Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've been watching the crows this afternoon. They're puffed up against the cold and are enjoying the fallen apples under the trees out my window. I have my share here but in Charlottetown they are everywhere. I was able to get some pretty cool photos of them during my walks there. I saw an eagle coming up from Orwell Bay on Monday and I saw a large hawk (one of the hovering types) over a field today.

My property has always been a birdwatcher's delight. I have a pond with fish, a forest, farmer's fields, wild fields, lots of fruit trees, large coniferous and deciduous trees, and small bushes so I get all types that prefer specific habitats. I have all those habitats. I even, some winters, get salt water ducks like cormorants, goldeneye and mergansers. Not yet this year though. Right now I have about a dozen blacks and mallards and the heron.

My camera is a bottom of the line Canon with not much telephoto ability so I rarely get good photos of birds. I've been trying with the digital zoom in addition to the optical and have a problem with camera shake/bluriness. Oh well, I visit some fabulous photography sites that specialize in birds on a regular basis and that will have to do.

Music: Joni's Black Crow by Diana Krall and Joni's Blue by Sarah McLachlan. Joni Mitchell was inducted into the Cdn. Songwriters Hall of Fame this week. I love her songs and I'd say the two Canadian women singing her songs here would probably say they've been influenced by her. Here's a link from the music page of Joni's version of Blue. I'm doing the work today.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birds and Boots

I just polished and treated my boots. One of those little maintenance jobs of everyday life of which there are hundreds. Housework encompasses hundreds in itself. This big old house sometimes overwhelms me in all that there is to do and maintain.

We are having cold winter weather. It is sunny so the sun's heat shining through and taking away the grey....something to be thankful for. The nights are brilliantly starlit like you see only on cold winter nights. The moon is almost full and at 5am it almost seems like daylight. I so love moon shadows.

Since I started with boots I'm going to end with boots. Boots of Spanish Leather by of course Dylan and also by Nanci Griffith.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Looking At What's Real

I've been on a walking spree but in Charlottetown. Yesterday I went for a fabulous duck dinner at a friend's house and a walk on part of the trail system through Ch'town. Today I did the boardwalk off Victoria Park where lots of other people beside myself were out for a lunch hour walk. It was warmer when we left for town than it was at walk time but ok. Yesterday's weather was beautiful. A perfect winter day.

I haven't been leaving links but these are what I've been consumed with lately.

This is the line of work I have my education in and lots of work experience with and have some pretty deep feelings about. These are the most interesting pieces I've come across since I heard of the above Donna Williams when Peter Gzoski interviewed her. So fascinating! I watch the first one over and over.

Music: Some rhythm; gotta keep dancing. Mama's Chant by Nil Lara is up. I have one of theirs back there, I Will Be Free, that's pretty good too. I'm not looking it up this time. I have three songs by this woman and love her music; Ejigayehu (Gigi) Shibabaw with Kwass Meda (Soccer Field)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Safety First

I am so glad I didn't venture to town last night. The weather was atrocious. There was not a lot of accumulation but the wind was really blowing so we had a blizzard with zero visibility. The wind is still gusting quite strongly but is not sustained like it was last night. The windows were rattling, the house was shaking. It was terrible. I went for a short drive early in the evening before it was too bad and that helped my resolve to stay home. I'm bored but not dead.

One more day of soft food. I keep dreaming of what I'll have tomorrow. I have about ten things picked out and am leaning toward a hot curry or maybe roast chicken or maybe meatloaf and baked potatoes....I just know it will be good to chew something.

Music: Something lively to bring some heat to this freezing cold day is Soul Drummers by Ray Barretto. An old one to get me moving is Tighten Up with Archie Bell and the Drells. My ex husband was in a band called Freddy Bell and KeArboSo and they used to do this one.

Friday, January 26, 2007


This is the first year a heron has visited the pond all winter. I don't know if they sometimes overwinter here but have never seen one here at my pond at this time of year. I never get a photo because I don't see it until I open the door and it flies off.

I'm missing a women's festival wrap up tonight because of impending weather. We're supposed to get 5 to 10 cm. and it's blowing snow. No thanks for driving back home in that. Too bad though because we always have a marvelous time together.

