Thursday, January 11, 2007

Music Makes The Day Go Round

Let Me In!

The best thing about not having to go to work each day is that you don't have to stick to scripted out days. You can do something entirely different than you had planned. For instance, I had planned to put the beads away and start painting. The beads beckoned me again while I was packing them up so I said the heck with it and sat down and made a ton of earrings today. Maybe tomorrow I'll put them away. Maybe not.

I find out tomorrow the status of my glaucoma. I have to undergo a visual field test where drops are put in my eyes and a baseline measurement is taken. Fun, fun. I guess I won't change that plan and go with the flow like I can with beads and paint.

I listened to cds today while into the beads, not my own playlists. It was fun playing albums that bring back a time or incident. I listened to The Waifs, Joni, Diana Krall, Mana and Stan Rogers. Nothing similar in any of it but all good; all excellent to me, actually.

I have only one Stan song on my computer, one Mana song and a small number of the Waifs, Joni or Diana compared to the number of albums I have of each. The British woman I talked about the other day, Corinne Bailey Rae, has a song about "your records" that is appropriate to the feelings you get playing those records. Have a listen to Put Your Records On. I sure do like her sound. One from the above mentioned group should go up today too so here's Service Fee by The Waifs, my favorite Waifs song. It's a very serious song and should. be. listened. to. in. a. serious. way.

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