Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birds and Boots

I just polished and treated my boots. One of those little maintenance jobs of everyday life of which there are hundreds. Housework encompasses hundreds in itself. This big old house sometimes overwhelms me in all that there is to do and maintain.

We are having cold winter weather. It is sunny so the sun's heat shining through and taking away the grey....something to be thankful for. The nights are brilliantly starlit like you see only on cold winter nights. The moon is almost full and at 5am it almost seems like daylight. I so love moon shadows.

Since I started with boots I'm going to end with boots. Boots of Spanish Leather by of course Dylan and also by Nanci Griffith.

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Anonymous said...

I was in Mexico City last week, and had my boots polished while drinking a Dos-Equis at a nice Mexican outdoor restaurant. It is the only way to do it!
- A