Music is for that group of women tonight. Ragged Company by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Arenita Azul by the always wonderful Lila Downs. The last one is for the dancing we like to do when we're together.

My playlists eventually came back on Windows Media player but only after restarting. It's an all new interface and a pain. I wish I'd realized that was going to happen. I wouldn't have changed to the new version.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Soft Food Blues

I am a little under the weather this evening. I had dental surgery today and am on a soft diet. What hurts the most is the soft diet. I like real food and am going to have warm (not hot) soup and yogurt for my supper. This is very hard for me.

I like the whole cooking nutritious, healthy food every day aspect of my dinner time. Even though I'm alone I cook a complete meal every night, occasionally having a simple meal involving eggs. I'm a bit lost right now. I have to open a can of soup and scoop out some yogurt. Only my kids can sort of imagine what I'm like over this. My favorite ex just left and she was going home to a dinner her husband was cooking. I was salivating as she described it.

Music: It Hurts Me Too by Keb Mo and Lucinda Williams with Hard Times Killing Floor Blues. I just discovered that every one of my playlists on Windows Media Player has disappeared. I accepted a new download of Version 11 last night and just turned it on now. What a bummer! It wiped out everything.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At Home

Blogger was down and everything else is still a little wonky even after restarting. Is Mercury in retrograde?

Too brisk a wind to go walking in the country today but I did go outside for a while. I made Bella go out too; just to blow the stink off her. Kenz will always go out but Bella is a fair weather cat and has to be urged to go out if it's not twenty degrees. The photo today is of Bella after she had a roll in the dust and was emerging from under the deck.

The colours in the landscape are so beautiful right now with a dusting of white snow, bright blue skies, and the yellows of dried grasses. Soon there will be those unbelievable spring greens, and then flowers. With stones large and small, driftwood, and cats, my garden is definitely at it's best in the spring when it is filled with daffodils and tulips. I can't wait for those bright colours to begin.

Music: Just Like Heaven by Katie Melua and Comfortable by John Mayer today. That's how I feel about my little space on PEI.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Walking This Life

It has been a day for walking. I went for two walks and a half hour after I returned from the second, I had a call asking if I'd like to walk to the beach. I was expecting the favorite ex so declined. It was really a beautiful day to be outside; around minus 5 or warmer and sunny, no wind, absolutely gorgeous.

Something weird is happening to my computer today. It's time to reboot, something I only do when necessary. Stupid, I know, but mainly lazy.

Music: First, Walkin' Blues by Dutchie Mason. Click the link to save yourself the time looking it up. Also, Luz de Luna by Chevala Vargas and Cielito Lindo, a song which brings me straight to Mexico. This version by Los Panchos, of the many I have, is the most Mexican-authentic. I'm in a very latin music mood these days, dancing when I'm not walking, and dreaming of warmer climates.

Monday, January 22, 2007

But The Sun Is Shining

Blogger is slow today. I've had to abort this post once already. I feel slow today too. Too much napping yesterday? Truly, I think it's the cold. My body is kind of molassas-like. I'm a better oiled machine in the warm weather but when it's cold.....things run in sluggish mode.

Today is the day that passports are required in order to enter the US and coincidentally the day I am reapplying for mine. They've become a bit more complicated in the 7 years since I last filled one out. There have been tales about passport photos from well-established photographers being rejected recently. My photographer assures me that he has had two rejected in all his years and they were two years ago.

Music today is from Billie Holiday (that's where my head is at) and her sound alike, Canada's Molly Johnson. From Billie, Comes Love and from Molly, Miss Celie's Blues.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slackening The Tightened Tendons

A loose energy takes over today, slackening the tightened tendons in your neck and making you feel a lot more relaxed. This is an appropriate day for sleeping in, slowing down and asking yourself, 'what's the rush?' Everyone else may be on a tight schedule, but you know you've got plenty of wiggle room, so why not use it? Take a long afternoon nap -- it will refresh you for the rest of the evening, and fill your mind with inspiring, amusing dreams.

