Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Half Stormstayed

It was sunny and cold today (minus 17) and quite windy. Everything on the Island shut down. In a normal year this wouldn't happen but everyone needed a storm day. We, of course, shut down for major storms but this was basically blowing and drifting snow which made a fairly high windchill factor, terrible driving, and the real need......a day off.

Storm days are part of the Canadian culture. We love them! I laughed at one of the radio's public service announcements. They announced that all government offices in Souris were closing and said, "This also means the liquor store." Folks in Souris were disappointed I'm sure, because many a good party has begun from being stormstayed.

I must say I didn't venture outside. I had no reason to and was warm and cozy. I would have liked to get some photos though. Since it was sunny there were some cool shadows in the snow photos waiting out there.

Music: From a Griffin and a Griffiths. Stangely, I have relatives with both names. I found this puzzling when I was a little kid. Pattie Griffin with Top of The World and Nancy Griffiths and Friends with Wasn't That A Mighty Storm.


Ocean said...

I wish we could have snow days!!

Cuidado said...

Does Alberta not have stormdays?

sarala said...

The reason people in Chicago love Canadians so much is it is comforting to know that someone somewhere is having worse weather. :) Wish I could hunker down for a few days.

Ocean said...

Someone told me that the last time Calgary was shut down was 10 years ago and then someone else told me it was 4 years ago. It gets pretty friggen cold here though!!! This week it has been nice so that is good.
love ya

Anonymous said...

It's been a real Winter here on Canada's west coast this year! Wind and snow storms have knocked out power for days and weeks at a time, and I haven't been able to get my car in or out of the drive for stretches just as long.

It's ok, this month there's no concerts to travel to and from. I serve as manager to Allison Crowe. Thanks very much for including Allison's recording of Hallelujah in your terrific music collection.

You're most welcome to post any of Allison's music that makes you happy. We've recently added songs from her new album, This Little Bird, to Alley's site.

We hope to reach PEI again before too long. One of my dearest friends lives in Charlottetown.

Happy New Year! Maybe it be a healthy one ( :

cheers, Adrian

Cuidado said...

Thanks, Adrian, for permission to include Allison's music.

The west (wet) coast certainly has it's share of weather woes this year and until now, we've had west coast weather. The difference is we have snow tires.