Monday, January 22, 2007

But The Sun Is Shining

Blogger is slow today. I've had to abort this post once already. I feel slow today too. Too much napping yesterday? Truly, I think it's the cold. My body is kind of molassas-like. I'm a better oiled machine in the warm weather but when it's cold.....things run in sluggish mode.

Today is the day that passports are required in order to enter the US and coincidentally the day I am reapplying for mine. They've become a bit more complicated in the 7 years since I last filled one out. There have been tales about passport photos from well-established photographers being rejected recently. My photographer assures me that he has had two rejected in all his years and they were two years ago.

Music today is from Billie Holiday (that's where my head is at) and her sound alike, Canada's Molly Johnson. From Billie, Comes Love and from Molly, Miss Celie's Blues.

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