Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Old Friends

On a perfect day for a long walk, I spent the day driving. I took my 91 year old friend, Billy, out for the day. I told him it was all on me, the drive to anywhere he'd like - to visit friends or sight see, then lunch and a bit of shopping for him. We had a great day and did it all. It was sunny and warm; heck, we both were in sweaters. We drove all over Eastern PEI and truly enjoyed each other's company and the scenic views.

It was the first time I've seen him alone since he got a room mate in his nursing home. I wanted to get the scoop and find out how he was getting along. He's not had a great history with room mates and can be a bit difficult at times. He's quite a character and I've certainly had my share of troubles with him over the years. He is happy with his living situation for now so I'm pretty happy about that.

Music: An old timey song I picked up last summer was Out On Penny's Farm by The Bentley Boys and a short, live number by from the Old Crow Medicine Show, Tell It To Me.

I'll walk tomorrow, and varnish, and basecoat, and put away beads, and vacuum ( I fixed my machine), and clean J's room. There's time.

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