Sunday, January 14, 2007

Housekeeping 2

Was just looking something up in my archives and discovered that on March 28th (in a post entitled Housekeeping), I planned to put up a couple of songs that somehow never made it. There were lots of problems getting on Putfile in the past or I could very well have forgotten. Here's the description copied over so I don't have to type it again.

features a super version of Tracey Chapman's Down to Zero by Bettye LaVette.

Also, I've put up a song that I've loved since these boys wrote it for prom a few years back. It features Robbie, one of the Chucky Danger Band, Eric, my nephew, Miles, a neighbour and I think Colin, who is also from Chucky. Robbie gave me permission long ago to spread it around. He can't actually remember how the song goes even though he wrote it and sings and plays piano on the piece. I don't know which is the band name vs. the song name. Here's Changes - Better In The End.

I've been getting lots of new music lately and have been having a great time listening, grooving and dancing. The weather has not been conducive to walking the last couple of days but the dancing is always available. I'll share some of the new, as always, but wanted to get these old ones up. Changes - Better In The End has never been released anywhere so it's very rare stuff. It was written for a prom and forgotten about except by me.


Anonymous said...

'Changes' is K's favorite song. Whenever it plays in the car, K screams out 'Changes'. He knows the words and sings them all the time. I think he is Chucky Danger Bands youngest fan.

Cuidado said...

It's not really a Chucky song....only Robbie is in both bands. This was Robbie, Eric, Miles and Josh. I had said I thought Colin was in this recording but O corrected me yesterday.