Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The World Smiles With You

I have to tell you about my good luck and bad luck. It would seem to be bad luck that I fell on the ice moments after this photo was taken, where I was yelling to the Gods how much I loved it here. It would seem that seeing the orthopedic specialist a week after I should have because of the New Years holiday was bad luck. It was really, really bad luck that when I did see him he did nothing but tell me to start physio and come back in three weeks without having taken an x-ray. When I returned in three weeks and was x-rayed there was a bit of a panic as it was very obvious that I needed surgery and six and a half weeks had been wasted and further damage had occurred.

This is where the good luck comes in. While I was in hospital for the shoulder surgery my family doctor got the results of a CT scan I'd had in January. I was able to have an ultrasound the next day because I was an inpatient. She told me that if I'd had come to her office for the results, I would have had to wait three to four months for that ultrasound. That ultrasound was the final diagnosis for the kidney tumour. Call it what you will, but God or the world works in mysterious ways. So many people have told me I should sue the orthopedic surgeon who mismanaged my case. Ha! I'm thinking of sending him a thank you card.

I started this a bit after five and Blogger had some problem so it's a bit late...but not too late for some music. Mieka Pauley has the lovely song Fate Day by Day. David Olney has a song called Luckiest Man. You have to use your imagination for the man part, otherwise, a song about luck. We also have Reasons Why by Nickle Creek and the great jazz number Angels and Demons At Play by Sun Ra. Enjoy!


Ralph said...

Good stuff once again, girl!
Glad the sun seems to be shining once again on your spirit.

Cuidado said...

It's all we have, really.

Carol Tiffin James said...

Beautiful picture, and beautiful attitude. Keep us informed! If you ever want to just "talk," my email is tiffinjames@gmail.com.

Cuidado said...

Thanks so much Carol. I have developed some fabulous e-mail friendships with people who seem like old friends that I've known forever.