, another great Canadian, who I've read had chosen Oscar Peterson as a mentor. Full circle.

Friday, January 11, 2008

TGIF Again

Would you believe my cat is here again bugging me while I attempt to one-hand type. She never does this at four. I really have to get back on schedule or this blog may become too much for me to handle. Whew! Holy cat hair!

We are getting some weather tonight after our wonderful January thaw that followed a week with four storms. We are getting it all and in this order: A few flurries or ice pellets changing to freezing rain this evening then to rain near midnight. Snow and ice pellet amount 2 to 4 cm. Rainfall amount 5 to 10 mm. Fog patches developing overnight. Wind becoming southeast 20 km/h gusting to 40 this evening then increasing to 40 gusting to 60 overnight. Temperature rising to 8 by morning. Cloudy and showers in the morning. That was cut and paste. Lazy with this weird schedule change.

Calls for rainy music because I don't have ice pellety music. Rain Dogs by Tom Waits and Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods by Beck just might fit the bill.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time and Again

My kitty is here for attention thus one hand typing can be difficult. She has full attention of the face and my hand is on the keyboard.

There is no change in my weird time-altered new existence. Last night I could hardly stay awake past eight but did till nine, just so my son didn't think I was the most boring person on earth. I was awake and downstairs at four something, stayed up for awhile, then went back to bed, extremely tired at five something - my usual wake up time. I woke at almost eight. HELP! I feel totally screwed up.

My sis in law is laughing because my appetite has taken a huge nosedive and I have to do sit ups to get out of bed. She is thinking this accident is like a spa vacation and that with the expected weight loss, the stronger abs, and the less structured sleep patterns that I may come out of this well ahead. One has to see the humour.

For music, the real reason I can't sleep - Too Hot To Sleep by Eilen Jewell. Also Insomnia by Faithless which is different music than you usually find here and Such a Night by Darondo which is a great example of what you'd usually find here. Darando has such a Smokey Robinson feel.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No Longer Going Squirrely

When it takes twice as long as usual to do anything it's not hard to be busy. I spent the day in town yesterday with no errands of my own but accompanying a friend with her errands. I had three other friends bringing me lunch today and I spent the morning at one of those friends' houses. I am officially exhausted. I'd love a nap but am afraid it might affect my regular sleep and my schedule is already off.

We are in the midst of a January thaw. The temps have been six to eight degrees the last couple of days and the snow piles are shrinking. This will be great for our water table as the moisture is being absorbed instead of running off as the ground is not frozen.

A couple more Waifs songs are on the essential list. Service Fee, about sexual assault, is one of Donna Waif's best songs and this live version of Gillian was one of my favorite songs on their double live album of a few years ago. It had great audience participation.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Time is Amiss

Time and a regular schedule is important to me. I've always been 'stuck in my ways' doing the same thing at the same time every day. I admit it. Five-thirty is my regular wake up time. Since my accident, I've been waking at three am in pain, taking ibuprophen, staying up for a half hour to forty-five minutes and returning to bed. I then wake up at any time from six to eight o'clock. This is a real problem. My body time is seriously screwed up. All you have to do is check back to the time I post every day. Since my accident it has changed dramatically from my four-thirty or five time slot. Everything is several hours behind. I am missing my real life.

I have outings planned for tomorrow and the next day. Can't drive but, through the help of friends, will travel.

I am terrible at classifying music. I know what I like and that's about the size of it. Today Geoff Muldaur, Jim Kweskin and others give us Jug Band Music and Kim Barlow has Great White Nothing. They are jug band or folky/bluegrass???? If they are something different to you that is ok. You can let me know what that is if you'd like.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sun and Cloud

Amazing at what a bit of sunshine will do. These shots are of the same spot; the first one today on a cloudy day and the second with sunshine and shadows. It is cloudy but warm today, around zero.

I have to quickly add some of the missing essentials. It hit me today that there are no longer any Waifs songs om my music pages. An impossible situation that must be immediately rectified. A couple of favorites and a couple more soon. I still don't have their new album though I heard short clips on their website when it was first released. I believe I pointed you there previousl to watch the video of the new song, Here's The Haircut and When I Die.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Warming Up

What a busy few days I've had. I had a trip to town yesterday and a few friends over and spent so much time on the phone, my ear was sore. Today was a repeat except for the town trip. Busy as a one armed conductor. My ear is sore but a good sore with lots of well-wishers calling.

Warm temperatures and some rain is expected. This leaves a possibility of flooding so my son is going to have to help me out to prevent it with some major shoveling. I've been responsible for it for years but the responsibility is being shifted to him this year, I'm afraid.

Warm music for warm upcoming temperatures? El Chivo has El Callejero to warm us up and Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe aim to keep is there with El Dio De Mi Suerto. Don't you find you're warmer already?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Three Tries Lucky

My arm feels a bit better today, not as painful as yesterday. I have to look for the positive things in this situation but it is difficult.

The Buzz, a PEI Arts and Entertainment magazine publishes Horoscopes For Islanders, and it was for Capricorn in the current edition. Let me tell you what was written for me this month, a Capricorn. They have an online edition but the horoscope is not in it so this will take awhile with the one handed, cat bothering typing I am having to do.

Seagoat?! What the?! You're the John Merrick of the zodiac Capricorn. I suppose a kindly doctor could come along to help you out, but don't count on it, freak!

As the new year begins, your guiding word for '08 is self-sufficiency.

I started this hours ago. The cat did something to the keyboard. I came back later and cut and pasted because the cat had put the previous edition in some mode. Darn it all, the cat screwed up the keyboard again and I'm back cutting and pasting into the third edition. If the cat comes, I'm closing the door to the study.

Today I'll share some music that I found a while back that I liked. The Pierces are hot because they were live on Gossip Girl. The link is to their under construction website but it has a video of said TV appearance. They also have a myspace page. Anyway, for today I've chosen Boring and Save Me because it shows two sides of this sister band. I like both sides and the five songs I managed to get.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Stormy Days, Stormy Nights

Forgot about posting, actually. A busy day with a storm in progress. I went for a walk but came home just as the wind came around and the blowing really started. It's late so music only today.

An essential, from the missing files: Four Strong Winds by Ian and Sylvia. Ian Tyson has one of my all time favorite male voices and it's even better now that he's aged. Here's the Johnny Cash version too. This is from his last album, I believe, when it was so obvious and touching that his wonderfully unique voice had aged. It makes me weak. Since I have the Johnny Cash file open here's a song that made me more than weak. I was in awe of this recording for about a year, playing it all the time. Here's Hurt and lately, I can relate.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Calm and Beauty Between Storms

Tonight we are expecting our third snowstorm since Sunday night. This is shaping up to be a winter like '99/'00 when it snowed and snowed and snowed - almost every day. Today was sunny and beautiful though which was nice for everyone out with their shovels.

Typing with one hand is difficult but when a cat wants to lie on that hand , it's darned near impossible. She's finally given up. I wasn't sure if it would be me or her.

My arm is more painful after yesterday's re-injury. I think I wrenched everything in there in a major way. The bruising from the ripped tendons is extensive which brings us to Jolie Holland who has a couple of songs with suitable titles for the day. Old Fashioned Morphine was up in July this year but has gone. Here it is again and also Black Hand Blues. If it was Black Arm Blues and New Fashioned Ibuprophen would be more appropriate but.....what can you do?