Sounds good to's cold and windy and not a nice day to play outside.

I will take the time to choose some music: Mary Black with Lay Down Your Burden and Nate Farrar with Let Me Down. Very different songs from each other.

Friday, January 19, 2007

No Crowing

Ooh, those fruits, cheeses and herb crackers! I'm making a habit of it. Company does it; makes you bring out the goodies and treats.

I just had a very serious fire warning. A friend who was visiting was just leaving and a smoke alarm went off in my house. Apon investigating we found a charred mantlepiece in the room where we had, just a half hour ago, been dancing and having a wonderful visit. A Mexican "lacey" pottery candle shelter was the culprit. The heat inside got too intense and charcoal was forming. It gave me a good scare since it is only six months ago that I got this smoke alarm functional after having none for a year or two. A good warning.

Music: "Rude awakening, guess it's time we all woke up," are the lyrics from this Ron Sexsmith song, And Now The Day Is Done and Tango Till They're Sore from Tom Waits' 2000 - Live In Seattle album. Both those songs are figuring into my night.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Frosty Window

It's been a day of music, painting, and photography. I've enjoyed all three. Had work related phone calls and e-mails to deal with but it's all necessary.

The temp has moderated this afternoon and we're expecting snow, then rain tomorrow. I may be cancelling my eye appointment. Winter is here. You usually think it happens gradually but with this sharp turn, you know that that is not always the case.

Music: Made a cd for a friend today. The songs for today are on it. C'mon A My House by Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks and Never Letting Go by Phoebe Snow. Both were very big with me in the seventies. I still play a lot of the music from then in all my playlists. Soul, gospel, Joni, Van, Leonard, The Bob, Neil, and on and on and on. Anyway it's music that sticks with you. Good on a cold winter day.

I'm unsure of what to do about the music page. Five hundred songs is just around the corner. It's hard to look after now because I often have to go through lists to see if something has been uploaded. Some have been twice. I'm still pleaing for a computer geek friend who could advise me.

Oh my! The said playlist just reached the climax of this song and then moved into this, then this ........bonus tracks. See the work I go to....LOL. That actually took a lot of time.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Half Stormstayed

It was sunny and cold today (minus 17) and quite windy. Everything on the Island shut down. In a normal year this wouldn't happen but everyone needed a storm day. We, of course, shut down for major storms but this was basically blowing and drifting snow which made a fairly high windchill factor, terrible driving, and the real need......a day off.

Storm days are part of the Canadian culture. We love them! I laughed at one of the radio's public service announcements. They announced that all government offices in Souris were closing and said, "This also means the liquor store." Folks in Souris were disappointed I'm sure, because many a good party has begun from being stormstayed.

I must say I didn't venture outside. I had no reason to and was warm and cozy. I would have liked to get some photos though. Since it was sunny there were some cool shadows in the snow photos waiting out there.

Music: From a Griffin and a Griffiths. Stangely, I have relatives with both names. I found this puzzling when I was a little kid. Pattie Griffin with Top of The World and Nancy Griffiths and Friends with Wasn't That A Mighty Storm.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hunkering Down

Put on a lovely big pot of beef soup for tonight's dinner, had an early lunch and was back out playing in the snow before noon. The wind had begun to rise by then so my ears were colder than they had been before. I didn't wear the right hat for a windy day.

Oh, but what a glorious walk! I didn't take many photos. It was snowing so I had the camera in an inconvenient backpack. The snow wasn't deep and there was lots of stubble. I could have made the walk without snowshoes but oh well, I got the extra legwork. Only saw one set of tracks and lacking skills in that department, I couldn't identify them.

We've had flurries most of the day and I guess tonight we are headed for the big deep freeze. I say bring it on. I can't imagine I'll get as much pleasure out of the first cold spell as the second snow but maybe I will.

Music: I said a few days ago that I'd put up some newer music that I'd discovered. One is really, really funny to me because I have a little brother with the same name as this song and amazingly it is about a little brother. Here's Alfie by Lily Allen. I like this guy's sound. I've had his songs for a couple of months but never put any up. He's Brett Dennon and this song is called There Is So Much More.

