Saturday, January 12, 2008

Layering and Unlayering

I exhausted myself this morning. I went on a very fast, several kilometer hike and was dressed much too warmly. It was six degrees and I had on a very warm winter coat and wool hat. Add hot flashes and I was close to being a puddle. When I got home I had to completely undress even taking off the immobilizer until I cooled down. After lunch, I was still feeling a bit wasted and my arm was killing me so had ibuprophen and a short nap.

A friend brought me flowers today. We have locally grown tulips in the winter from a farm down the road. I told them that this year I would work for them and be paid in tulips. They're probably waiting for me to drop in. I guess that gets put on hold too.

Some very good friends are having a party tonight and I'm not going. I can get a ride in but not a ride home. My son doesn't usually work weekend but is putting in a full day today. His group of friends never drink and drive, so if he goes into town, he stays at a friend's apartment. Several things have been put on hold.

I'm listening, on radio, to a national tribute to Oscar Peterson who died just before Christmas. I'll add my two cents with the classic, S'wonderful, by Oscar and Anita O'Day. Here's a version by Diana Krall, another great Canadian, who I've read had chosen Oscar Peterson as a mentor. Full circle.

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