Friday, January 05, 2007

Nothing to Thaw

Our temperatures today are in the double digits and there is light rain. Certainly unusual but there is snow in the forecast for Monday.

What a busy birthday! I truly had no time to blog. I had visitors all afternoon right till supper time and the phone never stopped all day or evening. It's nice to feel loved.

I got a couple of new cd's for a gift. JJ Cale and Eric Clapton put out a new album recently. I love the title, Road to Escondido, as I'm always "on the road to Escondido." The other was Colin James' new album, Colin James and the Little Big Band 3. Both are good and when I get them onto the computer I will share them.

I promised new music for today. It may not be brand new but it's new to me. I just discovered British singer, Corinne Baily Rae and I love her old soul sound. This song, Season's Change reminds me of so many old songs and was released in June. She has a female Stevie Wonder sound. I don't know anything about her so maybe she is the female version of Stevie. Others compare her to Bill Withers, Zero 7, and Alicia Keys.

Something a bit newer is from a Canadian Band, Patrick Watson. I put up their song Giver a while back when it was first released and today I give you Luscious Life.

Yikes! There are now 390 songs on the music page for your listening (and now downloading) pleasure.

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Ocean said...

Mama, I am glad to hear you had a good birthday!! Call me anytime you want. love ya