Snow Update

I'm known to appreciate the simple things of life but really am surprised at how much I am appreciating this snowfall.

We didn't get a lot of snow and it's light and fluffy so easy to shovel. Good thing too because my plow person did not clean out in front of the car as is usually done. It had to be shoveled along with the deck and path to the car. Now that the chores are done the way is free to go out to play. The favorite ex is already out there. Hopefully she will want to come out again later or I'll go solo - no matter. She has others to help with shovelling chores.

Kenz really appreciated the snow too and was the first one out.

Back later with today's music.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Anticipating Weather

The above photo will never go on a photo blog but will go on this blog. It's how I found the girls when I went to bed last night. I went back downstairs to get the camera but kept the light off when I came back to take the photo. They're quite the girls!

Don't you just love the flavour of brie cheese and rosemary crackers? I'll be having a late supper tonight because of a fairly extensive visit/snack just now but that's ok. This flavour on my tongue will see me through.

I was out visiting earlier today and made plans to go hiking next week on some brand new trails which promise to be a photographer's delight.

I love my friends. Two today have made me feel sooooo good. I appreciate my good friendships more every day. To accept one person for who they are and be accepted for who you are are just the basics. I celebrate my friends today and every day. We're there for one another and that is to be celebrated.

We are expecting "some weather" but the newscasters are being a little over-dramatic. I heard one say this afternoon that we were in for a "big system", in very dramatic fashion. The forecast is for 15 cm (6 inches, Carol) and winds gusting up to 50 km/hr. Nothing really big but since it's only our second taste of winter it's all feeling very exciting.

We love our storm days. They are an excuse to take the day off - a mental health day. After all the drama has passed I want to snow shoe. My favorite ex (sister-in-law, sometime I'll get a cuidadopedia) wants to cross country ski so we've decided on a field where we can do it together.

Music: Canadian, Ron Sexsmith, clever and likable in God Loves Everyone and an old favorite from 1970 or '69, also Canadian, is Melanie and Beautiful People.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Housekeeping 2

Was just looking something up in my archives and discovered that on March 28th (in a post entitled Housekeeping), I planned to put up a couple of songs that somehow never made it. There were lots of problems getting on Putfile in the past or I could very well have forgotten. Here's the description copied over so I don't have to type it again.

features a super version of Tracey Chapman's Down to Zero by Bettye LaVette.

Also, I've put up a song that I've loved since these boys wrote it for prom a few years back. It features Robbie, one of the Chucky Danger Band, Eric, my nephew, Miles, a neighbour and I think Colin, who is also from Chucky. Robbie gave me permission long ago to spread it around. He can't actually remember how the song goes even though he wrote it and sings and plays piano on the piece. I don't know which is the band name vs. the song name. Here's Changes - Better In The End.

I've been getting lots of new music lately and have been having a great time listening, grooving and dancing. The weather has not been conducive to walking the last couple of days but the dancing is always available. I'll share some of the new, as always, but wanted to get these old ones up. Changes - Better In The End has never been released anywhere so it's very rare stuff. It was written for a prom and forgotten about except by me.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lovin' the Music

We have a dusting of snow and we're going to minus 5 this afternoon....probably just enough weather to cause icy roads. I followed the salt thuck home last night. I have no idea why they were spreading salt. I didn't find the roads slippery once I passed it. A mystery.

I still do not have glaucoma and that is very good news. My grandmother had it and was blind because of it as there were no treatments. They found one more early sign or risk factor in yesterday's exam. The test I mentioned yesterday is next week but does not require the dreaded drops in the eyes.

Music: Bettye LaVette is still turning my crank. I didn't know her in the sixties but I sure like her now. I'm not the biggest fan of her 50's music but have been able to find lots of great cuts from later. If you liked her version of Joy, here's a couple more good songs. I love her slow ballads best, of course, but I also like the Joy-type, soulful songs like, How Am I Different. Here's a slow, sexy ballad, Thinkin' About You. Whew!

