Thursday, January 31, 2008

Icy and Dicey

Hmmm. Putfile seems to be having a bit of a problem and I can't seem to connect. I hope it is fixed soon as I sure am dependent on that site. I'm wondering what is going on with my little electronic world. Today I was burning a cd and the burn failed. It doesn't happen often but is nothing to worry about. The problem is that the little cd door will not open now for some reason. How many times have I said this? I need a computer friend.

I had three more exercises added to my therapy that I am to do several times a day. They're very difficult and cause great pain but necessary. I'm coming along well according to the physiotherapist. I also have two additional passive exercises that my son helps me with and I like those as he can do the movements for me that I can't do for myself.

Speaking of my son, he had one leg fall into a hole on the bay when he was doing something outside his friend's ice fishing shack yesterday; Right to the groin. He was pretty cold when he got home. They use my propane camp stove as their source of heat in there but I had him take it home in case we lost power in Monday's ice storm. I guess it's safe to let them bring it back down to the shack.

We're back in business and here are a couple of Brandi Carlile songs for your listening pleasure. Fall Part Again and Throw It All Away are fine examples of her enormous talent.


Ocean said...

Where is that picture? So I just found out today that J got a new truck, how is it?

Cuidado said...

Ch'town last year but it looks like most of pei right now. All new vehicles are good.