Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pretty Good Love

I had to fight having a nap this afternoon and am still now. I got quite a bit of reading in and it made me sleepy.

Cured all that. My daughter called and she brightens and enervates any moment. She's always a pleasure. I've got great kids out there and here at home. My youngest son coming home to help me out has been incredible. He has had to shovel, do pots and pans, carry laundry, and help with the cooking. I simply can't take hot things out of the oven safely, so if I am cooking something that has to be taken out of the oven at any time, he must be present. If it's something that can stay in the oven for a while, to cool, I'm usually ok. We're coping very well.

I just got off the phone this time from talking with my brother and my son has finished the dishes. I have to get cooking. Again, what a great family I have. Update: While doing the music, I get to remember that my cat loves me too and loves me blogging at this time. I'm defenseless with one hand.

Without further adieu, today's musical selections.... Thank You by Charlotte Kendricks and That's a Pretty Good Love by Big Maybelle.

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Ocean said...

II am glad I am able to brighten your life a little bit!!! Let me know how the appointment goes! love you