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Day To Celebrate - For Me

It's one year today since I quit smoking. Up until this year I was a pro at quitting as well as a pro at starting again. The difference this time was that I decided not to smoke any more. Not party smoke, not a drag here or there, not out-of-the-province smoking. Sort of like the anti-drug slogan of a few years ago......I just say no. Making the decision actually makes it easier because you don't ever have to choose whether you will or won't when you're out at a party. You've already made the decision.

I was thinking about it this morning. My first attenpt to quit was in '74. Then '75, '76, '77 and so on and on and on. It's about time I got it. People say that I didn't want to quit before or they say that you have to want to quit. I don't think it's that simple as I know I truly wanted to quit every other time. The difference is making the decision to quit. It may not seem so but it's very different.

I've been craving recently and it's because I had a couple of drags a month ago. I "fed the dragon." I didn't think it would hurt because I knew that I would not start again. I've certainly learned from that. There will be no more drags because I won't again get the nicotine into my body where it tells the brain, "Just one more."

My niece quit many years ago and has had a couple of incidents over the years of craving out of the blue. Here's her latest tale. The fourth paragraph tells about it.

Music: The Temptations (ha ha ha ah ha) with Just My Imagination and All or Nothing by Casey Dienel. I love the lyrics in this. She's not talking about cigarettes but I can relate the words to them....I barely remember your name, I'm going to be just fine, etc.

Hurrah for me!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Music Makes The Day Go Round

Let Me In!

The best thing about not having to go to work each day is that you don't have to stick to scripted out days. You can do something entirely different than you had planned. For instance, I had planned to put the beads away and start painting. The beads beckoned me again while I was packing them up so I said the heck with it and sat down and made a ton of earrings today. Maybe tomorrow I'll put them away. Maybe not.

I find out tomorrow the status of my glaucoma. I have to undergo a visual field test where drops are put in my eyes and a baseline measurement is taken. Fun, fun. I guess I won't change that plan and go with the flow like I can with beads and paint.

I listened to cds today while into the beads, not my own playlists. It was fun playing albums that bring back a time or incident. I listened to The Waifs, Joni, Diana Krall, Mana and Stan Rogers. Nothing similar in any of it but all good; all excellent to me, actually.

I have only one Stan song on my computer, one Mana song and a small number of the Waifs, Joni or Diana compared to the number of albums I have of each. The British woman I talked about the other day, Corinne Bailey Rae, has a song about "your records" that is appropriate to the feelings you get playing those records. Have a listen to Put Your Records On. I sure do like her sound. One from the above mentioned group should go up today too so here's Service Fee by The Waifs, my favorite Waifs song. It's a very serious song and should. be. listened. to. in. a. serious. way.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January's Music Stats - Songs 399 and 400

Photo taken a while back (since there's no snow) by my brother.

Songs 399 and 400 are accompanying this month's music stats - a day early. It's been a busy month with only a few surprises. Because Halleluja has been a popular choice I'll put a couple more versions up because it is a Halleluja moment to get 400 songs up and take care of them. Here are versions by Damien Rice and Alison Moorer. Damien's is live.

I think the stats are defintely showing patterns. The same favorites keep popping up every month. Here's December, November and October. You can go back further. They're usually posted on the 11th.

  • There are quite a few with zero plays this month. Kate Rusby's, Lonesome Road, People Get Ready by the Blind Boys of Alabama, Come Rain or Come Shine by Dr. John, Breathe by Sia, Nervous Tic by Andrew Bird, and Celebrate by Rare Earth.
  • With 20 plays there are a large number: Hard Times by Dutch Mason, Llave de Paso - Negra Luca, Haircut by the Waifs, Fairytale From New York by the Pogues, Sonny's Dream by The Wonderful Grand Band, The Body Breaks by Devendra Banheart, Climb by Ryan Auffenburg, Tom Wait's The Briar and the Rose, and An Occasional Man by Jeri Southern.
  • Tonight Will Be Fine by Teddy Thompson received 21 hits.
  • Leonard Cohen's Dance Me To The End of Love was popular again this month with 22 plays. Also with 22 was S'wonderful by Diana Krall, Hands by Jewel, Halleluja by Jeff Buckley, and my personal favorite find of 2006, Joy by Bettye LaVette.
  • I Shall be Released by Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan and Phish got played 23 times.
  • With 24 is Que Ondo Guero by Beck, Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland, Not Dark Yet by Greg Brown (I've probably played it that many times as well), and Rufus Wainwright's version of Halleluja.
  • Lyle Lovett's Church getting 26 plays was a surprise because it hadn't received over 20 on any other month. Buena Sera by Louis Prima got 26 as well. It placed somewhere up there the last couple of months
  • Leonard's own version of Halleluja got 28 hits as did Sunshine on a Rainy Day by Zoe and Alright Okay by Peggy Lee.
  • No surprises here as these two are popular month after month. Quisas, Quisas, Quisas by Lila Downs and La Larona by Chevala Vargas each were played 34 times.
  • Have you been waiting for it? Black Eyed Peas' Don't Lie got 166 hits.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Old Friends

