Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beach Longings

The beach has been on my mind lately. I've been going through photo folders and deleting lots of files to make room for more. I did the beach folder last week. I dreamt of the beach last week and I've been posting beach photos on other blogs. It somehow doesn't scratch the itch. I walked down to the beach a couple of weeks ago and the snow was too deep to get all the way down. There's no money for a southern vacation this year so I'm just going to have to be patient. Spring, then summer, will come when it does and not until then. I must be patient. I'm really looking forward to the warm temperatures we are expecting this week.

Oh Suzannah is a song I grew up with. I believe everyone in my age group would know every word of this old standard. I'm glad it is still being sung today. Here are two versions from recent years - a lovely live version by the wonderful Ruthie Foster and an under two minute version by Mason Jennings. His is more like we would have sung it as kids.

Oh Susannah is also the name of a Canadian singer/songwriter. I had a couple of songs by her in this post from July.

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