Friday, January 12, 2007

A Day To Celebrate - For Me

It's one year today since I quit smoking. Up until this year I was a pro at quitting as well as a pro at starting again. The difference this time was that I decided not to smoke any more. Not party smoke, not a drag here or there, not out-of-the-province smoking. Sort of like the anti-drug slogan of a few years ago......I just say no. Making the decision actually makes it easier because you don't ever have to choose whether you will or won't when you're out at a party. You've already made the decision.

I was thinking about it this morning. My first attenpt to quit was in '74. Then '75, '76, '77 and so on and on and on. It's about time I got it. People say that I didn't want to quit before or they say that you have to want to quit. I don't think it's that simple as I know I truly wanted to quit every other time. The difference is making the decision to quit. It may not seem so but it's very different.

I've been craving recently and it's because I had a couple of drags a month ago. I "fed the dragon." I didn't think it would hurt because I knew that I would not start again. I've certainly learned from that. There will be no more drags because I won't again get the nicotine into my body where it tells the brain, "Just one more."

My niece quit many years ago and has had a couple of incidents over the years of craving out of the blue. Here's her latest tale. The fourth paragraph tells about it.

Music: The Temptations (ha ha ha ah ha) with Just My Imagination and All or Nothing by Casey Dienel. I love the lyrics in this. She's not talking about cigarettes but I can relate the words to them....I barely remember your name, I'm going to be just fine, etc.

Hurrah for me!!!


Ocean said...

I am so proud of you mom!!!!!!! Congratulations!! Won't it be crazy when you say you haven't smoked in 10 years?!?!

xenmate said...

congratulations cuidado.

I'm a smoker for ten years... I tried to quit on new year's eve... but I'm back at it.

It really is a perverse drug.

I admire you.

Cuidado said...

Perverse and it perseveres in it's hold. I smoked for over 40 years.

Thanks Ocean and Xenmate

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mom. I hope you know how proud and happy you've made O and J and me!! We love you!