On a perfect day for a long walk, I spent the day driving. I took my 91 year old friend, Billy, out for the day. I told him it was all on me, the drive to anywhere he'd like - to visit friends or sight see, then lunch and a bit of shopping for him. We had a great day and did it all. It was sunny and warm; heck, we both were in sweaters. We drove all over Eastern PEI and truly enjoyed each other's company and the scenic views.

It was the first time I've seen him alone since he got a room mate in his nursing home. I wanted to get the scoop and find out how he was getting along. He's not had a great history with room mates and can be a bit difficult at times. He's quite a character and I've certainly had my share of troubles with him over the years. He is happy with his living situation for now so I'm pretty happy about that.

Music: An old timey song I picked up last summer was Out On Penny's Farm by The Bentley Boys and a short, live number by from the Old Crow Medicine Show, Tell It To Me.

I'll walk tomorrow, and varnish, and basecoat, and put away beads, and vacuum ( I fixed my machine), and clean J's room. There's time.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting On With It - A New Year

We had snow earlier today but rain took over by mid afternoon. We will be left with slush after the temperature rises as is forecasted. It looked pretty while it lasted. The photo above is from last year and is an animal track I saw on my way to the beach during a mid-winter walk. I like the deep shadow.

I've been surrounded by good friends who love me. I just pass it on. I've had a long list of phone calls to make to celebrate the new year with friends from all over the world. I've been making at least one of these phone calls per day; sometimes more. They are all similar in that the person is glad to hear from me and we catch up on a year's activities in each of our lives. There has been a lot of laughter, a few tears, always acceptance and compassion for each other's situations and most of all, love that has spanned the years. What more can a person ask for?

I heard today that Oprah is having a concert one day soon of Mary J Blige, Carly Simon and Corinne Baily Rae, who I mentioned last week is new to me. I'll definitely be tuning in.

The new year has begun in earnest. I made quite a few pairs of earrings today and have several paintings from last year prepared to varnish tomorrow. I feel like painting, at this point, so will start some base-coating tomorrow. I find it therapeutic and look forward to it.

Music: I really like Mary J. Blige and really like this song, About You featuring Will-I-Am, that has samples of Nina Simone in it. Also up is Not Gon' Cry (good advice) by Mary as well. She's been a wonderful example of finding joy in dark places.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I was invited out to dinner today and have declined the invitation. I find it so easy to just stay home. I spent yesterday out visiting and really enjoy spending time with my friends but today was one of those days to hunker down. It's windy and the temperature dropped to one this afternoon. It is supposed to be zero and there's weather such as freezing drizzle and snow in tomorrow's forecast. Another day to hunker down?

A friend gave me a bottle of rum for a birthday gift. I'm having a Bloody Mary with said rum and have a bottle of Clamato juice in the cupboard too. Today's music is for friends. When you have them, you know it. All of My Friends is by Amos Lee. When you don't have them, you also know it. Walk Away is by Ben Harper.

Tomorrow really means my New Year has begun. Time to get started on some projects. I think I'll just hunker down and get at them. I spend way to much time on-line. I enjoy it so much but things doen't get done by themselves.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Goodbye Big Guy

My son goes off tomorrow, back to university for his last term. He graduates in the spring. Time has just flown by but probably not in his eyes. He works very hard and gets good marks. Back to all that hard work.

