Friday, February 01, 2008

Looking For My Muse

This has to be a first. I haven't taken a photo in almost a week. I've been out and I've carried my camera but the muse has been absent. We had rain and melting so there are no snowy landscapes to capture. The east missed 'the photographer's delight' that the ice storm was described as and I guess I just didn't see anything interesting enough.

Since I'm missing my muse, some talented young women who I've had the pleasure of seeing live, should provide some assistance. Today's music is from two young women who have changed places. The very talented Brooke Miller is a PEI girl who I've known since she was a girl. She married guitar player, Don Ross a couple of years ago and moved to Ontario. Jill Barber is a young Ontario who fell in love with the Maritimes and moved to Halifax to begin her indie career. They probably know each other as they were playing the same venues four or five years ago. This is a live version of Jill's Dance If You Want To. I have Brooke's first cd but not uploaded onto my computer. I have for you though, Country From the Dome Car from Brooke's newest album, You Can See Everything. I love the title track. It shows Brooke's trult remarkable talent. There are samples from both of her albums on her website. Her MySpace page has full cuts.


Ralph said...

Is that picture a sunrise or a sunset? I'm a sucker for either one...this is gorgeous.

Cuidado said...

That's a sunset a few miles down the road.

Anonymous said...

So what the heck does 'missing your muse' mean? Have you lost your photo-mojo, or is there actually a part on a camera called a muse?

Stop laughing at me!!