It's been raining for a couple of days and the temps are about 12. The ground is completely saturated and the weather is all everyone is talking about. Two big ski resorts have closed in Ontario in the winter for the first time in their 65 year history. Golf courses are booked solid instead. Very disturbing really. It was showing on the news that people have been finding live grasshoppers on their lawns.

Music today: From Tom Waits' Unreleased Studio Recordings, I'm Crazy About My Baby for my son. From Tom Waits', 1992's Bone Machine, here's, Little Rain.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Nothing to Thaw

Our temperatures today are in the double digits and there is light rain. Certainly unusual but there is snow in the forecast for Monday.

What a busy birthday! I truly had no time to blog. I had visitors all afternoon right till supper time and the phone never stopped all day or evening. It's nice to feel loved.

I got a couple of new cd's for a gift. JJ Cale and Eric Clapton put out a new album recently. I love the title, Road to Escondido, as I'm always "on the road to Escondido." The other was Colin James' new album, Colin James and the Little Big Band 3. Both are good and when I get them onto the computer I will share them.

I promised new music for today. It may not be brand new but it's new to me. I just discovered British singer, Corinne Baily Rae and I love her old soul sound. This song, Season's Change reminds me of so many old songs and was released in June. She has a female Stevie Wonder sound. I don't know anything about her so maybe she is the female version of Stevie. Others compare her to Bill Withers, Zero 7, and Alicia Keys.

Something a bit newer is from a Canadian Band, Patrick Watson. I put up their song Giver a while back when it was first released and today I give you Luscious Life.

Yikes! There are now 390 songs on the music page for your listening (and now downloading) pleasure.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Old and New

The weather is soooo great. I'm not sure what the temperature is since my thermometer is broken but I am able to go walking without a hat or January. The temps are predicted to go up and up all January. Walking today was really fabulous. I know I talk about the endorphens released when walking but wow, they make you feel glad to be alive.

Things happen in threes they say and I've seen this happen. Yesterday someone hit into my car. Today I've discovered that my vacuum cleaner sucks. It actually doesn't suck thus it really sucks. Do you get vacuum cleaners repaired or buy new ones?

I've been having these bad luck cycles in the last month. What's the saying? "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." They pass, I guess.

Old music for the end of an old year. I kind of consider my birthday on the fourth to be more of a new year for me than the first. Today's music is from another era, the grandparents of our modern music. I love both of these cuts. This one, You've Got To Move by Mississippi Fred McDowell is already up by yesterday's choice, Greg Brown (here's the link to compare) and sticking with's Mississippi John Hurt doing Since I Laid My Burden Down. I like listening to this old roots music then to other versions.

I guess tomorrow should be new music. Hmmmmm.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weather Woes

I stayed in town last night. After dinner at a friend's house, I went to leave and there was a half inch of ice covering my car. I wouldn't have attempted to drive in freezing rain. My son overshot the driveway when he came home and I heard the roads were terrible.

One time I was visiting these same friends. They live on a fairly narrow street and when I came out the mirror had been knocked off the car. This morning I found that the signal/park light housing had been hit and is just hanging. The fender is also scraped. Nothing I can do really but pay to have it fixed.

My son is taking me to dinner tomorrow night for my birthday. That will be very nice as I've not spent much time with him over the holidays. He worked every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, and Sundays.

Music: I'm still into that deep Greg Brown voice. Here's Treat Each Other Right and Brand New Dodge and for Greg Brown with Bill Morrissey here's the link to, He Was A Friend of Mine.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

My aunt became a grandmother for the first time around when my dad, her brother just two years older than her, became a great-grandfather. She waited a long time. She does a sketch of her grandchildren every year for her annual Christmas card. Above is this year's.

I cleaned off all the photos from my fridge today and put up new photos that I got for Christmas and some old ones. Seemed like a New Years Day type of thing to do.

Music: I'm busy burning cd's today for birthday presents. Most of what I'm burning is already up on my music page but here's As Long As I'm Movin' from Ruth Brown , who died in November and Suddenly by Carmen MacRae.